Mobile Print

Now you can upload a document from anywhere on almost any web device and print it at any Boise Public Library location.  

Before You Start

  • In order to print, you'll need a library account and will need to have money loaded into the account.  Printing is currently 10 cents a page. 
  • Note that you can upload your document if there's no money in your account, but you'll need to add funds before printing.  Uploaded files are deleted after 24 hours.
  • You can add funds to your account by using one of the kiosks - feel free to ask staff for assistance. 
  • Printing is available in black and white ONLY, on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (letter size)

How It Works

There are two ways to upload a document for printing, depending on the device you're using.  Please note that uploaded files are deleted after 24 hours.

Option 1: Upload Your Document  

Use this if you have a file system that you can browse, such as a PC, or Mac.  This is also available to a limited extent for iOS and Android.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Library Card Number and PIN.  From here you will be able to upload a document and view your balance.
  3. Click on "upload document" and browse to your file.
  4. After upload is complete, click the refresh button to see that the document is in your list.
  5. Log off and go to the nearest computer sign-up/print kiosk to print your job. 

Option 2: Email Your Document

  • From your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, send or forward documents to print (as attachments) to
  • You will receive a return email showing a list of your submitted documents and a link to
  • Give the system a few minutes to receive the document, then go to the nearest computer sign-up/print kiosk to print your job.

Option 3: Upload from the Pharos Print App

The Pharos Print app is currently available for iOS.  It can be used toserver
upload your documents.
  1. Download Pharos Print to your device
  2. The first time using the app you must enter the following server information:
           Port: 443
           Then hit connect
  3. The username and password with be your library card number and PIN.
  4.  To upload a document into Mobile Print, from it's main app choose to open/share the document to Pharos Print.  Note that this varies from App to App and is not always available..  Often this option can be found on the app menu under "...".  Y




Supported File Types

  • Documents     .doc | .dot | .docx | .rtf
  • Excel              .xls | .xlt | .xlsx | .xltx | .xltm | .xlsm |.csv
  • Powerpoint     .ppt | .pptx | .pptm | .pot | .pps | .potx | .ppsx
  • PDF                .pdf
  • Images           .jpg | .jpeg | .png | .bmp | .gif
  • Email              .txt | .mht | .eml
  • Visio               .vsd | .vss | .vst | .vdx | .vsx | .vtx | .vdw


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