Expo Hall


LEGO® Extravaganza. Join the Idaho LEGO® Users Group, South West Idaho LEGO® Users Group, Bricks and Minifigs, and more, for a display of talent, patience, and precision engineering. LEGO creations from around the Treasure Valley will be exhibited, and attendees are encouraged to participate in a massive group build project. Founded in 2014 by Greg Fastabend, the Idaho LEGO® Users Group has grown in leaps and bounds.  With members from all over the state, the group meets regularly to share the love of LEGO bricks, plan events and encourage builders and collectors to have fun and be creative.  The group is open to builders of all ages and skillsets. They are committed to sharing the joy of LEGO with the community and members have participated in local exhibitions, STEM classes, leadership training workshops and other events.

Saturn V Moon Rocket. Come and see the STEM Moon Shot model of the Saturn V Moon Rocket that is made out of 32,000 LEGO bricks! This is the rocket that took the first humans to land on the moon in 1969. Designed by Scott Bowman, IdeaBrickWorks, this model is 12 feet tall (with base) and is a 1:32 scale replica of the iconic rocket. Come take a picture with this one-of-a-kind LEGO creation!

501st Legion Appearance - Timberline Garrison.  Since 1997, the 501st Legion has been dedicated to re-creating film-quality costumes of the “villainous” characters of the Star Wars galaxy and entertaining Star Wars fans with their public appearances, and has become a leading force in fan-based charity events around the world. The Timberline Garrison serves as the local "Chapter" of the 501st for Idaho and Montana.

R2-D2 Builders Club. Founded in 1999 by Dave Everett, the R2-D2 Builders Club is an internet fan based club with over 5000 members worldwide, using the web as a common means to gather information and share thoughts and ideas with one common goal... to build their very own life size R-Series astromech. 

Rebel Legion. Serving members of the Rebel Legion in Idaho and Montana Takodana Base features costumes of the heroes of Star Wars. We’re thrilled to participate in the Boise Comic Arts Festival. 

Exhibitor & Vendor List

A Wave Blue World - https://awbw.com/
Founded in 2005 by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner, A Wave Blue World is an independent publisher of high-quality graphic novels, anthologies and art books. AWBW connects people through storytelling and provides a platform for a multitude of creative voices. By using comics as a medium for change, we’re imagining a better world and building a brighter future.

Adam Rosenlund - https://adamjrosenlund.com
Adam Rosenlund is a California-born, Idaho-based art machine. Influenced by not-so-equal parts fine art and comic books, he's been working as an illustrator since 2006. His work is focused on rich, inky lines and bold colors that build fantastic-yet-relatable worlds and figures with personality. 

Allen Gladfelter - www.allengladfelter.com
Allen Gladfelter is a comic artist living in Boise Idaho. He has worked on Cars comics for Pixar, Penguins of Madagascar comics for Dreamworks and Hotel Transylvania comics for Sony.  He is currently working on an original graphic novel and teaching. 

Anchor Arts - www.anchorartsonline.com
Over the years, my interests have evolved from comic art to murals to illustration, but I have always loved cosplay and prop creation.  There is just something about using found objects and recycling old toys to make something new. I look at objects and see the true potential.

I began modding Nerf weapons for friends a couple years ago so they could use them for their cosplay. After some prodding from friends and family, I decided to sell my props at a local comic con. It was a huge success! I was blown away by the reaction, so I decided to do this full time.

Andrew R. Lytle - https://lytlethelemur.weebly.com/
Local comic artist and creator of self-published graphic novel Tokai

Arc Welder Studios –  www.arcwelderstudios.com
Based in Boise, Idaho, Arc Welder Studios was founded to craft scripts for creator owned and work-for-hire comic books, graphic novels, animation and more. Currently, collaborating with talented artists to produce self-published books and pitch materials for publishing one-shots, limited series, and graphic novels, including, “Lumberjack Horror” comic, Pelts

Art by Gerdy - https://www.instagram.com/gerdyliciousart/
Greta (Gerdy) is a Local Treasure Valley artist whose work is inspired by the entertainment media and by fellow artists. She works mostly in digital art, but also creates through traditional painting and drawing. 

