Bown Crossing Preliminary Designs

Exterior Views

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a-2015_0623 NorthView.png

b-2015_0623 EastView.png

c-2015_0623 SouthView.png

d-2015_0623 ExteriorMaterials.png

 Interior Views

 e-2015_0623 SpacePlan.png

f-2015_0623 Entry,Gallery.png

g-2015_0623 HearthArea.png

h-2015_0623 ReadingRoom.png

i-2015_0623 ServiceDesk,Stacks.png

j-2015_0623 ReadingRm,LobbyFinishes.png

 k-2015_0623 ChildrensArea.png

l-2015_0623 ChildrensAreaFinishes.png

Sustainable Features & Landscaping

m-2015_0623 SustainabilityFeatures.png

n-2015_0623 PlantPalette.png

n-2015_0623 PlantPaletteList.png



Project Goals and Vision

The preliminary designs for the Library! at Bown Crossing were developed to meet the following goals and vision:

  • Provide a sense of place/community for the neighborhood and east Boise. 
  • Reinforce Bown Crossing as a destination point in the City with integrated pedestrian access and circulation.
  • Motivate community participation in the library with a commitment to public service with state of the art design and operation.
  • Provide a universally inspiring facility for all ages.
  • The design should be simple, logical and intuitive in operations, promoting easy access to useful collections, information and programs.
  • Create a building that is an experience that accommodates communication, collaboration, and self-service.
  • Provide spaces for active use and quiet contemplation and reflection.
  • Provide integrated, adaptable, and flexible building and technology systems suitable for future growth / expansion.
  • Reflect the history, natural habitat, style and environment of the Bown Crossing neighborhood.
  • Build a sustainable building incorporating efficient design, sustainable materials, natural light, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems utilizing local and regional materials.
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