2016 Guests

We have some awesome creators lined up for Library Comic Con 2016!  Click on the links below, or just scroll down to browse photos and bios. We'll be adding more names as they're confirmed, so be sure to check back! 

Al Asker.jpgAl Asker (Boise)

Albert Frank Asker is the world’s leading authority on the history of comic books in Idaho.  A graduate of both Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University, Mr. Asker has given presentations on the subject at the 2013 Library Comic Con, at THATCamp 2013: Forging Digital Frontiers at Boise State, and has written an article for The Blue Review entitled, The Wild West of Sequential Art: A History of Comic Books in Idaho. 

Mr. Asker is the editor-in-chief of Idaho Comics Group which publishes the officially licensed Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho and Idaho Comics.Twitter: @asker_al 

Tye Allen.jpgTye Allen (Boise)

Tye Allen makes fan based crochet items, jewelry, and other unique handmade works. She mostly crochets and designs her own patterns. Tye started crocheting a little over a decade ago and specializes in amigurumi, both animal and human. She also makes wire wrapped jewelry along with bone and coconut shell carvings.


Jacob Bear.jpgJacob Bear (Boise) http://www.bearclawstudios.com/

Jacob is a comic artist and has drawn ever since he can remember. He published his first comic, The Knight, in October 1993. He continued doing odd jobs in comics, but then decided to pursue a degree in animation. After graduating college, Jacob still had a strong desire for working in comics. He took a job with Dimestore Press to help them relaunch their series Dungar the Barbarian. Soon after finishing Dungar, he was hired by BlueWater Productions, working on such franchises as Warlock for Lionsgate and William F. Nolan’s Logan’s Run. After his run with BlueWater, Jacob was discovered by Rob Liefeld; he provided inks and took part in the new DC 52 relaunch. Jacob also provided inks and finishes on titles such as: Hawk and Dove, Deathstroke, The Infinite, and Bloodstrike with Image Comics. Today, Jacob is working fulltime, providing layouts and finishes for Marat Mychaels on titles including Warzone Girls, Notti & Nyce, Deadpooh, Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja, and illustrating titles for AC Comics and Zenescope Entertainment (Wonderland, Grimm Universe, Unleashed, B.A.R. Maid, Inferno Resurrection, and FemForce).

Jason Beirens.jpg
Jason Beirens (Preston, ID) http://birdstacking.tumblr.com/ 

Jason attended The Art Institute of Seattle and earned a degree in Animation Arts and Design, then went on to earn a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Washington State University. He has done freelance illustration and design work and has worked for law firms, newspapers, and veterinarians as a designer.  

Most importantly Jason is a father to his children and a partner to his girlfriend. He lives in Napoleon Dynamite country - Preston, Idaho. Twitter: @jasonbeirens   

Stephen Bender.jpgStephen Bender (Boise)

Stephen spent his earliest years in small town Vale, Oregon, later moving to small town Weiser, Idaho, and eventually finding himself in moderately-sized Boise. He is heavily influenced by early 90s and late 80s animation. Introduced to the funny pages of the newspaper at a young age, and inspired by the availability of self-publishing Internet comics, he studied graphic design for a time at the Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City with the intent to illustrate. He has previously published work anonymously on the Internet. Given his way, the world would be an inherently silly place.

Terry Blas.jpgTerry Blas (Portland, OR) http://terryblas.com/

Terry is the mind behind the ongoing web series Briar Hollow and the mini comics, Ghetto SwirlandYou Say Latino. He illustrated Mama T Saves the World from Northwest Press. His cover work includes:  Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty. His latest project with Oni Press is a fat camp murder mystery called Morbid Obesity. Twitter: @TerryBlas



Matthew Borge.pngMatthew Borge (Middleton) http://www.cyborge.com/

Matthew “CyBorge” lives his life in a renegade fashion like a 21st century version of the old west gunslingers. The  freelance graphic artist and web developer is the owner of CyBorge Enterprises LLC, which operates as a fusion of technical and creative expertise.

Whether you need illustrations for a novel, that perfect photo, a new logo for your group or company, or just assistance prototyping a new video game or fine-tuning the next summer blockbuster, CyBorge is your man.


Michael Boyer.jpgMichael V. Boyer (Nampa, ID) http://www.code21comics.com/home.html

Michael is the President and CEO of Boyer Animation Studios and the newly formed Code 21 Comics. He is a former newspaper cartoonist and graphic artist and was also previously the Creative Director for a Fortune 1000 company. He is an MBA graduate of Saint Leo University and also has a degree in Art from Merced College. Additionally, he is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Army National Guard, where he formerly served in the aviation and military intelligence fields. He has been married to his wife Rosie for nearly 25 years and is a proud father and grandfather. His life-long dream was to be an animator and comic book writer and artist.  This is now unfolding with the development of his two new creative production companies.  

