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If you believe in the power of public libraries, investing just $16 (or more) in 2016 to the Boise Public Library Foundation can help change lives and keep our community strong! Our libraries grant free educational resources and technologyevents and classes, as well as hours of entertainment to all citizens of Boise.

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Your investment of $16 (or more) can help provide:

  • Mobile Pop-up Library
  • STEAM Camps for kids
  • Virtual Reality Stations
  • and more! 

Printable $16 for '16 brochure

Last year, the $15 for ‘15 Campaign raised $32,000 and helped provide the Library! with updated computers, 3D programming and printers, and high-end software such as the Adobe Creative Suite. This year, our goal is to exceed $32,000! 

December 8th Update - We're at $21,440 so far thanks to these generous donors!

AJ & Susie Balukoff, Denise Baird & Bill Hallyburton, Bruce Ballenger, Pam Beaumont, John & Amy Berryhill, Cecilia M Cheng, Elaine Clegg, Tammy Dickinson, Jake Ellis, Janice Fulkerson, Margaret Fullerton, Cecelia Gassner, Joyce Gebhardt, Tony Grange, C.K. Haun & Karen Meyer, Anita Havey, Linda Henrikson, Carolyn Holly, Regina Jenkins, Kara Keating Stuart, Marcie & Aaron Kowalczyk, Liz Littman, John Maurice, Lauren McLean, Tom & Diana Nicholson, Beth Oppenheimer, Kelly Packer, Judith W Padilla, Lisa Peterson, Ellie Pharis, Gary Raney, Richard & Martha Ripple, Laura Roghaar, Alice Scott, Harriet Shaklee, Sisters of the Holy Cross (Sister Beth Mulvaney, Sister Mary-Louise Deroin, Sister Patricia Riley), Carole J Skinner, Stephanie Sorenson, Lauren Tyler, Jennifer Ultis, David Wilkins, Driek Zirinsky, Accurate Surveying & Mapping, Sarah Beukelman, Mary A. Betourney, Hillary Betz, Chris & Chrisanne Brown, Helen Carter, Steve & Darla Christiansen, City Studio PLLC, Don Coberly, Teresa Cole, Claude & Susan Connelly, Joseph Eggler, Roy J. Ellsworth, Shirley Ewing, Don & Geridee Farley, Camille Franks, Beverly Fritchman, Thom George, Kellie S. Gough, Richard & Sondra Hackborn, Michael Hamilton, Valerie Hanna, Arthur & Novella Hart, Dale & Ramona Higer, Jarie Jackson, Curt & Pat Kelley, Kim Nails, Michael Kirk, Ruth Lee, Don & Cecelia Lojek, Christine Loucks, Merilee Marsh, Amy McDevitt, Ellen Morfit, Patti Murphy, Pat Nagler, William Nation, Annette Park, Richard & Martha Ripple, Kathryn Roberts, Lisa Roberts, Bruce & Linda Rytterager, Margaret Schiff, Christine Schutz, Diane Schwarz, Gail Slaughter, Maria Smith, Gerry Soule, TJ Thomson, Carol Town, Karen Walsh, Henry Webb and Cherie Buckner-Webb, John & Nancy Werdel, Shanna Wheeler, Ron & Sara Williams, Brenda J Wilson, Kevin & Michele Winslow, Ronald Yankey, Kathleen Yochum, Colleen Zahn, Mary Abercrombie, Judy Arnt, Amanda & Seth Ashley, Annette & Roger Compton, Bruce & Laura DeLaney, Jan English, Michael Fisher, Jess Flynn, Joe Golden, Joel S. Greene, Marlene Hallauer, Deborah L. Holleran, Jennifer Holley, Robina & Brent Kidder Holmes, Kay Hummel, Macia Ives, Angela Johnson, Jaclyn Kettler, Robert Kyte, Diana Lachiondo, Robert Lockward, Jim Lyons, Allison Maroun, Mike & Karen Mooney, Amy Pence-Brown, Patty Pierose, Toni Ramey, BJ Richner, Lisa & Norm Schlachter, Dena & Rick Shipton, Nicole Snyder-Reinke, Elizabeth Ann Wieck, William & Mary Alice Wilson, Marcia Woodbury, Linda Wordon, Matthew Haight, Miriam I. Hayes, Jo Henderson, Terry & Nancy McDaniel, John Mutch, Dan Ronfeld, Jolene & Patrick Schow, Lindsey Whitney, Michele Bass, Ken Bass, Martie Brennan, Colton Brennan, Gabe Brennan, Avery Brennan, Jeff Brennan, Ian & Grace Brennan, Tanner Brennan, Jan Carpenter, Matt Cryer, Stacie Curry, Jane DeChambeau, Jim, Erin & Darcy Duran, Derik Ellis, Guy Finley, Catherine Fischer, Betty Foster, Gloria Goade, Greg Hampikian, Jennifer Henderson, Lindy High, Ryan Hill, Kate Holgate, Maryanne Jordan, Paul & JoAnne Michaels, Connie Miller, Ben Quintana, Bob & Sally Richards, Tanner Sherner, Ashley Squyres, Kenneth Stokes, Jim Stred, Marlene Strong, Marti Agler, Elaine Ambrose, Kristine Barney, Kevin Booe, Sarah Kelley Chase, David Cook, Kelsey Copeland, Laurie Corrick, Sandra Davis, Anthony & Shauna Doerr, Debbie Donovan, Leslie Drake, Ronald & Diane Graves, Beverly Harad, Vicki Helming, Mary Holden, Jill Johnson, Kali Kurdy, Sonya Lenzi, Linda & Steven Lester, Sue Lovelace, Cindy Lunte, Joe & Heather Meuleman, Twig Munro, Lauren Necochea, Leta Neustaedter, Mary Ann Newcomer, Mary & David Peterman, Austin Prohl, Celynda Roach, Dede and Steve Ryan, Kimberly Siegenthaler, Christopher Sjoberg, Linda Payne Smith, Pamela Solon, Ray Stark, James & Karin Thompson, Allegra Thompson, Ilaine Tracy, Mike Turner, Deborah Wachtell, David Wagers, Erika Weyand. 


