2015 Library Comic Con Guests


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AlAsker.jpgAl Asker (Boise)

Albert Frank Asker is the world’s leading authority on the history of comic books in Idaho.  A graduate of both Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University, Mr. Asker has given presentations on the subject at the 2013 Library Comic Con, at THATCamp 2013: Forging Digital Frontiers at Boise State, and has written an article for The Blue Review entitled, The Wild West of Sequential Art: A History of Comic Books in Idaho. Asker is the editor-in-chief of Idaho Comics Group, which publishes the officially licensed Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho and Idaho Comics. Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/publishing-tarzan-and-the-comics-of-idaho-number-2#/story Twitter: @asker_al

JacobBear.jpgJacob Bear (Boise)http://www.bearclawstudios.com/

Comic Artist Jacob Bear has drawn as long as he can remember. He published his first comic, The Knight, in October of 1993. He continued doing odd jobs in comics, but then decided to pursue a degree in animation. After graduating college, Bear took a job with Dimestore Press to help relaunch the Dungar the Barbarian series. Then, he was hired by BlueWater Productions, working on franchises such as Warlock for Lionsgate and William F. Nolan’s Logan’s Run. Later, Bear was discovered by Rob Liefeld, and provided inks and took part in the new DC 52 relaunch. He provided inks and finishes on titles such as: Hawk and Dove, Deathstroke, the Infinite and Bloodstrike with Image Comics.  Today, Bear is working fulltime, providing layouts and finishes for Marat Mychaels on titles such as Warzone Girls, Notti & Nyce, Deadpooh, Zen: the Intergalactic Ninja, as well as illustrating titles such as Wonderland, Grimm Universe, Unleashed, & B.A.R. Maid for Zenescope Entertainment. Twitter: @JacobBear2

JasonBeirens.jpgJason Beirens (Preston, ID)http://birdstacking.tumblr.com/ 

Jason Beirens attended the Art Institute of Seattle and earned a degree in Animation Arts and Design, then went on to earn a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Washington State University. He has done freelance illustration and design work as well as working for law firms, newspapers, and veterinarians as a designer.

Most importantly Jason is a father to his children and a partner to his girlfriend. He lives in Napoleon Dynamite country - Preston, Idaho. Twitter: @jasonbeirens

TerryBlas-cropped.jpgTerry Blas (Portland, OR)www.terryblas.com

Terry Blas is the illustrator and writer behind the web series Briar Hollow. His work has appeared on covers for Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time with Boom! Studios, along with The Legend of Bold Riley from Northwest Press. He was also the first guest artist on what is one of the most popular, widely read and longest running webcomics of all time, PVP by Scott Kurtz. As the host of The Gnerd Podcast, he runs a weekly pop culture examination show. He is a member of Portland's own, Periscope Studio, a powerhouse collective of over two dozen award winning illustrators, cartoonists, and writers who contribute heavily to the comics and art community within Portland and the world at large. His latest project is with Oni Press is an original graphic novel, a murder mystery set at a fat camp. Twitter: @TerryBlas

MatthewBorge.pngMatthew Borge (Middleton, ID) - http://www.cyborge.com/

Matthew “CyBorge” Borge lives his life in a renegade fashion, like a 21st century version of the old west gunslingers. CyBorge is a graphic artist & web developer for hire residing in Middleton, Idaho. He is the owner of CyBorge Enterprises LLC, which operates as a fusion of technical and creative expertise.

Whether you need illustrations for a novel, that perfect photo, a new logo for your group or company, or just assistance prototyping a new video game or fine tuning the next summer blockbuster, CyBorge is your man.

EricaCrockett.jpgErica Crockett (Boise)http://ericacrockett.com/

Erica Crockett writes, travels, spreads joy wherever and whenever possible, and then gets back to writing. Plus, she has a thing for gold.