Samuel Boyer.pngSamuel M. Boyer (Nampa, ID) http://www.code21comics.com/home.html

Samuel M. Boyer is the Creative Director of Boyer Animation Studios and the newly formed Code 21 Comics. He has studied psychology and business and (like his dad) is an avid comic book fan. Samuel is the creative and technical lead on many of the current and upcoming Code 21 Comics productions. He contributes to all the detailed character designs and also the character backstories behind many of the titles.

Joseph Bradshaw.jpgJoseph Bradshaw (Boise)

Joseph is a part time student and illustrator, working and living in the Boise area. He is an avid gamer, but not at the expense of real life, and travels whenever he can. Good food and good people are what give him the most fulfillment when he is not doing what he loves, building worlds and creating.



Fred Chao.jpgFred Chao (Portland, OR) http://www.fredchao.com/

Fred Chao is the writer and illustrator of Johnny Hiro {Half Asian, All Hero}, which was nominated for 4 Eisner Comic Industry awards and included in The Best American Comics 2010. He also wrote and illustrated Johnny Hiro {The Skills to Pay the Bills} and the children's comic Alison and Her Rainy Day Robot.  His work has also appeared in Found: Requiem for a Paper Bag.  He lives in Portland, Oregon, and misses Brooklyn terribly.


Beverly Chick.jpgBeverly Chick (Boise) www.bevchickart.com 

Art has been a passion of Beverly’s since she was eleven years old. Today she has her own business, Chick Artistic Creations, where she works as a freelance artist and art teacher. She participates in several art shows and exhibits in the Boise area and also does commissioned portraits and illustration art. Beverly is a colored pencil mixed media artist who works with many types of media including graphite pencil, pen, acrylic, pastel and watercolor.  The medium she uses most is colored pencil and Turpenoid, which is an odorless form of turpentine. When Turpenoid is applied to colored pencil with a cotton swab, it breaks down the waxy color and creates an interesting effect that looks more like a painting than a drawing. Beverly does many types of art including portraits, landscapes, and wildlife art, but recently she has been focusing more on illustration art, including some Dr. Who comic book art.  She studied illustration art under Bill Carman, professional illustrator and art teacher at Boise State University.  She also writes and illustrates other fan fiction short stories. Over the past year, writing and illustrating stories based on the old 1960’s TV series, The Avengers, has become a favorite pet project of hers.

Todd Clark.jpgTodd Clark (Boise)

Todd has been drawing for as long as he can remember, probably the result of carrying a copy of MAD magazine with him at all times as a child (and then later as an adult). Since he began cartooning full-time in 1990, his cartoons have appeared in magazines ranging from Saturday Evening Post to Diversion to Disney Adventures. A few years back, he began selling regularly to MAD, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Besides full-time duties on LOLA, his own syndicated comic of 17 years, Clark also writes jokes for some heavyweight strips, including Sherman’s Lagoon, Mother Goose and Grimm, Tundra, B.C., Wizard of ID, Baby Blues, Zits and Frank and Ernest.  In the past, he also  contributed to Bizarro and Dennis the Menace. His first illustrated novel for children, The Ice Cream Kid, launched in June 2014, published by Universal’s AMP! Books for Kids.  Todd lives in Boise with his beautiful wife, Kelly, and youngest daughter, Rhiannon. Eldest daughter, Holly, has flown the coop. In his spare time, Todd enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Tony Cliff 1.jpgTony Cliff (Vancouver, British Columbia) http://www.tonycliff.com/

For fifteen years, Tony has balanced work in Vancouver's animation industry with work in comics.  His first published work, a short story in volume 3 of the Flight anthologies, was nominated for a Will Eisner award, as was his first self-published work.

More recently, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is a New York Times Bestseller.  Its follow-up, The King's Shilling, has been critically acclaimed, receiving four major starred reviews.  He is currently at work on the third full-length Delilah Dirk graphic novel.

