Boise Comic Arts Festival Exhibitors 2018

Check out all of the amazing exhibitors who will be attending Boise Comic Arts Festival this year!

Exhibitors whose booth will include items intended especially for children are marked with an asterisk (*). 

Adrianne's Art

Adrianne's Art
Adrianne Presnell is an Idaho creator and artist. She has a passion for art and storytelling. Her work can be found in Mystery House Comics' 6x6 anthology, the Idaho Comics Group Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho, and Dia en Downtown, a self-published anthology with co-creator/artist Hector Diaz. Most of her work, however, is in the form of drawing and painting single pieces. Adrianne is open for commissions during cons, but her list fills up fast...first come, first served!

Andrew Lytle*

Andrew Lytle
Andrew Lytle is an indie comic artist and illustrator originally from Mountain Home Id, creator of the indie comic Tokai.

Brice Garlick

Brice Garlick
Brice Garlick is a software developer by profession, a nerd by choice, a husband, a dad, and an illustrator by passion. He loves cartoons, caricatures, and pop culture. Throw those in a blender and you have his art. He has a flair for creating works that take existing pop-culture characters and presenting them in a new and unique light.

Carri Sue Fine Art and Illustration*

Carri Sue Fine Art & Illustration
Carri Sue Anderson is a Boise native of 56 years, devoted to stirring emotion with imagination. She works in watercolor, ink, acrylic inks, oil and digital, creating pet portraits, special commissions, fantasy illustration, fine art watercolor, custom design logos.


NYC is a small local home-based company offering thousands of vintage comic books.

Captain Comics, Inc.*

Captain Comics, Inc.
Boise's premiere comic book store - serving Idaho for 25 years!

Deemo's Discount Comics

Deemo's Discount Comics
Deemo's Discount Comics started in 2013 and has been providing subscription services to comics and a regular stock of goodies at Space Bar and other local conventions, including Library Comic Con. They hope to continue to serve the community well, and provide products and services that are engaging and fulfill the needs of their customers.

Doug Henderson

Doug Henderson is a happily married native of Idaho. He has always had an affinity for drawing and comics. Even though his work has been published since high school, he's still working on perfecting his graphic novel. He creates a varity of satire and pun almagams, also pin-ups of original work and some comic pages.

Plot Bunny Studios*
Plot Bunny Studios
Plot Bunny Studios offers a variety of prints and stickers, as well as original watercolor paintings and small adorable stories.

Erica Crockett

Erica Crockett
Erica Crockett writes a lot. What Weeds Are Thinking is her first foray into the world of picture books with illustrator Sarah Ragan Olson. Her first novel, Chemicals, is about pharmaceuticals disappearing. Her other novels deal with serial killing, the stars, and Boise. Check out the first books of The Blood Zodiac, starting with The Ram.

Giselle Jeffries Schneider

Giselle Jeffries Schneider
Giselle Jeffries Schneider holds a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing. She lives in Idaho with her wonderful husband, excitable dog, and two very strange cats. Her passion is in writing fiction/fantasy stories, reading for hours, daydreaming, walking her dog, camping, and spending time with her family.

Gregor Peterson*

Gregor Peterson
Gregor Peterson is a local Boise collector and hobbyist. He was raised here and has been a part of the comic/geek culture for 40 years. He's been participating in Library Comic Con since it began. He has extra comics and collectibles for sale, always reasonably priced, but he's always willing to make great deals, which gives him an opportunity to meet with others with similar interests in fandom.

Isaiah T. Silkwood*

Isaiah T. Silkwood
Isaiah T. Silkwood's award-winning YA adventure, Of Pirates and Werewolves, be about innocent, pirate captain Fish-Eye who wants nothing more than to make an honest living with absolutely zero skill — whatsoever. It's hard to do with dreadful, past captains; hungry cyclopes; delusional, werewolf bent castaways; hungry cannibals; and a really annoying seagull that loves his first mate. Yet with Wokey the Shrimp, the said first mate, by his side he may just end up as food...
I, I mean gloriously rich!

J.C. Jackson

J.C. Jackson
J. C. Jackson is the author of the Terra Chronicles series, as well as other fantasy and gamer related titles.

Jeremy Billups*

Jeremy Billups
Jeremy Billups has been writing and illustrating stories since he was 6 years old. After attending Boise State University and earning degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design he finally found the courage to start sharing his stories with the world. In 2015, he released his first book, Bearded. It's been downhill ever since. He lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife & daughter, a lawn he hates to mow, and a desk overflowing with projects he can't wait to share.

John "J.T." Millstead*

John "J.T." Millstead
J.T. Millstead is a Treasure Valley based artist. Currently alongside other great artists (and writers) in this year's Mystery House Comics' 6x6.

Mystery House Comics

Mystery House Comics
Mystery House Comics is a small-press comics publisher in Boise, Idaho. Created to support and distribute our flagship series, "Shivertown," it quickly became apparent that comics are what we love to do, and we can't be limited to one series. Other ongoings, one-shots, miniseries, and graphic novels are in our future, so keep your eye out for the Mystery House logo. Along the way, we've also developed a passion for enhancing the local comics community, and bringing the tools, education, and experience of self-publishing to those with an interest who never thought they could do it on their own. Everyone has a million stories, we just want to help you tell them.