Her debut novel, Chemicals, dropped October 2014. She pens the webcomic Kali and is working on getting the first issue of Subterra into shape with Mike Dreher. The humorous picture book What Weeds Are Thinking is the first in a series with artist Sarah Ragan Olson. Crockett's comic work has appeared in anthologies like 6x6:Feral and The Wisdom of Fools. She is currently hard at work on the ninth book of a full-length, twelve-novel serial, The Blood Zodiac.  Twitter: @EricaCrockett 

FarelDalrymple.jpgFarel Dalrymple (Portland, OR) - http://fareldalrymple.com/

Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple's new book, The Wrenchies, is an original 304-page watercolor comic book/graphic novel (First Second Books).  Farel's Eisner-nominated webcomic, IT WILL ALL HURT is out in three comic book issues from Studygroup Comics.  Delusional, (Adhouse, 2013) is a collection of personal work, comic short stories, illustrations, and sketches.  Farel was also the artist on Omega the Unknown (Marvel Comics 2010), with writer Jonathan Lethem.  His creator-owned comic book, Pop Gun War, was a Xeric Grant recipient and won a gold medal from The Society of Illustrators. Farel is a co-founder of the comic anthology, Meathaus, and has worked on several illustration and cartooning projects. He is currently residing in Oregon, working on a Pop Gun War sequel (pop gun war: chain letter) appearing this fall in ISLAND from Image Comics. Twitter: @fareldalrymple

MorganDetyens.JPGMorgan Detyens (Boise) - http://www.morgandetyens.com/

K.L. Dougall writes fiction under the pen name of Morgan Detyens in Idaho where she lives with her husband, son, three snotty cats, and a big, hairy dog. She has Bachelors' of Arts degrees in Anthropology and Graphic Design from Boise State University and is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild.

When not writing, she rescues cats and fosters dogs for Moonsong Malamute Rescue, an organization that saves Arctic dog breeds from kill shelters and puppy mills in the Pacific Northwest. Part of the proceeds from her new illustrated collection of short stories and verse, The Dreaming Hour, goes to animal rescue.

BenDewey.jpgBen Dewey (Portland, OR)http://deweydraws.blogspot.com/

As an internationally published freelance artist and graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ben Dewey brings a traditional sensibility to comics, informed by his training as a painter.  Ben started drawing sequential graphic narratives in third grade and then developed an obsession with superhero comic art which continues to this day. A member of Periscope Studio, he works on projects for noteworthy clients such as Marvel Publishing Inc., Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, and others.  Ben is the artist for the ongoing Image series, The Autumnlands, written by Kurt Busiek.  Ben loves and is inspired by his beautiful wife Lindsey, as well as guitars, cats, board games, roots music, hot cereal, coffee and science of all types. Twitter: @BenjaminDewey

Leila-del-Duca.jpgLeila del Duca (Portland, OR)  - leiladelduca.com

Leila del Duca currently draws the ongoing fantasy sci-fi adventure comic, SHUTTER, co-created with Joe Keatinge and published by Image Comics. Between art school and SHUTTER, she has worked on titles such as The Pantheon Project, Escape from Terra, Cellar Door Literary and Arts Magazine, and also self-published a collection of original short comics called The Fox Witch and Other Tales.  

In 2015 she was nominated for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award for her work on SHUTTER. Twitter: @leiladelduca

EthanEde.jpgEthan Ede  (Boise)www.floodworks.net

Ethan is a cartoonist and writer from Boise, Idaho. He is one half of Floodworks Studio, with Adam Rosenlund. He is the writer of Light Years Away, Fat Baby, and the Cyphus Batson series.

He writes and draws the diary comic Falling Apart at the Speed of Light, and the science fiction comic Leave Me Here 

TheoEllsworth2.jpgTheo Ellsworth (Missoula, MT)http://www.theoellsworth.blogspot.com/

Theo Ellsworth is a comics maker and avid drawer. His self-published series, Capacity, was collected into a 336 page book published by Secret Acres, Brooklyn, in 2008 and will soon be back in print. His graphic novel, The Understanding Monster, Book One, received a Lynd Ward Honor Prize from Penn State and was included in the Best American Comics 2014 anthology. Ellsworth has shown his work at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, the Missoula Art Museum, Giant Robot in Los Angeles, and the Society of Illustrators in NYC. His comics have been included in S! (The Baltic Comics Magazine), Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Trip Magazine, Cicada Magazine, Smoke Signal, and The Treasury of Mini Comics.