Erica Crockett.PNG


Erica Crockett (Boise) http://ericacrockett.com  

Erica Crockett knew she wanted to be a writer as soon as she could chew on a pencil. Her first novel, Chemicals, exploring the dystopian nightmare of a world without pharmaceuticals, was released in 2014. Her newest venture is the twelve-book, serial killer thriller series, The Blood Zodiac, which began in March 2016 with The Ram. In addition to writing novels, Erica also writes comics, including the webcomic Kali,and Subterra with Mike Dreher. Her comics work has appeared in the anthologies 6x6:Feral and The Wisdom of Fools. She’s also delving into humorous picture books with artist Sarah Ragan Olson, beginning with What Weeds Are Thinking. When not writing, she's traveling the world, adding to her list of countries visited. She's currently at twenty-three. Erica has been a book-schlepper, an adult educator, a marketing rep, and a gold miner. Twitter: @EricaCrockett  

Farel Dalrymple.jpgFarel Dalrymple (Portland, OR) http://fareldalrymple.com/

Farel is a cartoonist and creator of The Wrenchies (First Second Books 2014), IT WILL ALL HURT (studygroup comics 2015), and Delusional (Adhouse, 2013), a collection of personal work, comic short stories and illustrations.  Farel was the artist on Palefire (Secret Acres, 2015), written by Mk Reed, and Omega the Unknown (Marvel Comics 2010), with writer Jonathan Lethem.  His creator-owned comic book, Pop Gun War: Gift was a Xeric Grant recipient and won a gold medal from The Society of Illustrators.  Farel is a co-founder and contributor to the comic anthology, Meathaus.  He is currently working on Pop Gun War: Chain Letter appearing in ISLAND magazine from Image Comics. Twitter: @fareldalrymple

Jared Dawson.jpgJared Dawson (Boise)

Jared lives in Boise with his wife Karen, and is hard at work writing the next Great American novel (who isn't, though, right?).  He loves comic books and is thrilled to once again be participating with some very talented writers and artists in the 6x6 series, which has served as an inspiration for continuing to write stories in this medium.  He loves baseball, playing music and spending time with family and friends in his free time.


Morgan Detyens (Kay Dougall).jpgMorgan Detyens (Boise) http://www.morgandetyens.com/

K.L. Dougall writes fiction under the pen name of Morgan Detyens in Idaho, where she lives with her husband, son, four snotty cats, and a big, hairy dog. She has Bachelors' of Art degrees in Anthropology and Graphic Design from Boise State University and is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild.  When not writing, she rescues cats and fosters dogs for Moonsong Malamute Rescue, an organization that saves Arctic dog breeds from kill shelters and puppy mills in the Pacific Northwest. Part of the proceeds from her new illustrated collection of short stories and verse, The Dreaming Hour, goes to animal rescue. She has recently finished The Nine Lives of Shaidu the Warrior Cat, the first book in her young adult fantasy-adventure trilogy, and is working on Book II, Secret of the Willow Gate.

Ben Dewey.jpgBen Dewey (Portland, OR) http://deweydraws.blogspot.com/

Ben is an internationally published freelance artist. As a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, he brings a traditional sensibility to comics informed by his training as a painter.  Ben started drawing sequential graphic narratives in third grade and then developed an obsession with superhero comic art which continues to this day.

He is currently a member of Helioscope Studio, where he works on projects for noteworthy clients such as Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, IDW and others. Ben is the artist for the ongoing Image series, The Autumlands, written by Kurt Busiek.  Ben loves and is inspired by his beautiful wife Lindsey, guitars, cats, board games, roots music, hot cereal, coffee and science of all types. Twitter:@BenjaminDewey

Mike Dreher.jpgMike Dreher (Boise, ID)

Mike Dreher enjoys pina coladas, and is vehement about his dislike for being caught in the rain. This is the second year in a row that Mike has contributed to 6x6 as an artist. Mike is interested in continuing to work more with the local art/comic community.



Ethan Ede.jpgEthan Ede (Boise) www.floodworks.net

Cartoonist and writer Ethan Ede is half of floodworks studio, with Adam Rosenlund.  He is the writer of Light Years Away, Fat Baby, and the Cyphus Batson series. He writes and draws the diary comic Falling Apart at the Speed of Light, and the science fiction comic Leave Me Here. 



