BCAF X Exhibitors


208toys sells toys and hosts the 208 Toys Show N Swap.



3DM Tabletop

Affordable Dungeons & Dragons handmade dice, miniatures, dice cases, and tabletop accessories. 3D printed for your D&D, Pathfinder, or other tabletop games.



Amtgard: Duchy of The Rusty Gauntlet

The Duchy of the Rusty Gauntlet is a local Boise chapter for a Live Action Roleplaying game called Amtgard, where participants take on various class roles and engage in various activities, games, and competitions using foam weapons and verbal cues to simulate actions.



Arc Welder Studios, LLC.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Arc Welder Studios was founded to craft scripts for creator-owned and work-for-hire comic books, graphic novels, animation and more. Currently, collaborating with talented artists to produce self-published books and pitch materials for publishing one-shots, limited series, and graphic novels, including the now available 12-page comic, Kaiju Libre™ and coming soon, “Lumberjack Horror” comic, Pelts.



Baddog 3D Printing (and Laser Engraving)

Creating custom cosplay props and costume pieces. Custom Laser engravings on mugs, cups, and glasses.



Blake Coker Art

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Blake is a published illustrator who strives to tell new and engaging stories. His work often pulls from his background reading comics and watching films and has always been inspired by the detailed storytelling.

He is a BFA graduate from the University of Idaho and is currently working on a comic book about his brother with autism. Blake wants to share his personal experiences that he has had with his brother to help spread knowledge and empathy towards all people with disabilities.

Blake has had the pleasure of illustrating children’s books and comics. Additionally, Blake has done album artwork as well as posters and other advertisements for numerous events. He hopes that these experiences can help him achieve his goal of becoming a household name in illustration.


Boise’s Comic Book Guy

Selling comics and collectibles in the Boise area and online, Boise’s Comic Book Guy has THOUSANDS of books that are fun for the whole family! Comics, graded books, collectibles, autographs, Funko, Pokémon and more! First appearances, full-series, mini-series, treasuries, HTF issues, variants and exclusives, there’s plenty to look through with Boise’s Comic Book Guy!               



Alieha Dryden is a Boise based comic artist and illustrator who enjoys writing stories about family bonds, muscular women, and indescribable arcane horrors. She is currently working on her first full-fledged comic, Monster Mash.



Connor T Hopkins Art

My name is Connor Hopkins, and I’m an Illustration student at Boise State University with a passion for character design and storytelling! I specialize in creating a variety of strange cartoon characters with loose and stylized linework featuring people, monsters, ghosts and more. I substitute some of the ‘loudness’ typically seen in cartoon style with a primarily cool, muted color palette and creepier visual elements. I try to find a balance between spooky design and friendly design in my characters and I bring these characters to life through narrative illustrations and comic work, creating worlds that have their own contrast, typically with a mundane, industrial world against an unknown, magical otherworld.




Cory Purcell

Cory Purcell uses a digital platform called Clip Studio Paint to make digital art pieces. Inspired by character designs, he often draws fanart from anime, shows, or video games and changes the characters slightly for fun and creative practice. Recently, he's started creating and designing his own characters.

Craft Me

Craft Me is a hobby gig for a bored overworked Nurse. We sell unique, hand-made Vinyl stickers, TTRPG minis (modeled in Blender), TTRPG Modules, small crafts such as crocheted dice bags, and more. The Modules are all personalized for a short campaign or one-shot TTRPG. We love to talk about things that are cool (which is just about everything nerdy) and are happy to hear from you. We are happy to make this our first appearance and look forward to many more in the future.

Dana Wagner Illustration and Graphic Design

Dana Wagner Illustration and Graphic Design

Dana Wagner is an illustrator and designer living and working in Boise, Idaho who loves bringing bright colors and whimsical characters to life through art prints, stickers, and zines.



DoodleQueenie Creations

 A recent graduate of BSU with a major in visual arts, DoodleQueenie creates work inspired by her favorite pop media characters. She enjoys working in multiple mediums like digital illustration, needling felting, and crocheting.





Doughboy’s Attic

Veteran-owned company that brings all your favorite fandoms as cookie cutters.


Dreaming Lizard

Merri Halma has been writing since she was eleven years old and publishing since 2013. She has five books out and stories in two anthologies. Mrs. Halma lives in Nampa, Idaho.





Eilonwy Kimball

Eilonwy Kimball is a comic artist and illustrator.



Eli Holland

Eli is an art and comics creator from Idaho, fueled by cheeseburgers and cartoons. He works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator by day and a pizza goblin by night. He has done work for podcasts, D&D shows, special events, and for people who just want some fun art. He also loves his dogs, Cheesesteak and Ramen.