DanFeldmeier.jpgDan Feldmeier (Ontario, OR) - http://halwilliams.deviantart.com/

Dan Feldmeier has been creating art for as much of his life as he can remember.  While versed in both traditional and digital mediums, his preferred method for creating art is via digital painting (Ctrl+z (undo) has become Dan's best friend).  His preferred subject matter ranges from the super-heroic to fantastical to the plain absurd.

He recently colored and provided a cover for the book Batbear, a project he completed with Jacob Bear for Bear Claw Studios. Twitter: @DanFeldmeier

ValerieFinnigan.jpgValerie Finnigan (Idaho Falls, ID)www.valeriefinnigan.wordpress.com 

Valerie Finnigan was born in Glendale, California, where she quickly developed a ravenous appetite for adventure, a taste for science fiction, fantasy, horror and suspense, and a mind buzzing with big dreams. Some of those dreams led her to make her home in the wilds of Idaho. Some led her through a variety of careers, including firefighting and emergency services. But other dreams (and nightmares) gradually found their way into print. She has been privileged to work on Korean War, Untold Stories from Iraq and AfghanistanWorst Case Scenario: OutbreakHero by Force, and other projects currently in development.

Daniel Gerber.jpgDaniel Gerber (Boise) - www.condorart.com   

Daniel Gerber is a Boise area sculptor, mold maker, and diorama builder. He is a BSU graduate, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Sculpture Emphasis. In 2006, he started Condor Art to produce and sell his work.  Several of his creations can be found in the World Center for Birds of Prey gift shop. He is known at local conventions for his Star Wars action figure dioramas, which always include some non-Star Wars characters. With experience in mold making with silicone rubber, resin casting and epoxy putty, he creates custom fandom and pop culture pieces. He also built his own vacuum-form machine. Daniel specializes in found-object sculpture and custom toys and models. He especially enjoys commissions to set up dioramas for collectors to display their collections.

VictoriaJamieson.jpgVictoria Jamieson (Portland, OR) - http://www.victoriajamieson.com/

Victoria Jamieson is a children's book author and illustrator. She studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to receive her MA in Museum Studies at the University of Syndey. After living in Rome, Montreal, and Australia, she moved back to the United States, where she began working as a designer with a children's book publisher in New York City. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and young son. Along with writing and illustrating, she teaches children's book illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art. She maintains a not-so-secret identity as Winnie the Pow, skater with the Rose City Rollers roller derby league.  Roller Girl, her first graphic novel for middle-grade readers, was published this year by Dial Books for Young Readers. Twitter: @JamiesonV

JoëlleJones.gifJoëlle Jones (Portland, OR)http://www.joellejones.com/ 

Joëlle Jones is a comic book artist living in Portland, OR. She is currently best known for her work on HELHEIM, the supernatural viking thriller series written by Cullen Bunn and published by Oni Press.

She has worked on various projects with the New York Times, Graphic Universe, Vertigo, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and ONI press. Currently she is co-writing and drawing a new original series called Lady Killer published by Dark Horse. Watch for several other recent books, including the follow up to HELHEIM, THE BRIDES OF HELHEIM. Twitter: @joelle_jones

MokuseiKaze-SarahPaetel.jpgMokusei Kaze (Boise) - www.facebook.com/thesketchrats

Sarah Paetel (aka Mokusei Kaze or Moku) has been an active artist in the furry fandom for over eight years, and an anthropomorphic artist for well over ten. She graduated from BSU in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Illustration. Moku is currently working on a furry comic with multilayered storytelling and a number of silly single-panel comics. She decided to become an artist within the fandom because she has always loved anthropomorphic imagery and the fandom also allows a level of freedom in art not found in other art circles. She is also a member of the artist troupe, The Sketch Rats, a collaborative artist venture centered around making comics and illustrations. Twitter: @sketchrats