Dan Feldmeier.jpg

Dan Feldmeier (Ontario, OR) http://halwilliams.deviantart.com/ 

Dan Feldmeier has been creating art for as much of his life as he can remember.  While versed in both traditional and digital mediums, his preferred method for creating art is via digital painting (Ctrl+z (undo) has become Dan's best friend).  His preferred subject matter to draw ranges from the super-heroic to fantastical to the plain absurd.  He recently colored and provided a cover for the book Batbear, a project he completed with Jacob Bear for Bear Claw Studios. Twitter: @DanFeldmeier 

Valerie Finnigan.jpgValerie Finnigan (Idaho Falls, ID) www.valeriefinnigan.wordpress.com 

Valerie Finnigan was born in Glendale, California, where she quickly developed a ravenous appetite for adventure, a taste for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and suspense, and a mind buzzing with big dreams. Some of those dreams led her to make her home in the wilds of Idaho. Some led to her through a variety of careers including firefighting and emergency services. But other dreams (and nightmares) gradually found their way into print. She has been privileged to work on Why Not?, Tiger on the Storm, Korean War, Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan, Worst Case Scenario: Outbreak, Hero by Force, and other projects currently in development. 

Amanda Fulk.jpgAmanda Fulk (Boise) www.facebook.com/zixwithstix 

With a talent for creating quirky characters that go against everything her art teachers told her, Amanda Fulk has been doodling away for as long as she can remember. She graduated from Boise State University in 2014, with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in English, alongside many of her fellow Sketchrats, as well as hundreds of other individuals whose names she did not know. Amanda hopes that everyone checking out her work can find something to smile at.  While she waits to become an overnight sensation, she will continue to make whatever she wants by whatever means necessary. Here's to you, spare napkin. Twitter: @sketchrats 

Tadd Galusha.jpgTadd Galusha (Vancouver, WA) www.tadgalusha.com

Hailing from parts unknown, Tadd is a comic artist and illustrator currently working on IDW's Godzilla: Rage Against Time series.  Some of his more notable past works include Kong of Skull Island (Boom!), TMNT (IDW), Jungle Jim (Dynamite), and Dream Thief (Dark Horse). Tadd also writes and illustrates the indie comedy/adventure web-comic The Backwoods, with new content every Monday at taddgalusha.com. When not in the studio he can be found hiking the cascades with his wife and dog. Twitter: @taddgalusha

Daniel Gerber.jpgDaniel Gerber (Boise) 

Daniel Gerber of Condor Art is a Boise area sculptor, mold maker, and diorama builder. He is a graduate of Boise State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Sculpture Emphasis. In 2006 he started Condor Art to produce his own work for sale and several of his creations are part of the World Center for Birds of Prey gift shop. He is known at local conventions for his Star Wars action figure dioramas, that always include some non-Star Wars characters. With experience in mold making with silicone rubber, resin casting and epoxy putty, he creates custom work of fandom and pop culture pieces. He also built his own vacuum-form machine. Daniel specializes in found object sculpture and custom toys and models. He especially enjoys commissions to set up dioramas for collectors to display their collections. 

Doug Henderson.jpgDoug Henderson (Boise) www.facebook.com/H.A.hendersonartworks/ 

Doug is a self-taught graphic artist and native of Idaho. His only art education was from public schooling, and he regarded his art classes as top priority. He attended Capital High and his illustrations were first published in the School newspaper, Flight.  After he graduated, he worked for Full Tilt Boogie Productions. His work was published by both Boise Weekly and Midnight Ink, an independent magazine in New York City. Later he had a small comic strip published by the Adams County Record. Over the years he has done business signs and commissioned artwork. Currently he is working on getting his own graphic novel finished. 

Chris Hunt 2.jpgChris Hunt (Boise)

Chris has been working primarily in comics for the past six years, but has also done a number of projects within the music and film industry. Past clients include DC/Vertigo, Black Mask, Dark Horse Comics, Z2 Comics, IDW Comics, AMC, Universal Music Group, and Biz3 Mgmt. In 2010, Hunt was invited to study as a resident artist at The Atlantic Center for The Arts (ACA) under Master Artist Paul Pope. In 2015, Hunt's first creator owned series, CARVER: A Paris Story was released by Z2 Comics to critical praise. The collected trade of the five issue series will be released in the fall of 2016.

Elysium Jacks.jpgElysium Jacks (Boise) elysiumjacks.com

Elysium is a scribe, poet, and aspiring novelist. She is also an avid relay runner and half-marathoner who can sometimes be found frolicking about the foothills in faerie wings. Elysium lives in Boise with Thad, her sweetheart, Dante, her dragon and a few furry companions. She gives a special thanks to Sonia, her #1 fan and fellow mischief-maker. La Belle Rouge is her first publication. 


Joëlle Jones.jpgJoëlle Jones (Los Angeles, CA) http://www.joellejones.com/

Eisner-nominated artist Joëlle Jones has contributed to a wide range of projects since attending PNCA in Portland, Oregon.  Most recently, she began writing and drawing her own series, Lady Killer, published by Dark Horse comics.  

