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When will the next round of public input be scheduled?

Originally planned for September, the second round of public input will be heard after Schematic Design, late winter / early spring, when solutions or an update to public concerns gathered in July can be addressed, including:

• Sustainability strategy (bird strikes / glass / energy costs)
• Budget (value engineering)
• Parking


How much will the project cost?
The project budget is $80-85M and be financed as follows:

• Philanthropy: $18M
• CCDC: $15M
• City of Boise: $15M
• Lease Financing: $32-37M


Where will parking be? 
To accommodate the design goal of 300 spaces, the City of Boise is working the Wilcomb family, owners of the property at 618 S. 8th Street, to determine feasibility for redeveloping the property as a mixed use facility. The facility would include a public parking garage with approximately 270 spaces. 30-40 on-site parking spots would be located in the lot NW of the Anne Frank Memorial. Cost of this aspect of the project will be addressed during schematic design.

Will we have to pay to park in the garage? 
Planning is still underway, however we will make every effort to offer at least two hours of parking free.


Will the City do an extensive redesign of the library campus to accommodate the Cabin structure?
Project goals driven by community input received in Spring ‘17 Design Thinking Workshops called for enhanced accessibility with the greenbelt and increased connectivity to the river corridor and natural environment. After considering significant adjustments, the architect design team believed that these connections were important enough to keep the same design concept. If the cabin were to stay they would approach the project with minor design modifications such as adjusting the floor elevations or slight alignment changes.

If the Cabin moves...

...how much would it cost?
The move is estimated to cost approximately $650,000.

...would the Anne Frank Memorial move as well?
The design concept incorporates the Anne Frank Memorial and Marilyn Shuler Classroom for Human Rights into the landscape architecture of the new campus without sacrificing project goal of increased connectivity to the greenbelt and natural environment. 


There is a lot of glass facing the river. What about the birds? The riparian habitat is part of what makes Boise so great! Bird strikes are a common concern when designing and building with glass. Best practices for mitigating these strikes will be addressed in the schematic design phase of the project which focuses on building materiality, construction methodology, and architectural details. 

What type of sustainability rating will this building pursue?
One of our goals is to develop a sustainable facility that meets city energy goals and demonstrates a commitment to the health of our community. Safdie Architects has teamed up with global climate engineers Atelier Ten to integrate efficiency into the building and take advantage of existing sustainable features, such as geothermal heating. We will have more details as we move into the Schematic Design phase.

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