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Beginning June 1, users will be allowed one item request per week. This will ensure the service is sustainable from a cost and staff time perspective as Boise continues to grow. Staff are always available to help you find similar topics of interest within our collection through the Personalized Picks service or research assistance.

If you're interested in an older item or a title with limited appeal to others in the community, please submit a request for an Interlibrary Loan.  

Due to the high volume of suggestions, we are unable to purchase all suggested materials.  Only suggestions from Boise residents will be considered. Please contact your local library if you're not a Boise resident.

If you would like to place a hold on the item you're requesting, please provide your library card number and preferred pick-up location. 
- Most often, a hold will be placed on purchased titles unless you are over your hold request limit.
- If the title being requested is a popular item, the latest release from John Grisham or a new blockbuster DVD for example, we will be unable to use your purchase request to place the hold on the item for you. This is due to the fact that many of these items are purchased using an automated process.
- Holds cannot be placed on eBooks or eAudiobooks.

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