Beverly Chick - www.bevchickart.com
I write and illustrate comic books, sell prints and note cards based on science fiction genres such as Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who, and I design & sell my own Steampunk/Victorian jewelry which I make from new and used parts. I use old Altoid Boxes to create & sell craft items based on themes such as Star Trek or Doctor Who, or other Science Fiction themes. Last year, I started something new - making my own mini comic books which are made from one folded piece of 8 X 11 paper.

Boise’s Comic Book Guy – https://www.instagram.com/_the_comic_book_guy_  
I buy/sell/trade comics and collectibles. My collection includes variants, treasury sizes, first appearances, CGC, mini-series, one-shots, and autographs! I have over 7,000 comics, many different collectibles, movie prop replicas, and a large selection of well-known autographs! Follow me on Instagram for unique comics, giveaways and even raffles! 

Boise Philharmonic – http://boisephil.org/
The Boise Phil is thrilled to present Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back live in concert on October 5th. The orchestra will play John Williams' iconic musical score live as the film is projected on a giant screen. "You must feel the Force around you..." Visit the Philharmonic booth to harness the Force to help us save the galaxy. The Phil will also hold a drawing for one winner to receive 2 tickets to the performance on October 5th.

Bop! Comics / Border Town Comic Con – www.bopcomics.com
Bop! Comics are the comics of Randall Kirby, spanning mystery, humor, superheroes, autobio, and mini comics. Randall has written and drawn for several national publications, including the Huffington Post, Northwest Press, and Poison Press, and has self-published several titles including Bop! Comics, Cop Comics, Fortune Favors the Bold!, and Flying Snowman!

Border Town Comic Con is set in Ontario, Oregon and features local creators from Oregon, Idaho, and throughout the northwest as well as bringing in diverse guests to inspire connections and creativity. 

Buffy Naillon Studios/ Wonderland Café – www.buffynaillonstudios.com/ 
Wonderland Cafe is the brainchild and alter-ego of Sci-Fi writer, Buffy Naillon. It's inspired by the aesthetic of Alice in Wonderland, the checkerboard floors of the diner restaurants littered across the highways and byways of America, restaurant menus, Batman comics, and a wee bit of nostalgia. To be sure, the modern world hasn't been completely forgotten, but nods to it are a bit quirky and unconventional just like Wonderland itself. 

Captain Comics, Inc. - www.captain-comics.com  
We are a full-service comic book store located in Boise, ID. We stock thousands of old and new comics as well as comic supplies, trade paperbacks, hard-cover books, posters, toys, gaming cards (Magic, Pokemon, and more), card supplies, dice, board games, t-shirts, and much more!

We offer a free subscription service, professional in-store comic grading, special orders, layaways, and pretty much anything our customers ask! We’ve been in business for over 25 years and plan on being here for another 25!

Condor Art -  www.condorart.com
Daniel Gerber of Condor Art is a Boise area sculptor, mold maker, and diorama builder. He is a graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, sculpture emphasis. He is known at local conventions for his Star Wars action figure dioramas that always include some non-Star Wars characters. With experience in mold making with silicone rubber, resin casting and epoxy putty, he creates custom work of fandom and pop-culture pieces. Daniel specializes in found object sculpture and custom toys and models. He especially enjoys commissions to set up dioramas for collectors to display their collections.  

Catterbug & Maotatoe - https://catterbug1999.wixsite.com/drydenart
We are two best friends and local Idaho artists who enjoy making fandom and non-fandom merchandise and absolutely love comics, (though we haven't made any of our own just yet).  

Crimsonn Reign - https://www.instagram.com/crimsonnreign/
Crimsonn Reign is a local comic book artist who sells both original and fandom related merchandise. Together with a writer, they publish the comic called City of Trees, a web comic that takes place in a fantastical Boise Idaho. 

Dan Feldmeier - https://www.instagram.com/danfeldmeier/
Dan Feldmeier is a freelance illustrator currently doing covers for Lady Death as well as creating a brand-new game system called S3RPG, a super, super, simple role-playing game. 

D. Bradford Gambles - https://foodhatesyou.biz/
Creator and illustrator of the webcomic Food Hates You and the short comic A Long Deer at The End of The World, from Birdcage Bottom Books.