Jones has also provided the art for Superman: American Alien (DC), Helheim, Brides of Helheim (Oni Press) and Mockingbird (Marvel). She's also done work for Boom! Studios, The New York Times, Vertigo and more.  Joëlle will be taking on projects for DC and Marvel this year as well as continuing her Lady Killer series.  Twitter: @joelle_jones


Mokusei Kaze.jpgMokusei Kaze (Boise) https://www.facebook.com/thesketchrats 

Sarah Paetel (Mokusei Kaze or Moku for short) has been an active artist in the furry fandom for over eight years, but has been an anthropomorphic artist for well over ten. She graduated from Boise State University in 2014 with a Bachelor Degree in Illustration. She is currently working on a number of comics (a furry comic with a multilayered storytelling and silly single panel comics). Moku decided to become an artist within the fandom because she has always loved anthropomorphic imagery and the fandom also allows a level of freedom in art not found in other art circles. She is also a member of the artist troupe, The Sketch Rats, which is a collaborative artist venture centered around making comics and illustrations. Twitter: @sketchrats 

Jon Keithley.jpgJon Keithley (Boise) www.MysteryHouseComics.com 

Jon Keithley is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mystery House Comics, a publisher based in Boise, Idaho, with an interest in enhancing the local comics community through events.  Jon is the writer of the detective comedy series Shivertown, on its fourth issue, with art by Shanae Lavelle.  He also edits and publishes 6x6, an anthology featuring Treasure Valley writers and artists.  His work has been featured alongside Charles Soule, Dennis Eichhorn, and Todd Clark in Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho.  Visit the Mystery House website to keep up with his weekly blog, Mystery House Comments. Twitter: @mysteryhousecom  

Randall Kirby.jpgRandall Kirby (Ontario, OR) www.bopcomics.com

Randall has been published by Poison Press, Northwest Press and Nick Magazine. He has also self-published many comics, including Bop Comics, Cop Comics and Fortune Favors the Bold. He is known for both "all-ages" comics and LGBT themed comics, such as the new bisexual themed anthology, Anything That Loves.



Catherine Kyle.jpgCatherine Kyle (Boise) www.catherinebaileykyle.com

Catherine holds a Ph.D. in English from Western Michigan University. She teaches at the College of Western Idaho and writes grants for The Cabin, a literary nonprofit.

She is the author and illustrator of the hybrid-genre collection Feral Domesticity (Robocup Press, 2014); the author of the poetry chapbooks Flotsam (Etched Press, 2015) and Gamer: A Role-Playing Poem (dancing girl press, 2015); and a co-editor of Goddessmode (Cool Skull Press, 2015). She also helps run the Ghosts & Projectors poetry reading series. Her graphic narratives, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in The Rumpus, Superstition Review, WomenArts Quarterly, and elsewhere.

Shanae LaVelle.jpgShanae LaVelle (Boise) www.MysteryHouseComics.com 

Shanae LaVelle spent most of her life daydreaming about making comics and cartoons, fascinated by their imitation of people and society. After college, she found employment and was able to rediscover hope for making art with Mystery House Comics. 

Shanae is the artist and co-creator of Shivertown, and serves as the Art Director for Mystery House Comics. She is constantly on an adventure to learn more and improve her skills while reaching out to those who hope to do the same. Twitter: @ShanaeLaVelle

Zack Leslie.jpgZack Leslie (Boise) https://www.facebook.com/thesketchrats 

Zack Leslie was born and raised on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. At a young age, he developed a strong appreciation for animation, drawing influences from Golden Age era theatrical animated shorts, vintage Hanna-Barbera series, and Spumco's Ren and Stimpy cartoons. After making the difficult decision to leave Alaska, Leslie decided to pursue an education in art at Boise State University. Under the guidance of famed illustrator, Bill Carman, Leslie graduated in the winter of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Many of Zack Leslie's works include concert posters and album art, business card and t-shirt designs, but mostly illustrations inspired by pop culture, including Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, and Super Mario Bros, among others. Leslie's current projects are developing several web comic series scheduled to launch Fall 2015 through SketchRats, and providing concept art for an upcoming independent video game for Xbox. Twitter: @sketchrats 

Steve Lieber.jpgSteve Lieber (Portland, OR) http://www.stevelieber.com/

Steve's comics have been published by DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, and many others, but he's best known for his work on Whiteout, a graphic novel adapted by Warner Brothers as a feature starring Kate Beckinsale. Recent work includes Superior Foes of Spider-Man at Marvel, and The Fix at Image Comics. 

