Boise Comic Arts Festival Cosplay

Last year’s Cosplay Contest was so much fun that we decided to have not just one, but TWO more for Boise Comic Arts Festival 2018!

Cosplay Competition

Calling all cosplayers! Get ready to suit up and strut your stuff for our panel of judges. This Cosplay Competition is for beginner, amateur, and experienced cosplayers, ages 14+. Your homemade cosplay could win fame, glory, and of course— prizes.

Here’s how to enter:

Pre-Register before Boise Comic Arts Festival 2018 in your category: Beginner, Amateur, or Experienced.

Beginner: Cosplay is a new adventure for you! This is your first competition.

Amateur: Cosplay is your favorite hobby! You’ve competed a little before.

Experienced: Cosplay is your LIFE! You enter competitions often.

Click Here to Register!

Registration is open until August 24. Each category will have a 1st and 2nd place winner. Sorry, no cosplay groups in this completion. (But check out the cosplay meet-ups and photo-ops in our upcoming #BCAF18 schedule!)

Costumes from all fandom genres are welcome, including original creations.

A total of 24 registration spots are available.

Important Info - Please Read Carefully Before Registering!

Only handmade costumes will be accepted. Store-bought or commissioned costumes are not eligible. You can utilize pre-made/pre-styled/modified accessories including wigs, shoes, and props, but we strongly encourage handmade accessories. This is your chance to show off your craftiness and handiwork! All participants should be prepared to describe in detail how their costume was created, altered, or modified.

Judging will take place in two stages:

Pre-judging: 8-10 minute sessions, Saturday, August 25, 10am - 2:30pm at JUMP Boise

Competition: Saturday, August 25, 4pm - 5pm at JUMP Boise

Important: You MUST attend your pre-judging session to be included in the Competition. If you do not attend your pre-judging slot, you will not be considered for the Competition. Your pre-judging session schedule will be assigned to you after registration.

On stage, you will have 2 minutes to flourish your costume and answer any additional questions from the judges. Family-friendly character skits are welcome, but we cannot accommodate musical accompaniment.

Judges’ decisions are final.



All cosplayers must abide by the Library’s Rules of Conduct

Please leave your fire, confetti, slime, water, spells, or other potentially messy props at home.

Prop weapons made of non-lethal materials are welcome (wood, foam, cardboard, plastic, etc.). Please leave real/authentic or potentially dangerous weapons at home (guns, swords, knives, arrows, etc.).

Your costume must be completely assembled before you go on stage.

All portions of your costume must leave the stage with you.

If you interact with the audience, be courteous and respectful.

Any cosplayer or audience member who doesn’t abide by these guidelines will be removed from the event.

Remember: cosplay is not consent. If you want to hug, touch, or take a picture of a cool cosplayer, ask for permission. A costume is not an invitation to be touched, in any way, and every person retains the right to their personal privacy, no matter what they’re wearing. If you have any concerns, please notify library staff.

Questions? Let us know! E-mail us at:


Kids’ Costume Contest

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore! The Kids’ Costume Contest is for costumed (or caped) crusaders of all abilities, ages 0-18. Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany any shy contestants on stage. This contest is open to all types of costumes, whether you made it yourself or not! You’ll get 1 minute to show off your costume on stage for our judges, and all contestants will receive a small goody bag.

The Kids' Costume Contest will take place on August 25, 1 - 2:30pm at Boise Comic Arts Festival 2018.

Winners will be chosen for these categories:

Best Villain

Best Hero

Most Sparkly

Most Creative

No pre-registration is required, but the contest is limited to 50 entries. A first-come, first-served sign-up will be available on August 25 at 10am at Boise Comic Arts Festival 2018.

Questions? Let us know! E-mail us at:
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