Decalcomania - www.decalcomania.com
Decalcomania is innovating the decal industry by adding augmented reality to our wall decals. Decorate your room with your favorite Marvel superhero and watch the character come to life! 

Deemo's Discount Comics - www.deemosdiscountcomics.com
We started as an idea that has blossomed into providing the fun and adventure fuel for people's imagination. We sell locally in the Space Bar and we also deliver locally and deliver on the internet. We want to just be associated with fun and having a great time with the medium. If nothing else, come and talk to us about anything you like; even if it's not comics! 

Disturbed Findings - https://www.instagram.com/disturbed_findings/
Disturbed Findings specializes in hand made one-of-a-kind mixed media art voodoo dolls that come in a regular size and keychain size. 

Doughboy’s Attic - www.doughboysattic.com
Locally made 3D printed cookie cutters to fit everyone's favorite fandoms. Every step of the process from modeling to printing to the graphics in our packaging is all done in-house here in Boise, ID. 

Erica Crockett – www.ericacrockett.com
Erica Crockett writes a lot. What Weeds Are Thinking is her first foray into the world of picture books. Her first novel, Chemicals, is about pharmaceuticals disappearing. Her other novels deal with serial killing, the stars, and Boise. Check out the first three books of The Blood Zodiac, starting with The Ram.

Faey Killa Art - https://faeykilla-portfolio.tumblr.com/
I have been selling art at the local anime convention, Anime Oasis for two years, as well as at other small conventions. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I hope to make it as part of my career one day. I love art and I love creating for others. 

From Beyond - Horror & Sci-Fi / Krampus Con - https://www.facebook.com/krampusconidaho/
FROM BEYOND: HORROR & SCI-FI - Enthusiasts of horror, sci-fi, and all things macbre, From Beyond is Idaho's undead tome for all things creepy, ghoulish, and in the grave! (Co-Organizer and Sponsor of KRAMPUS CON along with TURBO COMICS. 

FUNKOYETI - https://www.instagram.com/funkoyeti
Funko Pops, Dorbz and Collectibles. 

Giselle Jeffries Schneider - www.amazon.com/Giselle-Jeffries-Schneider/e/B0791M4T8P
Giselle Jeffries Schneider holds a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing. She lives in Idaho with her wonderful husband, excitable dog, and two very strange cats. Her passion is in writing fiction/fantasy stories, reading for hours, daydreaming, walking her dog, camping, and spending time with her family.

Glass Rose Pirates - https://www.facebook.com/glassrosepirates/
Glass Rose Pirates is a group dedicated to making custom gaming items for table top gaming. With custom orders from dice trays and coasters to as large as custom gaming tables, we do everything in-between as well as some other small fandom related items. 

Glitteratigalaxy - https://glitteratigalaxy.carbonmade.com/
Glitteratigalaxy is an avid doodler and Idaho native, drawing since she could pick up a crayon. Taking inspirations from shoujo manga, Japanese pop culture, and growin' up in the 90's, with hints of art nouveau here and there. Starting off as a primarily traditional artist, Glitteratigalaxy eventually moved onto digital cause, dang, markers are expensive, (but still enjoys a good marker doodle from time to time). 

Hanna Paulson - Bit.ly/hannanotbarbera
Hanna Paulson (aka Hanna-Not-Barbera) is a local cartoonist. She works with acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. At her table you'll find everything from zines to canvas originals with heavy nods to 90s cartoons, tabletop RPGs, and even the paranormal. 

Heaton Comics - https://www.instagram.com/heat_on_comics/
Ava, age 6, and Carter, age 9, love comics. Together the siblings set up a comics stand in their driveway to sell one-off hand-drawn comics one at a time. Their passion has led to an Etsy shop and the organization of the Heaton Comics brand, under which they are growing and exploring the world of comics, art, story-telling, and what it means to be a creator.

Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters
Silver age to modern age comics. 

Idaho LEGO User’s Group - www.idaholug.com
Idaho LEGO User's Group (ILUG) is an Idaho club for members of the community who enjoy building with and expressing their creativity through LEGO bricks. We welcome people of all ages and skill levels to share their love of Lego building, collecting and all things Lego. 

