Library Campus Project

Boise’s Library Campus will serve as a public center for knowledge, culture, and ideas. It will serve as a gateway to the city - offering a 21st century library experience that includes the traditional books as well as state-of-the-art technology experiences, programming for all ages and access to training and education programs. Learn more.


Originally built as a hardware warehouse in the 1940s, the current Main Library was converted to a library in 1973. With increased attendance and program participation, the building no longer meets the needs of a growing population or keeps pace with the ever-evolving programming, technology and services of a modern-day library. 

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The project budget is $80-85M; the funding plan includes:

  • City of Boise funding: $52M
  • Philanthropy: $18M
  • Urban renewal funds for parking and infrastructure: $15M

*This project will not require an increase in city taxes.

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Project Updates

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Phone: (208) 972-8200
Telecirc: (208) 384-4450
TTY: 1-800-377-3529

Director: Kevin Booe

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