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Cardamom Hill - Half-Gig Sessions

Inspired by NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, the Boise Public Library launched a short-term project called Half-Gig Sessions and recorded seven performances with local musicians. Visit the Library's YouTube channel to take a look. 

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What types of music was the Library looking for?

We looked for acts of one or two people with minimal equipment. We hoped to feature a variety of styles and approaches, including rock, classical, rap, R&B, folk, and everything in between.

How did people find out about this, and what were the selection criteria?

We advertised through our usual channels (social media; news outlets; the library's website and calendar) and accepted digital audition packages through an online portal. We looked for solid performances by musicians who were comfortable playing in front of a camera. Originality, musical skill, and stage-readiness were all pluses.

Who decided?

A panel of four: two employees from the Boise Public Library, a representative from Go Listen Boise, and an under-21 representative who’s active in Boise’s music scene.

That sounds neat -- will you be doing something like that again? 

Our latest music-related project is a digital collection of work by musicians living in Boise and the surrounding areas. We'd love to have you involved! Check out our Half-Gig Audio page for more info.  

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