IDEABRICKWORKS - www.ideabrickworks.com
Scott Bowman is an artist/builder using LEGO bricks to create events, artwork, and memories. Scott does commissions, events, speaking, facilitation, and much more. 

Imagine Dandy – www.dandynarwhal.com 
We make custom plushies, snow globes, mermaid crowns, some jewelry, and crocheted octopi among other nerdy themed items. All handmade with love!

James W.A.R. Lloyd - http://www.jameswarlloyd.com/
James W.A.R. Lloyd is an illustrator, commercial artist, and the creative force behind the beloved Treefort brand and marketing vibe. Lloyd integrates storytelling throughout his body of work and has developed an iconic style. His disciplined and prolific production is based upon creation for its own sake. 

Jason Beirens – www.facebook.com/birdstacking 
Human, likely tired. 

J.C. Jackson - https://jeicjackson.wordpress.com/
Author of Terra Chronicles. Writer of science fantasy, gamer, and a bunch of other stuff, but if I told you everything, where would the fun be?

Jedi Academy at Boise State - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1353449524785362/
Jedi Academy at Boise State is a Boise State student organization dedicated to lightsaber choreography. Students and community members participate in public performances, fan films, and the annual Sabercomp.

Jeremy Billups - https://www.jeremybillups.com/
Picture book and comic maker. I like my caffeine cold and my socks bold. 

Julia Green Illustration – www.juliagreenillustration.com 
I am an illustrator and a cat enthusiast born and raised in Boise, ID. My two cats are big influences on my work, as well as my love of squirrels and other furry animals. They almost always find their way into my illustrations. I’ve created artwork for a wide variety of projects - from album covers to cartoons, patterns for children’s rain boots and backpacks. My medium of choice is working completely digital in Photoshop on my Surface Pro. 

Julius Bridgeforth - https://www.instagram.com/julius_bridgeforthart/
I'm just a kid from Boise, Idaho who really loves creating art. Whether astronaut maids, or Godzilla and Kong dueling it out, I love to put ink on the paper and really get crazy. Art has always been a part of my life and has always been my thing, with artists like Tadd Galusha and Matt Frank inspiring me to do more and be better. 

Just The Kraken - https://www.instagram.com/just_the_kraken/
As an artist, I create works for the same reason that I tell stories or jokes, to entertain others. In addition, I strive to make products to bring happiness to the viewer. I have been fascinated by the way that anything that I have produced creates a connection, not only between me and the viewer, but between the viewers that find meaning or enjoyment in my pieces. This is particularly true among pieces that would be considered "fan art". I believe that my purpose, as an artist, is to continue to try and reach more people and, as a result, help provide enjoyment to those who need it. 

Keefe Chamberlain - https://nergon.myportfolio.com/
Keefe has been a lover of comic strips since childhood and has been clumsily attempting his own ill-advised creations for far too long now. Having published many strips on the web, mostly over the past 15 years, he now publishes Outer Space Inn on Instagram just for the fun of it.

KristiCam Arts - https://kristicampbell13.wixsite.com/mysite
Art prints, stickers and handmade products will be available from KristiCam arts. The items offered will be in relation to different fan bases, including: comics, games, anime and movies.

Laughing Dragon Studios - www.etsy.com/shop/LaughingDragonArt
I make small simple drawings and greeting cards. One of my main objectives is to keep my art affordable. I want everyone to be able to own beautiful and fun original artwork.

Lauren T Kistner Arts – http://www.laurentkistner.com/
My interests in human anatomy and Nouveau Art are brought together to create colorful pun-filled imagery with watercolor and ink. I am interested in making a connection for people with the parts that keep the show on the road!

LáVelle - https://lavelle.artstation.com/
Michael LaVelle studied at the Savanna College of Art and Design (S.C.A.D.), is a formal instructor at Young Art, and a freelance graphic illustrator.

