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Boise Comic Arts Festival (formerly Library Comic Con) inspires creators of all ages, cultivates a comics community, showcases local and international artists, and creates opportunities for discovery and collaboration.

We’re excited to celebrate the continued growth of this event by partnering with Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) to house BCAF in a single, modern, and unique space for 2018. JUMP’s highly-visible location in downtown Boise, coupled with its iconic architecture, make it an ideal fit for this inspiring cultural celebration.

Thank you for considering sponsoring this event. Below you'll find the BCAF sponsorship deck, media mentions, past guests, photos and more from the event in previous years. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss your goals in sponsoring Boise Comic Arts Festival.


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What People Are Saying About BCAF

 Joelle Jones
Cons can be an exhausting experience. You rarely get the time to talk about the comics you're making at some of the bigger cons. At Boise Library Comic Con you get the time to really visit with fans and other creators. It's one of the few cons that I look forward to attending every year! It's a blast!

-Joëlle Jones (Batman, Lady Killer)

Farel Dalrymple
Library Comic Con in Boise is one of my favorite shows. The people and the city of Boise are always pleasant and the great folks that run the show really have a genuine love for comics and literature.

-Farel Dalrymple (The Wrenchies, Pop-Gun War)

Josh Cotter
LCC was a great show. Well organized with a nice balance of art and retail, I’d recommend it for anybody looking to experience the entirety of the broad creative spectrum comics has to offer. From indie to manga to mainstream, there’s something for everybody.

-Josh Cotter (Nod Away, Skyscrapers of the Midwest)

Catherine Kyle
Boise's Library Comic Con is tapping into a vast well of community interest in comics. It is nurturing enthusiasm for reading, writing, and all kinds of art-making, as well as fostering community dialogue. It does an exemplary job of generating passion for our already beloved public library system, and it represents a truly grassroots effort to make Boise a lively and culturally vibrant place to live for fans, creators, and aspiring artists alike. That attendance was over 10,000 this year shows that this is one of the most sought after and important events of the summer. 

-Catherine Kyle (Feral Domesticity)

Terry Blas
The Boise Public Library Comic Con is a fun and safe haven for anyone with an appreciation for art, creativity, talent and individuality. It's a family friendly event that I have had the pleasure of exhibiting at every year since it began. As Boise is my hometown, it makes me proud that a show like this exists and that I can be part of it as an adult.  When I was a kid, there wasn't much like it around so it's been wonderful to see it grow and I hope to witness its growth for many more years to come.

-Terry Blas (Dead Weight)

Past Guest Creators

Andrew MacLean Ben Dewey C. Spike Trotman Cat Farris Dame Darcy
Dennis Eichhorn Ed Luce Emi Lenox Farel Dalrymple Fred Chao
Joe Keatinge Joelle Jones Josh Cotter Leila Del Duca M.K. Reed
Malachi Ward Matthew Seely Natalie Nourigat Natalie Riess Nate Powell
Paul Pope Sandra Lanz Sara Ryan Shannon Wheeler Simon Roy
Steve Lieber Terry Blas Theo Ellsworth Todd Clark Tony Cliff
Tyler Crook Ulises Farinas Victoria Jamieson

Past Posters

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