His various projects have received nine Eisner Award nominations, and he won the Eisner for Best Limited Series for Whiteout: Melt. Steve's a founding member of Helioscope Studio, the largest studio of comic book artists in North America. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, novelist Sara Ryan. Twitter: @steve_lieber 

Brittany Lindstrom.jpg

Brittany Lindstrom (Boise) http://milkcannon.wix.com/home 

Brittany Lindstrom is an illustrator, sculptor, fledgling Youtuber, and all-around nerdy individual. Under the studio name Milkcannon Charms, Lindstrom has shown at both local and national conventions including Crystal Mountain Pony Con, Bronycon, and Anime Oasis! Oh, and let's not forget local events such as Spacebar's Artcade! Lindstrom holds a B.A. from Boise State University in Art History, which comes in handy when discussing the aesthetic merits of technicolor Equestrian females in contemporary media. If you have an interest in My Little Pony, comics, or video games, feel free to stop by the table to chat! Twitter: @MilkcannonCharm 

Erin Livermore.jpgErin Livermore (Boise)

After studying animation and fashion, Erin has found a love of costume creation for both fantasy (offworldbaubles.com) and character cosplays.

Stop by for some temporary tattoos, stickers, and other accessories!  

Twitter: @OffworldBaubles 

Ed Luce.pngEd Luce (San Francisco, CA) http://wuvableoaf.com

Ed is the creator of Wuvable Oaf, a two-time Ignatz nominated series of comics and ever-expanding line of clothes, records, prints and figures. The first five years of Oaf comics were collected by Fantagraphics in 2015. A new color volume, Wuvable Oaf: Blood & Metal, will be released this fall. 

Ed has created covers, comics and illustrations for VICE, Slate, Image, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Heavy Metal Magazine, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Decibel Magazine, Maximum RocknRoll, the infamous Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever series and the Eisner-nominated No Straight Lines. Twitter: @wuvableoaf 

Anthony Machado.jpgAnthony Machado (Boise)

Anthony is a head that lives in a jar. Against all odds, he became a writer and software developer, despite having no appendages. His story is an inspiration to other heads in jars who want to accomplish their dreams. He is available for motivational speeches.




Sarah Nash.jpgSarah Nash (Kuna, ID)

Writer Sarah Nash has a Masters degrees in history and business and is the author of Women Helping Women: A Centennial History of the Boise YWCA/WCA. She has been writing horror stories since kindergarten. Her first story in comic book format was 6x6: Pretend.




Kell Nelson.pngKell Nelson (Boise)

Kell, a self-proclaimed goth in hipster’s clothing, is a blogger, artist, and slasher enthusiast, currently attending Boise State University. When not doodling, she runs a feminist horror blog, where she writes reviews and interviews women working in the genre.

When not doing either of those things, she’s wolfing down eerie literature, rocking out to contemporary musical theatre, getting way too emotionally invested in cartoons, or wondering why it’s not Halloween yet. Twitter: @goreisforgirls 

Jay O'Leary.jpgJay O’leary (Boise) 

Boise artist Jay "toofless" O'leary is the creator of PUSH, a comic book about Peetee Putogether, a boy turned robot that has a button to forget his past. PUSH is an on-going funny book that Jay has had the joy of creating, drawing, inking, and now self-publishing. He has teamed up with another local comic artist, Damon Bradshaw, to make PUSH into an action-packed, sci-fi/horror adventure. The two creators formed CONNOR COMIX so they could publish their work free of editorial and corporate restrictions. PUSH #1 & #2 are available now. PUSH #3 is currently in the works. In addition to comics, Jay is creating his own line of handcrafted toys, which will be debuting this summer at San Diego Comic Con.

Sarah Ragan Olson.jpgSarah Ragan Olson (Garden City, ID) serocreates.com

Sarah is an Idaho illustrator, jewelry designer, and crafter. She has had illustrations and articles published in Component Magazine and the comic anthology 6x6: Momentum. Her current illustration project is What Weeds Are Thinking, written by author Erica Crockett. You can find out more about Sarah by following her on Instagram, @serocreates, or by visiting her website. 