Lucky Moons – www.luckymoons.com
Sergio Lazaro has always enjoyed writing poetry and children's literature.  While serving in 6th grade detention, the idea of a high-flying crime-fighting frog lit his imagination. For the last 10 years, Sergio and his editor Nanci Lillie have been working to bring the DRAGON FROG story to life. Last year, Brett Brooks was contracted to illustrate the series.  Brett is a notable artist based in Atlanta, GA, and they are incredibly grateful to have such a talent on the team. Lucky Moons LLC was established in Massachusetts in 2018 to publish the DRAGON FROG comic book series. Sergio and Nanci are 100% dedicated to publishing a high-quality comic full of adventure and fun. DRAGON FROG Issue #1 was part of a successful Kickstarter campaign completed in July 2018. Issue #2 is in progress and should be completed in a few months. Issue #1 is a 32 page full-color comic book for all ages.  It will be for sale along with DRAGON FROG stickers, posters and temporary tattoos.

Luminous Shadow – https://www.instagram.com/luminous.shadow/
I create costumes, props, and accessories for those that love anime, comics, movies, or games. Please stop by or check out my Etsy shop to see or purchase some fun geek accessories!

L. L. Bower, PhD - llbower.com
After two careers, one in business and one in academia, Laurel (L.L.) Bower retired from teaching college writing and literature in 2015 to pursue her passion for writing. While she's been published in other genres, fantasy has always been her favorite. She wanted to write the kind of fantasy she likes to read, with twists and turns and lots of quirky, mythological characters and amazing magic.

Fairy Wars: The First Battles (A Prequel) joins the Fairy Wars trilogy (Book 1: The Dark Ones, Book 2: Spies Among Us, and Book 3: Fairy Wars: The Final Battles).

Dr. Bower has two grown children and four grandchildren. She and her husband Steve live in Meridian, Idaho with a cinnamon miniature named Winnie the “poo”dle.

Melinda Bosen/Curious Origins - https://www.melindabosen.com/
I create watercolor illustrations of the strange and hilariously ludicrous for the enjoyment of myself and others. It's all in good fun. As someone with a poor sense of humor, the illustrations tend towards the macabre and ridiculous. I'm also working on an original comic, called Daddy Death

Mewbushie - www.instagram.com/mewbushie
A Boise-based artist, Jeremy focuses most of their artwork on the geeky and nerdy. Whether it’s through buttons, prints, or the occasional zine, it's their goal and hope that others can use it as a way to find and express the individuality that makes people so unique.

Morgan Detyens - www.morgandetyens.com
Morgan Detyens is an Idaho author and cat cartoonist who lives in Boise with her husband, son, three overfed cats, and a dog that thinks he's underfed. She is the author of The Dreaming Hour, a children's illustrated collection of short stories; Secret of the Dragonblood Ruby, Book I of The Willowgate Chronicles, a YA fantasy adventure trilogy; The Nine Lives of Shaidu the Warrior Cat, Book II of The Willowgate Chronicles; and Cheddar Jack's Big Cheese Adventure, a comic book for young readers.  She is currently finishing Cheddar Jack's Big Green Adventure.

When not writing, she is a student of Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese straight sword in a local Shaolin martial arts studio. 

Nerd Cave Inc. – www.Nerdcaveinc.com 
Nerd Cave Inc. is a worker-owned one stop shop for all items nerd related. From DC & Marvel comics collectibles, exclusively designed hero inspired hoodies, other clothing (TMNT, Anime, Gaming etc.) and more; we work to give our customers a cost-effective alternative to big name stores and retail giants. We focus on customer satisfaction and let our customer's word of mouth do the advertising for us. We pass all savings from advertising costs directly to our customers.

On our YouTube channel we detail current comic story lines, review comics, detail hauls of new products, product reviews, and do interviews with passionate collectors like you!

Oath by Kyle E. Andersen - www.oathcomic.com
Kyle E Andersen is the writer and artist of the comic Oath. He is a self-taught digital artist with a passion for storytelling. Oath is a scifi/fantasy story of a viking woman who discovers a timeless realm of lost things. This is Kyle's first full-fledged comic book series.

Otter Illustrating – www.Otterillustrating.com
I am an aspiring children's book illustrator and love running art booths at conventions. The energy and people at cons are the best. I hope not only to sell artwork but also to promote my continued art career, bring joy to the next generation of wonderful nerds, and network with publishers and other artists.