JoeKeatinge.jpgJoe Keatinge (Portland, OR)http://joekeatinge.com/

Joe Keatinge is the writer of Image, Skybound, Marvel and DC Comics titles including SHUTTER, Ringside, Glory, Tech Jacket, Marvel Knights: Hulk  and Adventures of Superman.  He is also the Executive Editor of the Eisner & Harvey award-winning Image Comics anthology, POPGUN, and the Courtney Taylor-Taylor penned One Model Nation.

Based out of the Portland comics studio, Tranquility Base, Keatinge also writes for the premiere French-language magazine on American comics, Comic Box. Twitter: @joekeatinge


JonKeithley.jpgJon Keithley (Boise) - www.MysteryHouseComics.com

Jon Keithley is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mystery House Comics, a publisher based in Boise, Idaho, with an interest in enhancing the local comics community through events.  Jon is the writer of the crime noir ongoing Shivertown, on its third issue, with art by Shanae Lavelle.  He also edits and co-publishes 6x6, an anthology featuring Treasure Valley writers and artists.  His work has been featured alongside Charles Soule, Dennis Eichhorn, and Todd Clark in Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho

Visit the Mystery House website to keep up with his weekly blog, Mystery House Comments. Twitter: @mysteryhousecom

Lukas Ketner.jpgLukas Ketner (Portland, OR)https://www.facebook.com/lukasketnerart

Lukas Ketner is the artist and co-creator of Witch Doctor, the hit launch title for Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint at Image Comics.  He was a 2009 nominee for the Russ Manning Award for his Witch Doctor work, which has earned praise from fans and creators alike.  Other work includes stories for Dark Horse Comics' Creepy Comics, Thief, and Supersized: Strange Tales From a Fast-Food Culture; several stories for DC’s Batman ‘66; and covers for Skybound, Image, BOOM! Studios, and IDW.  He has twice won entry into the Communication Arts Illustration Annual for his album cover artwork.  In 2000, he survived a successful full-body transplant from his hometown in Anchorage, AK, to Portland.  You can check out his work and drop him a line on Facebook. Twitter: @LukasKetner

RandallKirby.jpgRandall Kirby (Ontario, OR) - www.bopcomics.com

Randall Kirby has been published by Poison Press, Northwest Press and Nick Magazine. He has also self-published many comics, including Bop Comics, Cop Comics and Fortune Favors the Bold.

He is known for both "all-ages" comics and LGBT themed comics, such as the new bisexual themed anthology, Anything That Loves. Twitter: @mummycop


CatherineKyle.jpgCatherine Kyle (Boise) - www.catherinebaileykyle.com

Catherine Kyle is a Ph.D. student in English through Western Michigan University finishing her dissertation on contemporary graphic novels from Boise. She currently works as an instructor at the College of Western Idaho and The Cabin. She is the author of the chapbooks Feral Domesticity (Robocup Press, 2014), Flotsam (Etched Press, 2015), and Gamer: A Role-Playing Poem (forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press, 2015); a co-editor of the anthology Goddessmode (forthcoming from Cool Skull Press, 2015); and the editor of the new, very nerdy online literary journal, The Ruby Spellbook. Her poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic narratives, and literary criticism have appeared in The Rumpus, Superstition Review, WomenArts Quarterly, and elsewhere. Twitter: @caelbaky 

ShanaeLaVelle.jpgShanae LaVelle (Boise) - www.MysteryHouseComics.com

Shanae LaVelle spent most of her life daydreaming about making comics and cartoons, fascinated by their imitation of people and society. Rediscovering hope for her long lost dream with Mystery House Comics, she has put her Bachelor's Degree from the College of Idaho to use. Shanae is the artist and co-creator of Shivertown, and serves as the Art Director for Mystery House Comics.

