Library Campus Project

Boise’s Library Campus will serve as a public center for knowledge, culture, and ideas. It will be a gateway to the city, but also a gateway to our history, to new experiences, and to the ideas that shape our future. Its spaces and services, located in the heart of Boise’s Cultural District, will be available to anyone, yet distinct to our corner of the world. View Design Concepts


Library: 115,000 sq. ft.*
Arts & History: 22,000 sq. ft.*
Event Space18,000 sq. ft.*
Plaza: 20,000 sq. ft.*
Total Building Area: 150,000 sq. ft.*
Parking: Combined on and off-site parking for 300* spaces.

* Approximate


The project budget is $80-85M; the funding plan includes:

  • City of Boise funding: $52M
  • Philanthropy: $18M
  • Urban renewal funds for parking and infrastructure: $15M

*This project will not require an increase in city taxes.


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Originally built as a hardware warehouse in the 1940s, the current Main Library was converted to a library in 1973. With increased attendance and program participation, the building no longer meets the needs of a growing population or keeps pace with the ever-evolving programming, technology and services of a modern-day library.

New Main Library 

To keep pace with evolving library practice and meet the needs of a growing population, the new Main Library will be built on access, innovation, and knowledge acquisition and application. The New Main Library will include:

An expanded collection: The new Main Library will add 400,000 to 500,000 items, putting Boise on par with peer cities and providing more materials for the entire library system, including all branch libraries.

Space-saving technology: Boise will be the first public library to utilize an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) to expand the collection for generations to come while saving 30k square feet of space for valuable community programming. Please note: even with this new tool, the new Main Library will still have plenty of stacks for casual browsing and discovery.  

Maker spaces: There will be dedicated space for hands-on learning and creativity providing access to 3-D printers, laser printers, and other emerging technologies.

Indoor-outdoor spaces: Facing the River and Greenbelt, the new Library will engage two of Boise’s most beloved assets with a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces for community gathering, quiet study and reading, as well as collaborative public meeting spaces.

Three times more parking: Available parking will include 270 spaces at an off-site garage in close proximity and 30 on-site parking spaces for those who need it most.

Center for Arts and History

A community-based facility operated by the Boise City Department of Arts & History will invite residents and visitors to experience Boise’s public art, history and culture through exhibitions, performances, presentations and workshops. The Center will include:

  • Dedicated Cultural Information Center
  • Gallery Space
  • Boise City Archives
  • Care and Conservation Lab
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