Julia Green Illustration*

Julia Green
Julia Green is an illustrator born, raised and currently residing in Boise, ID. Her work is a mix of humor and soft feelings inspired by wildlife in Idaho, her favorite cat buddies, biking, secret societies, and fables. Her characters border the lines of Saturday morning cartoons and whimsied reality, creating magic within the borders of her tangible imagination.
 Clients include: Lone Cone, Ravishly, Idaho Humane Society, Boise Bicycle Project, Story Story Night, Bicycle Times Magazine, and many more.

Kyle Andersen

Kyle Andersen
Kyle Andersen is the writer and artist of the comic Oath. He is a self-taught digital artist with a passion for storytelling. Oath is his first full-fledged comic book series, the creation of which he streams live at

L.L. Bower*

L.L. Bower
L.L. (Laurel) Bower, PhD retired from teaching college literature, mythology, humanities and writing in 2015 to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. While she's been published in other genres, fantasy has always been her favorite. She wanted to write the kind of fantasy she likes to read, with twists and turns and lots of quirky, mythological characters and amazing magic. Her trilogy Fairy Wars is now complete, and she's writing a prequel to the series that should be out this year.

Merri Halma*

Merri Halma
Merri Halma is an independent publisher of her own work, the Indigo Traveler Series, a metaphysical/visionary/fantasy series based on the Indigo Children. There are three books in the series now. They can be found on Amazon and Kindle.

Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings
Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally best-selling author, produced screenwriter, and multiple Bram Stoker Award Finalist.

Trained Eye Graphics

Trained Eye Graphics
Trained Eye Graphics is a graphic design and fine art firm that has specialized in comics and the horror genre for the past 30 years. Most recent work has been in the 6X6 anthology and San Diego Comic Con Book. They have also self-published the book Zombie Circus.

The Spooky Dinosaur

The Spooky Dinosaur
Nathan Veibell is an eternal being going through his second play-through of life on Earth; after he gained immortality his first time through, reached the inevitable heat-death of the universe and time traveled back to the time of the Dinosaurs. They were really fun, but now after millennia of goings on he is trying his hand at the artist life. Doing whatever art comes to mind, but monsters and surreal works seem to be his favorite, things that ancient dark beings ask him to draw. Mostly in pen and ink, and he has a comic in the works. He's hoping to continue this path even further, before that heat-death thing happens.

Randall Kirby*

Randall Kirby
Bop! Comics publishes humor, action and mystery comics. Founder Randall Kirby is from the Treasure Valley, and tries to incorporate the area and its lifestyle into the books he produces. Randall is also the creator of Ontario Oregon's Border Town Comic Con, a two day March event which promotes creators from around the valley.

Super Cool and Stuff

Super Cool and Stuff
Ricky Vigil has been making the autobiographical comic zine Super Cool and Stuff since 2011. It contains his daily adventures working with teenagers, watching pro wrestling, playing video games, going to concerts alone, eating pizza, and sitting on a couch with his wife, Serena. His comics have also appeared in SLUG Magazine and online at Bearded Gentlemen Music and

Girl A Go-Go Designs

Girl A Go-Go Designs
I am Robyn of Girl A Go-Go Designs and I’m a self-taught sewing enthusiast. I specialize in creating fun, must-have items out of up-cycled materials. In using unwanted goods, I help support local thrift stores and the charities they represent, as well as trying to keep unused materials out of the landfills. I want to make a positive impact on the environment. Since my fabric sources are very limited, each one of my items is unique. I like the thought of making one-of-a-kind items, rather than making a multitude of the same thing. I’m originally from Vancouver, B.C., but I’ve been living in Boise for a number of years. I’m married with three kids and a myriad of pets.

6x6: Comic Anthology

6x6: Comic Anthology
Every year Mystery House Comics publishes an anthology called 6x6 where 6 writers and 6 artists from the Treasure Valley collaborate on six different five-page stories centered on one theme. One of the goals of the 6x6 Anthology Series is to pair local folks with different styles, experience levels, and backgrounds to build relationships and skills. 2018's theme is "Home" and brings the following people together to tell you their stories: Lora Volkert and Hanna Paulson, Catherine Kyle and Kyle Andersen, Arik Grant and John Millstead, Mitchell Leibowitz and Barry Barnes, Adozinda and Mike Dreher, and Dan Feldmeier and John Greener. 

Valerie Finnigan*

Valerie Finnigan
Valerie Finnigan was born in Glendale, California, where she quickly developed a ravenous appetite for adventure, a taste for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and suspense, and a mind buzzing with big dreams. Some of those dreams led her to make her home in the wilds of Idaho. Some led her through a variety of careers including firefighting and emergency services. But other dreams (and nightmares) gradually found their way into print. She has been privileged to work on Why Not?, Tiger on the Storm, Korean War, Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak, Hero by Force, and other projects currently in development such as The Real Women of the US Military.

*These exhibitors' booths include items intended especially for children. 

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