Paul Bacio Brick Sculptures - www.paulbacio.com
Paul Bacio Brick Sculptures creates custom made art sculptures, murals, character kits, educational resources and children's design books using LEGO® bricks. We also offer instructional manuals for all the popular builds, such as a 30-inch superhero or a 5-foot princess. Organizations or schools enjoy working with us through our fun and STEM-focused fundraising program.

Phoenix Fire Games - www.phoenixfiregames.com
Our store is specifically designed with gamers in mind. As both family gamers and hardcore gamers ourselves, we feel we can offer what YOU want.

Plot Bunny Studios - https://www.instagram.com/enuwey/
Plot Bunny Studios makes adorable things, lovely watercolor illustrations, and short stories and comics! 

Rachel Hays – www.rachelhays.me
Rachel Hays is an illustrator and comics artist originally from the Western US. She's inspired by plant folklore, quilting patterns, gemstones, tarot, and vintage lettering. Her comics reflect a love of the handmade, and the poetry of symbols. She's the owner and operator of the newly minted Taxonomy Press after receiving an Alexa Rose grant to purchase a risograph printer.

Rainytale Studio - http://rainytalestudio.bravehost.com/index.html
Our cute and quirky art style has attracted fans from across the country! We offer buttons, badges, and more! Stop by our table and say "Hi" to Catopuss.

Random Coyote Productions, LLC - www.bohicablues.com
Arik Grant, through Random Coyote Productions, LLC, produces the BOHICA Blues webcomic, a long-form story told in "gag-a-day" format about Army Reservists from Boise that get deployed to the Iraq War. The story is family-friendly, topping out at about a PG-13 level of content. Active since 2013, BOHICA Blues has over 700+ comics published online, with books available.

Recluse Comics - http://reclusecomics.com
I am a Boise-based illustrator and comic artist, exhibiting at both local and out-of-state comic-cons and selling my original artwork. Throughout this journey, I have been creating my own graphic novel, which is available on my website.

Although I enjoy recreating fictional characters with my own personal twist, by far the best part of participating in comic conventions is witnessing the excited expressions of people when they spot their favorite character on a print or sticker. Our connection is immediate, sparking a sense of community.

Re-POP Gifts – www.repopgifts.com
Idahos Fandom & Pop Culture Headquarters. e-POP Gifts is more than a store; it’s an experience. That has been the goal of Re-POP Gifts since its inception. Owners Millie & Barry Hilgert are self-proclaimed nerds. Their store reflects their passion for pop culture, nostalgia, local art, and their off-beat sense of humor. The store is filled with an eclectic mix of pop culture goodness with an added measure of local Boise/Idaho love. Millie curates a mix of merchandise from over 30 local artists, several regional & national artists (including Justin Hillgrove’s Imps and Monsters), and complements the handmade with commercial licensed products such as clever socks & bags from Blue Q, kitschy gifts from Archie McPhee, life sized cardboard cutouts of your favorite characters, and much, much more. From Bigfoot to unicorns and from Harry Potter to Super Heroes, you’re sure to find the something unexpected. Treat yo’ self, shop Re-POP Gifts.

Robonk Artificial Intelligence Comic Strip - http://www.robonk.com
Combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and actual online dating profiles to create a comic strip series…what could possibly go wrong?! Robonk is a comic strip featuring a robot sex therapist. The robot talks to patients. All the text is either generated by 1960s-style AI software or from online dating profiles. The cartoonist writes nothing in the strip, but does edit. 

Rusty Gauntlet Boise Amtgard - https://www.facebook.com/groups/652657018146399/
Live action role-play non-profit group. A Duchy in Boise, Idaho, residing within the Kingdom of the Desert Winds. We are active and enthusiastic. All visitors are welcome and encouraged.

Sarah Ragan Olson - https://www.instagram.com/serocreates/
Sarah Regan Olson is an Idaho-born artist. Her first book, What Weeds are Thinking (with author Erica Crockett) was released last year and she is hard at work on the next two sequels. Her work is fun and occasionally irreverent.