She is constantly on an adventure to learn more and improve her skills while reaching out to those who hope to do the same. Twitter: @ShanaeLaVelle

EmiLenox.jpgEmi Lenox (Portland, OR)http://emilenox.com/

Emi Lenox is a comic creator widely known for EmiTown, which has been released in two printed collections by Image Comics.  She is currently working with writer Jeff Lemire on a mini series called PLUTONA, slated for release in early September.

She has also worked on Mike Allred's Madman, Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth, Glory, CBLDF's Liberty Annual '13, and more. Basically, she’s just a nutty girl with a case of the munchies and a deep love for comics, cats, bassets, and iPods. Twitter: @emibot

ZackLeslie.jpgZack Leslie (Boise) - www.facebook.com/thesketchrats

Leslie was born and raised on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. At a young age, he developed a strong appreciation for animation, drawing influences from Golden Age era theatrical animated shorts, vintage Hanna-Barbera series, and Spumco's Ren and Stimpy cartoons. After making the difficult decision to leave Alaska, he decided to pursue an education in art at BSU. Under the guidance of famed illustrator Bill Carman, Leslie graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His works include concert posters, album art, business card and t-shirt designs, and illustrations inspired by pop culture, including Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, and Super Mario Bros. Leslie is currently providing concept art for an upcoming independent video game for Xbox, and developing several web comic series scheduled to launch in Fall 2015 through SketchRats. Twitter: @sketchrats

SteveLieber.jpgSteve Lieber (Portland, OR) - http://www.stevelieber.com/

Steve Lieber's comics have been published by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, and many other publishers, but he's best known for his work on Whiteout, a graphic novel adapted by Warner Brothers as a feature starring Kate Beckinsale. Recent work includes Superior Foes of Spider-Man at Marvel, and Quantum & Woody at Valiant.

His various projects have received nine Eisner Award nominations, and he won the Eisner for Best Limited Series for Whiteout:  Melt. Steve's a founding member of Periscope Studio, the largest studio of comic book artists in North America. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, the novelist Sara Ryan. Twitter: @steve_lieber

BrittanyLindstrom.jpgBrittany Lindstrom (Boise) - http://instagram.com/milkcannoncharms

Brittany Lindstrom is an illustrator, sculptor, fledgling Youtuber, and all-around nerdy individual. Under the studio name Milkcannon Charms, Lindstrom has shown at both local and national conventions including Crystal Mountain Pony Con, Bronycon, and Anime Oasis! Oh, and let's not forget local events such as Spacebar's Artcade!

Lindstrom holds a B.A. from Boise State University in Art History, which comes in handy when discussing the aesthetic merits of technicolor Equestrian females in contemporary media. If you have an interest in My Little Pony, comics, or video games, feel free to stop by the table to chat! Twitter: @MilkcannonCharm

JamesLloyd.jpgJames Lloyd (Boise)www.jamesWARlloyd.com

James Lloyd is an illustrator and designer who lives on the internet, but makes drawings, games and mini comics in Boise, Idaho. Feel free to ask him about it.

He is best known for being in charge of the Art Direction for Boise's Treefort Music Fest and for his Rock and Roll show posters. In his free time he updates his tumblr blog, does chores with his wife, watches youtube, draws, draws comics and reads comics. If he had more time he would learn some sort of science.

JTMillstead.jpgJ.T. Millstead (Star, ID) - http://www.johnmillstead.com/

John "J.T." Millstead is an artist in Star, Idaho. He has been creating artwork since he was a kid. After recently graduating high school, and moving to Idaho, John has been finding new opportunities to work with other people in the comic book/movie field.

