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Welcome to the Boise Library Information Post — the BLIP! Brought to you each month by the Library Foundation, the BLIP highlights a library program, event, or offering that you may not have heard of, or that we think warrants a bit of extra attention. We enjoy writing it, and we hope you'll enjoy reading it. Onward! 

September 2017

It’s Time to Tame Technology

Are you flummoxed by Facebook? Irked by your iPad? Does Photoshop give you phits? We can help.

If you never could set the clock on your old VCR, you’re likely in a world of hurt now. There’s a half dozen social media channels you’re supposed to have mastered by now, you probably carry a supercomputer in your pocket that’s quaintly referred to as a “phone,” and nearly everything we buy these days is “smart.” Your new TV is likely “smart,” and it’s coming soon to your thermostat, your fridge, your light bulbs, etc. As technology continues to permeate every facet of our lives, it’s pretty easy to get left in the dust.

And that’s where we come in.  


Got any of these hanging around? If so, we need to talk. 

The Application of Knowledge

“The Library is really the only place where you can learn about new technology, then put your new skills into practice,” says Library Director Kevin Booe, “no one else in the Treasure Valley can offer that. You may be able to access things like 3D printing and virtual reality elsewhere, but you won’t get hands-on instruction or guidance.”

If 3D printing and VR aren't even on your radar, we can help with the smaller things, too.

Hands-on Help

For example, the Library! at Collister offers a program called “Technology Basics” three times a week. Each one-hour session gives adults one-on-one time with a librarian, and any tech-related question is fair game. Seriously. Trouble with Facebook? Done. Fussy Excel spreadsheets? Can do. Need help loading books onto your eReader? No sweat. Our tech-savvy staff can help you with nearly anything you can come up with.

And there’s more!

Our Tuesday “Design Lab” provides one-one-one assistance with more advanced software, such as Photoshop and app-creation tools, and also helps you navigate our no-fee online teaching tools, such as and You can find all our free resources here.

And when you’re ready for VR and 3D printing, we have appointments and drop-in sessions available across all five of our branches (all technology courtesy of generous donations by the Library Foundation).

You’ve got tech trouble? We have the tools.


This doesn't have to be you. We can give you the help you need.


It’s time to meet the newest member of the Boise Public Library Foundation Board, Mr. Christian Lybrook. Christian is a long-time Boise resident and brings a number of unique skills and qualities to our board. His bio and photo follow below:

Christian Lybrook is an award-winning filmmaker with a background in corporate marketing and communications. Prior to moving full-time into film, he spent five years as the Director of Marketing and Communication for the health content, technology, and services nonprofit Healthwise. From 2002-2012, he worked in various communications roles at Idaho Power. Christian holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and a BA in English from Wabash College. From 1994-1996, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. He served on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Black History Museum, and has spoken on panels about filmmaking at festivals all over the country. He lives in Boise with his neurotic chocolate lab, Boodah.


Our newest Foundation Director, Christian Lybrook

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

What about you, dear reader? Is there something special relating to tech that you'd like to know? Drop us a line! And, as always, please send questions, comments or suggestions to our Foundation chair, Bev Harad

About the Foundation

Led by influential community leaders, the Foundation facilitates funding of a library system of the future and secures needed private dollars to sustain library projects.  Funds raised through the Foundation are used exclusively for the benefit of Boise Public Library and are not part of the City budget.

Towards these goals, Foundation directors focus on educating the broader Boise public about the library’s benefits and on implementing an ongoing fundraising strategy. They also provide fundraising training to new directors, develop relationships with current and potential stakeholders, estate planning advisors and attorneys, and promote the potential for naming the Foundation in a legacy. 

Foundation Board Members


  • Bev Harad, Chair
    (Community Advocate)
  • Katy Dang, Vice Chair 
    (Executive Director, Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors; Assistant Editor, Rocker Magazine)
  • Mike Turner, Secretary/Treasurer
    (Founder & CEO, Front Street Brokers)


  • Brian Manship (Vice President/Branch Manager, First Interstate bank)
  • Camille Franks (Human Resources, BMC, Inc.)
  • Carina Davio (Education Management, CoBro Consulting, LLC; BeWell Village) 
  • Celynda Roach (General Manager, Cable One) 
  • Charlene Ripke (Community Advocate)
  • Christian Lybrook (Bruneau Pictures)
  • Greg Bernhardt (Software Developer, WhiteCloud Analytics) 
  • Janice Davis (Morgan Stanley)
  • Kellie Gough (Community Advocate)
  • Ken Bass (Mornings on 94.9, The River) 
  • Margo Healy (Library Board of Trustees Liaison and Center for School Improvement, BSU)
  • Ronald Williams (Williams Bradbury, P.C.) 
  • Ryan Hill (Communications, Boise School District)
  • Shannon Davis-Jones (Volunteer Coordinator, International Rescue Committee) 
  • Zach Powell (Boise Police; Idaho Air National Guardsman)

Advisory Board

  • Bert Ellis (Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch) 
  • Dr. John Werdel (OB/GYN, St. Luke's Health System)

Library Leaders

Library Leaders are members of the community who have lent their names and support to the Boise Public Library Foundation to help build awareness of the value that libraries provide to the Boise community.  See list of Library Leaders.

Foundation History

The Boise Public Library Foundation, Inc. was formed in 1985 as a nonprofit corporation to benefit the Library.  The Foundation's first major achievement was the raising of $850,000 through a direct donation drive that was used to convert the third floor of the present Main Library building into public service space and to remodel the first and second floors. This remodeling provided space in which to house additional materials added to the Library's collection and to expand some areas to allow for better service to library users. 

Other fundraising projects have included:

  • The Bucks for Books campaign, which raised raised $50,000 toward the purchase of library materials.
  • Masquerade Balls and At Home events, which raised $8,000 annually for the purchase of materials andlibrary equipment.
  • Completion of the community room at the former Boise Towne Square Mall library branch.
  • Installation of a local area computer network for public and staff access at the Main Library.
  • Plans are underway for a permanent endowment fund to benefit Boise Public Library.
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