Shanae Lavelle - http://shananaginz88.wixsite.com/gallery
Shanae Lavelle is an illustrator from Boise, Idaho who makes independent comics and art.

Shay Plummer – www.instagram.com/shayplummerart 
Shay Plummer is an illustrator and comic creator who resides in the Northwester US. His collaborative work has been featured in DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Métal Hurlant (Heavy Metal), AMC Cable Channel, and was a contributor to the 2015 Eisner Award for Best Anthology.

Steve Feldman - http://www.stevefeldman.com/
Steve Feldman makes his home in scenic Northeast Oregon. For over 20 years he has worked as a full-time freelance illustrator creating exciting illustration for many well know publishers and companies. Steve is also a fine artist and sequential artist. Working traditionally with acrylics, watercolors, pencils and digitally, he creates thought provoking images that often contain a humorous twist or an edge.

Some of the well-known clients Steve has worked with include The New York Times, Time Inc., Random House, St. Martin's Press, Scholastic, Delacorte Press, Wright Group/McGraw Hill, Six Red Marbles, Mondo Publishing, Heinemann, Merck, Pfizer, Cleveland Clinic, Virgin, Chiquita and the Discovery Channel. Steve is a PAL (Published & Listed) member of the SCBWI.

Steve is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying the many activities available in his region such as hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing and gardening, as well as involvement in various community activities.

Steve Willhite - https://stevecomix2005.wixsite.com/stevewillhite
Steve is a Nampa, Idaho based cartoonist, writer and illustrator. His work has appeared in a number of comic books including the NY Times Best Selling FUBAR series, Mother Russia, and Fractured Scary Tales. He is also a member of the SWELL Artist Collective and his work can be seen in galleries around the Boise area. 

Swell Artist Collective – www.swellboise.com
Swell is a membership-based artist collective that promotes and curates contemporary art and artists through events, gallery shows, and online exposure with the purpose of strengthening Boise's growing art scene.

Tenley Frederick - https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnotstoColor
Tenley Frederick is a queer artist who makes fan art and Knots to Color, which are adult coloring pages that feature knots and other themes, like flowers or landscapes.

The Geeked Out Ninjas Cosplay – www.facebook.com/thegeekedoutninjas 
The Geeked Out Ninjas, MJ and Shawn, known for their bigger builds, are competitive cosplayers hailing from Boise, Idaho. Every year MJ and Shawn have been together since 2007, they have made their own Halloween costumes for their Taekwondo school’s annual Halloween party for kids to enjoy. But it wasn’t until 2014 at a comic convention in Boise, ID where they first competed in a cosplay competition. MJ and Shawn were walking around the convention floor in their Wolverminion and Agnes Cosplay (Despicable me) and were asked to partake in the cosplay competition. They placed 2nd in the novice division. Thereafter they realized that they had the potential to build and compete at cosplay competitions. Since then they have competed and placed in numerous cosplay competitions, including Best in Show at Wizard World Boise in 2018.

The Sketch Rats - https://www.facebook.com/thesketchrats/
We are a Boise based Illustrators Collective. The original intention of our group was to come together in support of one another as emerging/professional artists. However, now it's mostly just to promote wholesome chaos wherever we go. 

The Spooky Dinosaur – www.thespookydinosaur.wixsite.com/thespookydinosaur  
Nathan Veibell is an eternal being going through his second play-through of life on Earth; after he gained immortality his first time through, reached the inevitable heat death of the universe and time traveled back to the time of the Dinosaurs. They were really fun, but now after millennia of goings on he is trying his hand at the artist life. Doing whatever art comes to mind, but monsters and surreal works seem to be his favorite, things that ancient dark beings ask him to draw. Mostly in pen and ink, and he has a comic in the works. He's hoping to continue this path even further, before that heat death thing happens. 

Time Zone Toys - www.timezonetoys.com
Time Zone Toys in Meridian is Idaho's premier vintage toy and collectible shop. Star Wars, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, He Man, Funko Pop and more.

Trained Eye Graphics – www.trainedeyegraphics.com
Trained Eye Graphics has been supplying limited edition fine art prints, comic books, graphic novels and gift cards for over 10 years. 

