Beginning May 1, 2019, we will renew your Boise Public Library items for you!  Most items will be automatically renewed up to five times unless your item is on hold for another cardholder.  You will be notified of the new, extended due date via email.


How many times will an item renew?
Most items will automatically renew up to 5 times. 

Are there items that won’t be renewed?
Any items with a hold placed by another cardholder or that has reached the maximum number of renewals for that checkout period will not be renewed. Some items in our collection are not eligible for renewal. Learn More

What about Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)?
Due dates and renewals are set by the lending library. Learn More

How do auto-renewals work?
The auto-renewal process will start two days before an item is due. On that date, the item will be automatically renewed if there are any remaining loan periods available and the item is not requested by another cardholder. The additional loan period will start the day the item was originally due, even though the renewal occurred two days earlier.

Will I get a notice that items have been renewed?
If you have chosen to receive notices by email, you will get a notice that items have been renewed. The notice will provide the new due dates for each item and the number of potential renewals remaining. You will also be notified of any items that weren’t renewed because of holds placed by other cardholders or because the item is out of renewals. Check Your Account

Is there anything else that might prevent a renewal?
Any outstanding issues with your account that would block you from checking out additional items will also prevent renewals.

What if I don’t want the items renewed? Is it optional?
Auto-renewals will occur automatically for any eligible items as long as the library account is in good standing. You may not opt out of auto-renewals.

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