Flashover Paintings By Jeff

Jefferey was a Firefighter EMT before multiple strokes, blindness, and a leg amputation ended his career. He became homebound and the loss of his career devastated him. He became desperate for an activity he could do that would make him feel he could contribute to the world again. His wife discovered pour over paintings through a video on Facebook and thought it was a craft he might be able to do. He took to this style of painting as if he had been doing it forever! The painting gave him joy after the debilitating illnesses nearly took his life.


Funko Pops, Dorbz, Beanie babies, Hot Wheels, Pokémon and more.


Galahad’s Comics

Galahad’s Comics was founded in 2020 by Trevor Brown of Meridian, ID and is a comic shop like no other. In the absence of conventions due to Covid, Galahad’s brought awareness and support to comic book artists and creators who had relied on conventions to showcase their own books. They create and sell exclusive video game themed variant covers of creator owned comics. Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, Super Mario and many more have all been represented on their covers. With notoriously low print runs, the exclusives have become sought after collectables. They’ve worked with industry leading cover artists like Derrick Chew and partnered up with Netflix to publish a rare variant for their Cowboy Bebop show. The passion they have for supporting talented comic creators/artists is only matched by their love of video games.    





Gerdyliciousart (Gerdy) is a born and raised Idaho artist with a passion for connecting people through art. Her goal is to connect with friends, both old and new, through common interests and fandoms! When Gerdy isn’t creating art, you can find her drinking coffee, petting her cat, or watching Frasier (not necessarily in that order or, more likely, all at once). She is looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all at the Boise Comic Arts Festival!


Gloria Pineda

Gloria Pineda primarily creates with traditional art, but sometimes uses digital to add color or extra flair. Her specialty is character design based around Medieval/Urban Fantasy, along with some occasional fan art.

Haven Novels

I want to introduce myself so you can get to know me as an author and as a person you would like to know.

I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. My mother taught me to read when I was three years old and since then books have been my constant companions. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate in Education. I support my writing habit by teaching.

Although I have been a writer since I was a child, I only became published for the first time in 2010. Since then, I work hard to create unique visions and stories. My work includes novels in multiple genres including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Screenplays and Non-Fiction.

I love teaching. My greatest desire is to help others understand how literature and writing can bring enlightenment and understanding to everyone. I offer book coaching and advice to everyone, whether they want it or not.


Hex Publishing (Comics & Zines)

In the summer of 2020 - disappointed in the lack of locally available zines - husband and wife team Megan Brisbin-Harrison and Ryan “Chopsy” Harrison founded HEX Publishing, a zine and comics publisher and distro.

With an interest in diverse stories and art styles and a DIY aesthetic, HEX strives to publish zines that are as pleasing to the eye as they are entertaining to read. We are not interested in being gatekeepers but would instead like to amplify the voices of anyone with an interesting story to tell - particularly those of people belonging to groups that are usually excluded from traditional publishing.

Why Zines?

We chose to publish zines because of the brevity and personal touch they offer that is not possible with other formats. All our releases are lovingly assembled and hand bound by our production team (Meg & Chopsy) to give every zine that DIY authenticity. We produce zines in limited short runs, usually between 50 to 200 copies per run, to make sure that every copy meets our standards.





Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters

Local comic book nerds and musicians. HDS has comic book back issues, buttons, and misc. collectibles.

IdahoLUG or Idaho Lego Users Group

Founded in 2014 the Idaho Lego Users Group has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. With members from all over the state the group meets regularly to share the love of Lego, plan events and encourage builders/collectors to have fun and be creative with Lego bricks. With a long history of involvement with BCAF, Festival of Trees, and our annual exhibition MOCFEST! we are committed to sharing the joy of LEGO with the community. Our members regularly participate in local exhibitions, STEM classes, leadership training workshops, and other events.



James W.A.R. Lloyd

James W.A.R. Lloyd is an illustrator, commercial artist, and the creative force behind the beloved Treefort brand and marketing vibe. Lloyd integrates storytelling throughout his body of work and has developed an iconic style. His disciplined and prolific production is based upon creation for its own sake.



Jedi Academy at Boise State

Jedi Academy at Boise State is a Boise State student organization dedicated to lightsaber choreography. Students and community members participate in public performances, fan films, and the annual Sabercomp.


Joe Blablazo

Spewed forth from the hot sands of the southwest, Joe Blablazo has been drawing myths and monsters of all shapes and sizes for the last century. His adventures, seeking what cannot be found and knowing the unknowable, have found him showing work in flea markets, galleries, classrooms, comic cons, the world wide web, and BEYOND!! When he's not doing that, he's been spotted in Colorado chilling out max and relaxing all cool.     


