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Adulting 101

Adulting 101 is a series of monthly workshops focused on the skills and resources we all wish we had learned earlier in life. Enter to win prizes at each event. Join us for at least one workshop per month to earn a badge— collect all 12 badges and you'll receive your very own, limited-edition Adult-in-Action medal! 

Monthly Topics

January – Physical Health
February – Mental Health/Self Care
March – Finances and Taxes
April – Gardening
May – Cleaning and Decorating
June – Cars and Commuting 
July – Digital Health
August – Repair, Re-use, Recycle
September – Networking
October – Local Government
November – Insurance
December – Cooking


Head to tor a complete list of workshops and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a library card to participate in Adulting 101?
    A library card isn’t necessary for participation, but we’d love to give you one anyway!  Stop by any of our locations for your free library card – it only takes a couple minutes!
  • What if I have a different library card?  Can I still join?
    Of course!
  • What ages can participate?
    Adulting 101 is for all humans over the age of 18.
  • What if I miss a month or two?
    That’s okay!  At the end of each month we will add information from each workshop below.  Try some of the activities on your own, check out one of our reading recommendations, and talk with one of the Adulting librarians to earn that months badge.

Questions? Comments? E-mail us!

Try These Activities to Make Up Missed Months

January - Physical Health
February - Mental Health/Self Care
March - Finanaces and Taxes
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Director: Kevin Booe

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