Kira Parker.jpgKira Parker (Boise)

Kira Parker of Edged Whimsy is a brightsmith (metal artist) specializing in cold techniques like wire wrapping and metal punching to create fantasy wearable art. She also designs pin-back buttons with zany catchphrases, and dabbles in other creatives that involve words, art, and squishing the two together. Twitter: @edgedwhimsy

Scott Pentzer.jpgScott Pentzer (Boise) https://www.facebook.com/ScottPentzerArt

Scott is the artist of many Revolutionary Comics, including Rock n Roll Comics #34 (Black Crowes), #37(Ice-T), #41 (Metallica), KISS Tales from the Tours, KISS Pre-History 1, 2, and 3, Jimi Hendrix (Hard Rock Comics), Nirvana (Hard Rock Comics), and Motley Crue (Hard Rock Comics). He also did many covers for Sports Comics, as well as a whole set of Sports and Baseball Cards which were printed inside Sports Comics. After that, he worked for the band KISS directly and drew the KISSTORY comic which was printed in their KISSTORY book. Scott also did artwork for two series for Bishop Press, Rose 'n' Gunn and Sade, as well as Razor for London Night Studios.  Outside of comics, Scott has created storyboards for Idaho Lottery commercials and his art is featured on the Idaho Ski license plate.  Most recently he has been working on the Tarzan versus the Nazis story for the Idaho Comics Group.

Shay Plummer.jpgShay Plummer (Boise) shayplummer.com

Shay is an illustrator and comic creator whose collaborative work has been featured in DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Métal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) and AMC Cable Channel.  He was also a contributor to the 2015 Eisner Award for Best Anthology.  Shay is currently the artistic half of the multimedia project Magic Sword. Twitter:@shayplummer



Tarey Potter.jpgTarey Potter (Boise)

Tarey is an artist working in a variety of media. By applying poetic and often metaphorical language, Tarey wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate surreal poetic images balancing on the edge of recognition and alienation. His artworks appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. Tarey currently lives and works in Boise.


Adrianne Presnell.jpgAdrianne Presnell (Boise)

Adrianne has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her parents noted artistic skill when she was 2 years old and drawing recognizable pictures of Mickey Mouse!  Adrianne is entirely self-taught and enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums.  Most recently, she has ventured into the sequential art arena. You can find her work in 6x6: Momentum (Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media) and Tarzan and the Comics of Idaho #2 (Idaho Comics Group).  She also has a Facebook comic page for you hardcore Overwatch fans to follow your favorite characters in their day to day activities (search "The Real World: Overwatch") .  If you are not quite at THAT level of geek, then you can just follow her art page on Facebook.  Type "Adrianne's Art" into the search bar.

Adam Rosenlund.jpg

Adam Rosenlund (Boise) adamjrosenlund.com 

Adam is a comic artist and illustrator living in Boise, Idaho. When he's not arguing over the cash value of coupons in the supermarket, you can find him drawing comic books like Light Years Away and Cyphus Batson is a Real Bastard.

Additionally, Adam is a designer and Illustrator, working with clients such as Playboy Magazine, 2K Games, WB Interactive, Misery Signals and Boise Weekly. Twitter: @ARosenlund 


Simon Roy.jpgSimon Roy (Vancouver, British Columbia)

A wayward son of Vancouver Island, Simon cut his comics teeth in 2009 with Jan's Atomic Heart, and has been vigorously gnawing ever since. His comics include Tiger Lung, Prophet, and The Field.


Sara Ryan.jpgSara Ryan (Portland, OR) sararyan.com

Sara is the author of the YA novels Empress of the World (Lambda Literary Award finalist, ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Oregon Book Award winner, Booklist Top Ten Teen Romance), The Rules for Hearts (Oregon Book Award winner, Junior Library Guild selection), and the graphic novel Bad Houses (TIME Magazine Top Ten Graphic Novels & Comics of 2013, USA Today Best of 2013 Comics & Graphic Novels). Her shorter comics include the Eisner Award finalist Me and Edith Head. Twitter: @ryansara


Byron Schexnayder.JPGByron Schexnayder (Boise) http://www.byronschexnayder.com/

Byron is a professional artist specializing in portraiture, illustration, comic book and mural art. Ever since an early age he has been constantly inspired by visual sources that have come from a variety of pop culture products such as comic books, cartoons, music videos, television shows and films. He believes that these visual experiences have propelled him into the world of art with a purpose to interpret this kaleidoscopic tapestry of pop culture that has woven itself into every fiber of our post-modern lifestyles.