John “J.T.” Millstead

Comic artist, concept artist, and illustrator from the Treasure Valley.



Julia Green Illustration

Julia Green is an illustrator and surface pattern designer in Nampa, Idaho. She was born and raised in Boise and graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration. Over the years she's created artwork for a wide variety of projects like greeting cards, children’s rain boots, toy designs, children’s books, and a hundred other unique projects. Julia is heavily inspired by the huge amounts of cartoons she watched as a 90s kid and illustration styles from the 1950s and 1960s. Her work is often silly and imaginative and reflects the goofy things she daydreams about. When she's not working on art, you can find her snuggling her two cats, playing video games, or thrifting for some vintage treasures.




Julius Bridgeforth

Julius Bridgeforth digs the process of art and really anything to have to do with making things. He loves himself some Kaiju, skate culture, cryptids, and the colors orange and pink. Having grown up in Boise, he loves the community and hopes to add to it with his art.



K. OGlasain

K. OGlasain is an illustrator and comic artist that works in the Boise area and does a wide variety of work from digital art to cosplay!



Key Comic Universe

Key Comic Universe specializes in comics from DC and Marvel from the 1950's to now, as well as key comics. We offer 1,000's of comics for every price and year range. We aim to give you the best buying experience.


Khrysaetos Art

Khrysaetos is Lily Blakeman, an Idaho-born multimedia artist with a love for nature, fantasy, and character art.



kit_is_mad Illustration

kit_is_mad, a graduate of the Boise State University art department, is the author and artist of the queer sci-fi romance comic, Two Losers from Earth.




Knots to Color

Knots to Color is a line of handmade coloring books and cards to color made by illustrator Tenley Frederick.



Magic Art Werx and Bad A Billiards

Zach Woolsey, originally from Utah, now makes his home in the Nampa/Treasure Valley area. As an artist he enjoys that passion and rush that art provides while working on portraits, comics, merchandise design, or any number of related projects. As a graduate of Boise State University with degrees in Visual Art and Illustration, as well as education from the College of Western Idaho, Art Instruction International (Minnesota), and Francisco Marroquian University (Guatemala), he was able to refine and rediscover his talent for art and translate that into a career as a professional artist. His works are conceived using mixed media (inks, paint, watercolor, and pencils) and are influenced by life experience, family, friends, music, comics, vintage illustrations, and art history. Woolsey has worked in the entertainment industry since 2004, mostly in rap and hip hop, and since 2014 has worked as a Topps Card Co sketch artist as well as artist for Dynamite Ent. He and his partners recently launched a new crypto NFT project called Bad A Billiards. His art book collections are published by Printed in Blood.






Mini Tonics

Mini Tonics is a small business focused on making decorative potions that are much like snow globes to fill the missing magic void that may be in your life. We offer a variety of potion sizes as well as some stickers! Our table is always more of an interactive one as we'll ask you to shake one of the potions to see what colors will swirl inside. Our favorite part? Watching everyone's faces light up.





Nerd Cave Inc

Nerd Cave Inc is a single destination shopping center for collectibles and figures to turn any office or bedroom into a fully furnished nerd cave.


Nick Ricci

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Nick Ricci has been writing and producing the Whetstone comic series for over seven years. A true "Master of None", Nick spends his days whiling away the hours on a variety of different hobbies. Whether he's writing, gaming, or hittin' the road for a quick trip to Cook's Two-Hole in Melba for a hamburger with his beautiful wife and daughters; Nick prides himself on finding enjoyment in life's simple pleasures...and also life's complex pleasures. Whatever works, really.



Paige Morton

Paige Morton is a Digital artist and storyteller who loves the paranormal, dramatic, and spooky. Her work is as gritty and imaginative as the characters she creates. Aside from drawing she writes occasionally, plays a variety of instruments, and hangs out with her cat.


I'm a small independent artist and student at Boise High School. I've experimented with creating stories, and I've enjoyed mediums such as gouache and acrylic, but I've found the greatest love for digital art. I find it impactful to display a message with a single painting on a screen.



Phoenix Fire Games

Idaho's PREMIER tabletop gaming store.

Our store is specifically designed with gamers in mind. As both family gamers and hardcore gamers ourselves, we feel we can offer what YOU want. Come on in and give us a try!




Randall Kirby, Bop! Comics, Border Town Comic Con

Randall Kirby is the creator of Bop! Comics, Cop Comics, Fortune Favors the Bold, Flying Snowman, is the founder of Border Town Comic Con and has contributed to many comics anthologies and magazines.




Random Coyote Productions, LLC

Random Coyote Productions makes the finest adventure comics you haven't read yet! Comedy, action, history, fantasy, and more! Boise based creator & company with deep roots in Idaho.