J.T. is an actor as well, and enjoys participating in creating movies. He is also a big fan of parkour, and is a follower of Jesus. Twitter: @millsteadart


KellNelson.pngKell Nelson (Boise) - goreisforgirls.tumblr.com

Kell Nelson, a self-proclaimed goth in hipster’s clothing, is a blogger, artist, and slasher enthusiast, currently attending Boise State University. When not doodling, she runs a feminist horror blog, where she writes reviews and interviews women working in the genre. When not doing either of those things, she’s wolfing down eerie literature, rocking out to contemporary musical theatre, getting way too emotionally invested in cartoons, or wondering why it’s not Halloween yet. Oh - and she also designed our great Library Comic Con buttons!  Twitter: @goreisforgirls 

NatalieNourigat.jpgNatalie Nourigat (Portland, OR)http://NatalieNourigat.com

Natalie “Tally” Nourigat is a writer, cartoonist, and animator with an affinity for travel and foreign languages.  Her comics work includes A Boy & A Girl (Oni Press) and Between Gears (Image Comics).

She is a member of Periscope Studio in Portland, and is hard at work on her next project, Over The Surface (Oni Press, 2016). Twitter: @Tallychyck


JayOLeary.jpgJay O’Leary (Boise) - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/833885600/push

Jay "toofless" O'Leary is a Boise artist and the creator of PUSH, a comic book about Peetee Putogether, a boy turned robot that has a button to forget his past. PUSH is an on-going funny book that Jay has had the joy of creating, drawing, inking, and now self-publishing.

He has teamed up with another local comic artist, Damon Bradshaw, to make PUSH into an action-packed, sci-fi/horror adventure. The two creators formed CONNOR COMIX so they could publish their work free of editorial and corporate restrictions. PUSH #1 and PUSH #2 are available now. PUSH #3 is currently in the works.

Shay Plummer.jpgShay Plummer (Boise)shayplummer.com

Imagining and creating worlds, characters and visions is Shay Plummer's obsession.  He straddles the line between traditional and digital mediums in his work, with a sharp eye for detail.  Driven by the creative process, he finds satisfaction in both collaborative and solo work.  He was privileged to be a contributor to the 2015 Eisner Award winner for Best Anthology.  His work has been featured in Métal Hurlant, AMC Cable Channel, DC/Vertigo Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Field and Stream, Wired Magazine, Locust Moon Press, Z2 Comics, Boom! Comics, Native Pictures Productions, Tri Beca Film, and Universal Records. Twitter: @shayplummer

NatePowell.jpgNate Powell (Bloomington, IN) - www.seemybrotherdance.org

Nate Powell is a New York Times best-selling graphic novelist who began self-publishing at age 14. His work includes the Eisner and Ignatz award-winning Swallow Me Whole, You Don’t Say, Any Empire, Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero, The Silence Of Our Friends and The Year of the Beasts. Powell received a Robert F. Kennedy Book Award as ongoing artist of March, the immensely popular graphic novel biography of civil rights icon John Lewis.

Powell has discussed his work at the United Nations, on The Rachel Maddow Show and CNN, with work spotlighted prominently on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. His books have been placed on school curriculum in over 40 states.  His animated work in Southern Poverty Law Center’s documentary, Selma: The Bridge To The Ballot, will reach one million students in over 50,000 schools nationwide.  He managed the underground punk label Harlan Records for 16 years, performing and touring extensively in Soophie Nun Squad and Universe. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana. Twitter: @Nate_Powell_Art

AdriannePresnell.jpgAdrianne Presnell (Boise)

Adrianne Presnell has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her parents noted artistic skill when she was 2 years old and drawing recognizable pictures of Mickey Mouse!  Adrianne is entirely self-taught and enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums.  Most recently, she has ventured into the sequential art arena. You can find her work in this year's 6x6: Momentum (Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media) and Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho #2 (Idaho Comics Group).  She is also very excited to start her first graphic novel this year, which she will be writing and illustrating.  You can follow her art page on Facebook.  Just type "Adrianne's Art" into the search bar.