TURBO COMICS - www.turbocomicshop.com
Idaho's Premiere Comic Book Outlet! We BUY and SELL entire collections of comics, toys, video games and more! We have a MASSIVE inventory of comics from all era’s, variants, autographed books, CGC’d books and more! We also carry a wide range of collectibles (POP! Funko to Vintage Kenner Star Wars!), comic book cards, and a slew of other odds and ends!

Uncivilized Books - https://uncivilizedbooks.com/
Uncivilized Books is a boutique comics publishing house based in Minneapolis, MN. ODOD Books is their young reader imprint. 

Valerie Finnigan - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10636055
Valerie Finnigan was born in Glendale, California, where she quickly developed a ravenous appetite for adventure, a taste for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and suspense, and a mind buzzing with big dreams. Some of those dreams led to making her home in Idaho Falls. Some led through a variety of careers including firefighting and emergency services. But other dreams (and nightmares) gradually found their way into print. She's been privileged to work on Why Not? Presents.., Tiger on the Storm, Korean War, Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak, Hero by Force, and The Real Women of the US Military

Vannotes – www.Vannotescomics.com 
Vannotes is a gay cartoonist and illustrator based out of Idaho. He has self-published many publications and has worked for clients as diverse as Boom! Studios, King Features Syndicate, and ZEAL. In 2016, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

VR1 Arcade - https://www.vr1arcade.com/
VR1 was Idaho's first Virtual Reality Arcade. We specialize in showing people VR for the first time. With over 150 VR titles, there is truly a VR experience for everyone. Come by and get a free demo to see what it’s all about! 

When Halloween Was Green – https://www.facebook.com/BKFinnigan
Bernard Finnigan is a writer of Halloween Urban Fantasy, and now enters the sci fi adventure genre with his new release The Last Reincarnation of Steven Kinder. In addition to being a Halloween enthusiast who starts planning for the holiday around August, and his first novel When Halloween Was Green is a love letter to every other similar-minded October 31st fanatic. Halloween was born in the fright of old Celtic Ireland, and Bernard is on a one-man mission to keep the holiday in its scary roots, for all time.

Wills Negan - https://www.instagram.com/willsnegan/
Will cosplays Negan from the Walking Dead. He takes photos and videos with fans. We don't sell anything but may have a tip jar out. You can check out his photos on instagram!

Wookiee Serenade - https://www.instagram.com/wookieeserenadeart/
Digital art for the enlightened mind.

Wrestle Club - https://www.facebook.com/idahowrestleclub
Wrestle Club is the first and only professional wrestling company in the state of Idaho. Wrestle Club was established September of 2015 and has performed in over 80 events. Wrestle Club has many partnerships with local non-profits such as The Special Olympics, Boise Rescue Mission, Make a Wish, Idaho Food Bank, and Idaho Military Branches. All events are nearly free, as Wrestle Club's motto is; pro wrestling entertainment that is geared towards strengthening our community. Everybody on the roster of Wrestle Club volunteers’ countless hours to brighten the hearts of our Idaho neighbors. Wrestle Club is featured on Cable One channel 64, Roku, TVCTV, and other social media outlets. Wrestle Club is on season two of being broadcasted and has so far reached 50 episodes in total. Wrestle Club has also been featured in local news, newspapers, and has several mentions in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Wrestle Club is one of the fastest growing pro-wrestling companies on the West Coast, with no sign of slowing down. Wrestle Club is a family that wants to see everybody that is around them prosper. If you are not a believer in magic, attend a local wrestling event and become a believer again. We are Wrestle Club!

Wynn Viscom, LLC. - www.wynnviscom.com
Jared Wynn is a local illustrator and sculptor who works in design and toy industries. He most recently sculpted the LuvaBella doll line released by Spinmaster in the Fall of 2017 that received the Toy of the Year Award for 2017-2018 and continues to focus in that field. When not sculpting or illustrating he creates studio scale models and prop replicas for his TV room. His illustration and toy design work can be viewed at his website.

Yumi Yamaguchi - http://quietlycomic.tumblr.com/
Yumi Yamaguchi is a school librarian who enjoys creating comic books when not reading or drinking coffee. 

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