About the Foundation

Led by influential community leaders, the Foundation facilitates funding of a library system of the future and secures needed private dollars to sustain library projects.  Funds raised through the Foundation are used exclusively for the benefit of Boise Public Library and are not part of the City budget.

Towards these goals, Foundation directors focus on educating the broader Boise public about the library’s benefits and on implementing an ongoing fundraising strategy. They also provide fundraising training to new directors, develop relationships with current and potential stakeholders, estate planning advisors and attorneys, and promote the potential for naming the Foundation in a legacy. 

Foundation Board Members


  • Bev Harad, Chair
    (Community Advocate)
  • Katy Dang, Vice Chair 
    (Executive Director, Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors; Assistant Editor, Rocker Magazine)
  • Mike Turner, Secretary/Treasurer
    (Founder & CEO, Front Street Brokers)


  • Angie Wood (Franchisee, Growler Guys)
  • Brian Manship (Vice President/Branch Manager, Bank of the Cascades)
  • Camille Franks (Human Resources, BMC, Inc.)
  • Carina Davio (Education Management, CoBro Consulting, LLC; BeWell Village) 
  • Celynda Roach (General Manager, Cable One) 
  • Charlene Ripke (Community Advocate)
  • Driek Zirinsky (English & Education, Visual Arts Advocate) 
  • Greg Bernhardt (Software Developer, WhiteCloud Analytics) 
  • Janice Davis (Merrill Lynch)
  • Kellie Gough (Community Advocate)
  • Ken Bass (Mornings on 94.9, The River) 
  • Kevin Winslow (Public Relations Manager, Oliver Russell)
  • Margo Healy (Library Board of Trustees Liaison and Center for School Improvement, BSU)
  • Martie Brennan (Retired Teacher; Community Advocate) 
  • Ronald Williams (Williams Bradbury, P.C.) 
  • Ryan Hill (Communications, Boise School District)
  • Shannon Davis-Jones (Volunteer Coordinator, International Rescue Committee) 
  • Zach Powell (Boise Police; Idaho Air National Guardsman)

Advisory Board

  • Bert Ellis (Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch) 
  • Dr. John Werdel (OB/GYN, St. Luke's Health System)

Library Leaders

Library Leaders are members of the community who have lent their names and support to the Boise Public Library Foundation to help build awareness of the value that libraries provide to the Boise community.  See list of Library Leaders.

Foundation History

The Boise Public Library Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1985 as a nonprofit corporation to benefit the Library.  The Foundation's first major achievement was the raising of $850,000 through a direct donation drive that was used to convert the third floor of the present Main Library building into public service space and to remodel the first and second floors. This remodeling provided space in which to house additional materials added to the Library's collection and to expand some areas to allow for better service to library users. 

Other fundraising projects have included:

  • The Bucks for Books campaign, which raised raised $50,000 toward the purchase of library materials.
  • Masquerade Balls and At Home events, which raised $8,000 annually for the purchase of materials and library equipment.
  • Completion of the community room at the former Boise Towne Square Mall library branch.
  • Installation of a local area computer network for public and staff access at the Main Library.
  • Plans are underway for a permanent endowment fund to benefit Boise Public Library.
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TTY: 1-800-377-3529

Director: Kevin Booe

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