AdamRosenlund.jpgAdam Rosenlund (Boise)adamjrosenlund.com

Adam Rosenlund is a comic artist and illustrator living in Boise, Idaho. When he's not arguing over the cash value of coupons in the supermarket, you can find him drawing comic books like Light Years Away and Cyphus Batson is a Real Bastard.

Additionally, Adam is a designer and illustrator, working with clients such as Playboy Magazine, Creative Loafing, Misery Signals and Boise Weekly. Twitter: @ARosenlund  

SaraRyan.jpgSara Ryan (Portland, OR) - sararyan.com

Sara Ryan is the author of the YA novels Empress of the World (Lambda Literary Award finalist, ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Oregon Book Award winner, Booklist Top Ten Teen Romance) and The Rules for Hearts (Oregon Book Award winner, Junior Library Guild selection), and the graphic novel Bad Houses (TIME Magazine Top Ten Graphic Novels & Comics of 2013, USA Today Best of 2013 Comics & Graphic Novels).

Her shorter comics include the Eisner Award finalist Me and Edith Head. Twitter: @ryansara


JakeScholl.jpgJake Scholl (Meridian, ID)http://jakeescholl.wordpress.com/

Jake Scholl was born in Boise in 1991. He started writing when he was 10, and has never stopped.  His first novel, Blade of the Broken, was published in November 2014 as the first title in the Runeblade Trilogy. He is currently hard at work on the sequel. A short comic that takes place in the Runeblade setting is in Tarzan & the Comics of Idaho, Issue 2, illustrated by Steve Willhite (FUBAR, Jesus Hates Zombies).  

When he isn't writing, Scholl is gaming, going on long walks, listening to Heavy Metal, watching movies, and ingesting books like a madman. Twitter:  @JakeScholl

HadenSkillings.jpgHaden Skillings (Boise) - www.facebook.com/thesketchrats

Skillings graduated from BSU in 2014 with a BFA in Illustration, under the direction of Professor Bill Carman.

Although he has worked with multiple media, Haden specializes in pen and ink artwork, utilizing a strong line and modest color presence, drawing inspiration from western comics and design. His themes range from the wacky to the obscene and he always enjoys making people laugh. Twitter: @sketchrats

JimSumii.jpgJim Sumii (Boise)http://jimsumii.blogspot.com/

My name is Jim. I draw stuff. Stop by the Pikture Booth to get your very own mutant mona lisa, random drawings on demand and other goodies.  All donations/proceeds will be going directly to the Friends of the Boise Public Library. I'm still not on Facebook or Twitter!

[Sumii recently released SUMII I, a 40-page collection of art, comix and scraps from 2006-2014.]

SteveWillhite.jpgSteve Willhite (Nampa, ID) - http://steevcomix.deviantart.com/

Steve began drawing comic books in 1991 with his debut penciling Caliber's The Scary Book. He has gone on to have his work published by Antarctic Press, Silverline, Alterna, Gutters, Monkeybrain, Image and many others. Recently he has been a contributor to FUBAR Press' line of anthologies, including Mother Russia, By The Sword, European Theater Of The Damned, American History Z, and Empire Of The Rising Dead (which debuted in 2012 at #6 on the NY Times Best Seller list and won IGN's People's Choice Award). He has several more comics coming out this year as well as some forays into the local art scene. He is an officer in Ten Ton Studios (http://www.tentonstudios.com/) and a former member of APA-5 and Rust City. Twitter: @stevecomix2005

JaredWynn.JPGJared Wynn (Boise) - www.pariahviscom.com

Since graduating from BSU in 2011 with a BFA in Illustration, Wynn has worked on various projects in Boise and abroad. In 2012, he provided concept design artwork for ‘13’, a Battlestar Galactica fan film, and worked as a model builder and animator for a stop-motion animated short for United Way of Treasure Valley. In 2013, he worked on a greeting card and poster campaign representing NFL players who are former players of BSU; in six months, he designed and created over 40 cards and posters. Since late 2014, he has been involved in toy design and continues to focus in that area, specializing in illustration and digital sculpture.


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