Dan Schkade.JPGDan Schkade (Portland, OR) http://danschkade.tumblr.com/

Dan is a comic book artist and writer from Austin, Texas. He's best known as the series artist on Dynamite's WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT and the writer/artist of San Hannibal. He's a member of the comic creator collective Helioscope in Portland, OR, where he currently lives. Twitter: @DanSchkade



Matthew Sheean.pngMatthew Sheean (Azusa, CA) www.mattsheean.tumblr.com

Matt Sheean is a cartoonist who lives and works in Southern California. Working on comics affords him the opportunity to spend his days with his two daughters, while his wife makes her way in the movie business. He is author of several short comics, most recently Fugue. He does most of his work with Malachi Ward, which you may have seen sprinkled throughout the recent continuation of Rob Liefeld's Prophet, helmed by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, or in the pages of Island, where their story Ancestor is serialized.


Haden Skillings.jpgHaden Skillings (Boise)

Haden is an illustrator from Boise, Idaho. In 2014 he graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration under the direction of Professor Bill Carman.

Though he has done work with multiple media, Haden specializes in pen and ink artwork utilizing a strong line and modest color presence, drawing inspiration from western comics and design. His themes range from the wacky to the obscene and he always enjoys making people laugh. Twitter: @sketchrats

Nathan Veibell 3.jpgNathan Veibell (Nampa, ID) www.facebook.com/i.am.nathanv 

Nathan Veibell was born and raised in Boise, but currently makes his home in Nampa. He’s thirty but constantly forgets that he’s not in his teens anymore.

After being the reigning king and tyrant of procrastinating, Nathan is finally attempting to be an artist. Mostly he doodles crazy things while laughing manically and trying not to wake the neighbors.

When not channeling up Cthulu's darkest creations, he does commissions for regular creatures as well.Twitter: @Spooky_Dinosaur  

Malachi Ward.jpgMalachi Ward (Pasadena, CA) http://malachiward.tumblr.com/

Malachi is the co-creator of Ancestor, with Matt Sheean, being serialized in Island Magazine from Image Comics. His collection of short comics, From Now On, was released earlier this year, containing stories from Best American Comics, Mome, Nobrow, and StudyGroup Magazine. Twitter: @MalachiWard



Steve Willhite.jpgSteve Willhite (Nampa, ID) - http://steevcomix.deviantart.com/

Steve began drawing comic books in 1991 with his debut penciling Caliber's The Scary Book. He has gone on to have his work published by Antarctic Press, Silverline, Alterna, Gutters, Monkeybrain, Image and many others. Recently he has been a contributor to the FUBAR Press line of anthologies that include Mother Russia, By The Sword, European Theater of The Damned, American History Z, and Empire Of The Rising Dead.  The latterdebuted at #6 on the New York Times Best Seller list in 2012 and won IGN's People's Choice Award the same year. He has several more comics coming out this year as well as some forays into the local art scene.  He is an officer in Ten Ton Studios (http://www.tentonstudios.com/) and a former member of APA-5 and Rust City. Twitter: @stevecomix2005

Samantha Witt.jpgSamantha Witt (Boise)

Samantha Witt has been creating art and costumes for 6 years. She develops and constructs headdresses in the style of fauns, dragons, and other mythical creatures.

She is a hobby cosplayer and spends her time trying to improve her craft. Her headdresses are popular with the convention scene and loved my many.  

Zach Woolsey.jpgZach Woolsey (Nampa, ID) http://zachwoolsey.com/

Zach Woolsey, originally from Utah, now makes his home in the Nampa/Treasure Valley area. As an artist he enjoys the passion and rush that art provides while working on portraits, comics, merchandise design, or any number of related projects. He graduated from Boise State University with degrees in Visual Art and Illustration, as well as receiving education at the College of Western Idaho, Art Instruction International (Minnesota), and Francisco Marroquian University (Guatemala). It was there that he was able to refine and rediscover his talent for art, leading to his current career as a professional artist. Zach uses mixed media, ink, paint, watercolor, and pencils, to create his work. Influences from life experience, family, friends, music, comics, vintage illustrations, and art history all contribute significantly to the creation of his art. Twitter: @mr64magic

Jared Wynn.JPGJared Wynn (Boise) www.pariahviscom.com

Jared specializes in illustration and digital sculpture. In December of 2011, he graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration.  Since then, he has worked on various projects in the Boise area and abroad.  In 2012, he provided concept design artwork for the Battlestar Galactica fan film “13” and worked as a model builder and animator for a Stop-Motion animated short for the United Way of Treasure Valley. In 2013, he was involved in a greeting card and poster campaign representing the former players of BSU who have gone on to the NFL; in six months he designed and created over 40 cards and posters.  Since late 2014, he has been working in toy design, and continues to focus in that area. 



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