Recluse Comics

Recluse Comics offers products including prints, posters, stickers and buttons with stylized, unique twists on all our favorite pop culture characters.




Sawtooth Mountain Squad of the 501st Legion

The Sawtooth Mountain Squad is the local unit of the 501st Legion — a screen-quality Imperial costuming organization — serving southwest Idaho. As members of The 501st, we strive to construct screen-accurate costumes of the villains featured in the STAR WARS series of films. At the same time, we utilize these costumes to “give back” to the community by participating in charity and community events, such as the MS Walk, Make-a-Wish events, Toys for Tots fundraisers, and much more!




Shadow Phoenix Publishing

Author of Terra Chronicles. Writer of fantasy, gamer, and a bunch of other stuff, but if I told you everything, where would the fun be?




Slimeuel Deadingston of the Goopy Ghoulies

Slimeuel (slime-U-el) Deadingston are a legion of ghouls that have been bitten by a swarm of creative bugs. Interests include: inhabiting, possessing, consuming, as well as illustration, toy making, wood and metal craft, graphic design, and more! James Joyce once wrote that "Slimeuel Deadingston was a huge influence on my career." They were the initial inspiration for the hit motion picture "Baby Geniuses 2: Cry I.Q.". Come one, come all, and see all the crazy on display for yourself! And maybe just buy a keychain for your mother-in-law while you're here.      


Steve Feldman Art & Illustration

Artist-illustrator Steve Feldman creates imaginative paintings, illustrations and sequential art.






Studio De Dio

Natalie Di Dio is a home-grown Idaho potato, local to Boise. She studied Illustration and Creative Writing at Boise State University and has a passion for mental health and domestic abuse awareness, abstract and surrealist art, and figure drawing.





sunshine gao

sunshine gao studied philosophy and ecology, cooked noodles, and sold produce.  Now, they draw stories about home--in all its forms, with all its complications. In spite of everything, they believe the world can be made a beautiful place. They currently live in Minneapolis.        



The Geeked Out Ninjas

Cosplay Creators.



The Nubbiest Place

The Nubbiest Place is a pocket of art where everything is bright, squishy, and makes people smile. All of my pieces tell a story, and every story is a happy one.


The Rebel Legion Takodana Base

Takodana Base is a local unit of the Rebel Legion serving the states of Idaho and Montana that support local community events and charities.

The Rebel Legion is a Star Wars based costuming fan club. The Rebel Legion’s members create and wear costumes of the hero characters from the Star Wars saga, which includes but is not limited to the films, comics, books, games, and television shows based on the Star Wars saga

Star Wars and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.





The Sketch Rats

The Sketch Rats are an illustrator collective in the Boise area. They have been together since college and use the group as a platform to support each other and promote the illustrative arts locally.

The Society of Fandom Advancement

The Society of Fandom Advancement aims to provide a welcoming community for women over the age of 18 to express themselves and their love for all things geeky without fear of judgment or rejection and to find like-minded individuals to create strong support to aid you in all your wondrous endeavors.







The Spooky Dinosaur

Spooky Dinosaur is the sobriquet of visual artist Nathan Veibell. As an eternal being going through his second play-through of life on Earth (gaining immortality his first time through) he reached the inevitable heat death of the universe, and time traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs. They were really fun, but now, after millennia of goings on he is trying his hand at the artist life, doing whatever art comes to mind. Working mostly in pen and ink, monsters and surreal works seem to be a favorite, things that ancient dark beings ask him to draw. He has a comic in the works and is hoping to continue this path even further, before that heat death thing happens.





Trained Eye Graphics

Based in Idaho, Barry Barnes works as an illustrator, designer, photographer and printmaker through his company, Trained Eye Graphics. Barry has worked extensively with publishers, designing cover art and supporting collateral for a range of authors in multiple genres. His portfolio also features work for commercial consumer clients. Barry has exhibited in the US and Canada, including the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators annual Illustration West exhibit. His work can be found in the collections of the United States Air Force, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and in annuals, magazines and professional directories.


Treasure Valley Avengers

TVA is group of cosplayers and actors based in the Treasure Valley. They portray Marvel superheroes at conventions, festivals, and benefits.


Treasure Valley Ghostbusters

The Treasure Valley Ghostbusters are a non-profit charity and special events entertainment group offering Ghostbusters stories and photo ops.


Vannotes is a writer, cartoonist, and educator based out of Idaho. Their previous work includes Bendy: Crack-Up Comics Collection with publications from Scholastic, King Features Syndicate, and Boom! Studios. They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and their Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Eastern Oregon University. They were named Treasure Valley Community College's Student Advocate of the Year in 2021. In their free time, they read way too many comics and play far too many video games.




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