BCAF XI Exhibitors

3DM Tabletop

3DM Tabletop, a small business owned by gaming-enthused geeks, brings items to your gaming table to enhance your play. Miniatures, scenery and scaping, animals and beasts, boats and carts, along with unique measurement templates, flight stands, and spell effects are among the 3D printed accessories that make game play a smoother, more enjoyable, and personal experience. A gem in the myriad of tabletop goods are exceptional, unique handmade dice that will surely make you the talk of the table. Whether you are an experienced DM, a dedicated player, or testing the waters, there is something for you. Let’s Roll! <20>.


8-Bitplus Gaming

Retro Video game store in Nampa with an emphasis on quality second-hand products.

Website | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram

The 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and the Idaho Droid Builders Club

The 501st Legion is an international costuming organization dedicated to celebrating STAR WARS™ through the creation and use of quality costumes that portray the villainous, morally ambiguous, or non-partisan characters from the STAR WARS™ universe.

The Rebel Legion is an international fan-based volunteer organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Republic, the New Republic, the Resistance, the Jedi Order, and other heroes from the Star Wars universe.

Mandalorian Mercs is a global non-profit organization uniting fans of Mandalorian costumes, characters, and culture.

Droid Builder's is a movement of individuals working together to inspire the imagination and change lives through a network of groups, national gatherings, training events and resources.

501st Legion Website | Rebel Legion Website | Mandalorian Mercs Website | Idaho Droid Builders Club

Andrew Adams and Gabriela Briceno

Hello, my name is Andrew Adams. I'm a storyboard artist who grew up in Boise and moved to California to work in the animation industry. Projects I've worked on include a 2D series and short films. In my spare time I make digital paintings, marker art, and develop my own stories and characters.

Hi! My name is Gabriela, I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based out of sunny California, with a passion for character design and storytelling! I’m currently developing a webcomic with a friend called, Once There Were Heroes. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy spending time in the garden, reading, and sewing!

Andrew Adams Website | Gabriela Briceno Website | Andrew's Instagram | Gabriela's Instagram

Bones Allen

Bones Allen is a queer neurodivergent artist and cosplayer. He has been drawing as long as he remembers and wishes to show his love of it to the world. He is looking to go to college for art and acting once he graduates High School.

Currently he is in the creative process of a comic titles “I Want To Be A Warrior” a book exploring living in a world not built for you and the struggles that follow.


Anchor Arts

Anchor Arts provides a wide range of art, including cosplay props, Nerf mods, 3D sculptures, and murals.

Anchor Arts on Etsy | Instagram

And Puppy Dog Tails

Daughter/mother crafters from Nampa that make geekery from anime, furry, gaming and comics. Ears, tails, plushies, amigurumi and more.


Anna Brown, Andrius Art LLC

I am a freelance digital artist who creates digital illustrations.


Arcane Moth Shop

I create stickers, prints, and similar products for anime, manga, video games, and D&D!

Maya Archibald

Hello! I’m Maya, a freelance, self-taught, artist currently enrolled in my first year at Boise State studying graphic design. I have a passion for character design, storytelling, and cartooning and am inspired by the shows and movies I’ve watched my whole life. If I’m not drawing or in school I enjoy gardening, reading, writing, and gaming.


Artificer Gameworks

Gameplay accessories for tabletop roleplaying games.


Baddog 3D Printing and Laser Engraving

We create custom 3D printed props and costume pieces. Laser engraved tumblers as well as laser cut items.


Jeremy Billups

Designer, illustrator, and budding animator. I like my caffeine cold and my socks bold.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Jason Beirens

Likely a cryptid, also a cartoonist.


Dawn Blair, Morning Sky Studios

Dawn Blair has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. She started with writing, then later in life discovered a love of art. Her interests in mythology, ancient history, space, the paranormal, supernatural, and metaphysical reflect throughout her work. She hopes the stories she tells entertains, inspires, and delights her worldwide audience.


Boise's Comic Book Guy

Selling comics and collectibles in the Boise area and online for nearly a decade. Thousands of comics with First Appearances, Graded Comics, Signed Comics, Mini-Series & More! Collectibles including Funko, Pokémon, Sports Cards, Autographs, Hat Pins, Patches, Action Figures & even MORE! Stop by to browse the collection or request a hard-to-find issue!

Instagram | Facebook

Boise Public Library Foundation

Led by influential community leaders, the Foundation facilitates funding of a library system of the future and secures needed private dollars to sustain library projects. Funds raised through the Foundation are used exclusively for the benefit of Boise Public Library and are not part of the City budget.

Towards these goals, Foundation directors focus on educating the broader Boise public about the library’s benefits and on implementing an ongoing fundraising strategy. They also provide fundraising training to new directors, develop relationships with current and potential stakeholders, estate planning advisors and attorneys, and promote the potential for naming the Foundation in a legacy.

Library Foundation

Julius Bridgeforth

Julius Bridgeforth loves the creative process. From giant monsters wrecking Tokyo, to Flowshrooms littering palm tree paths, drawing is something he's always been into. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Julius has worked with local bands, comic creators, and companies to spread some of that sweet orange and pink flair. Working on titles such as Kaiju Libre, and with bands like Crush the Monster, he's fallen in love with the community. With projects such as CHOY: Seeking Strange, he hopes to create art everyone can find themselves in.

Instagram | Twitter

Bucketchu Art and Crochet

I am a visual artist with art prints, stickers, enamel pins and washi tape all designed by me. I also make crochet plushies in a variety of sizes of bees, cows, dinosaurs, whales, or turtles to name a few!

Website | Instagram

The Collector's Outpost

At the Collector's Outpost we sell comic books, graphic novels, related collectible toys/statues and we're a coffee shop offering Dawson Taylor coffee. We're not like other stores, we're a visual experience for the Geek inside each of us.


Dana Wagner Illustration and Graphic Design

I am a freelance Illustrator who designs and sells posters, stickers, and commissioned work.

Website | Instagram

Death Rattle Literary / Artmuseum.edu

Death Rattle Writers Festival is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing public platforms to underserved writers locally, regionally, and online by providing the public with free access to quality literary programming throughout the year.

Death Rattle yearly programming focuses on the bi-annual publication of Oroboro, our online literary magazine featuring poetry, fiction, and comics; the Penrose Poetry Prize, Oroboro’s poetry contest bringing in esteemed guest judges and awarding cash prizes for poetry by LGBTQIA+ poets; The Spill, bi-monthly, open-mic live story-telling events with a featured writer and theme; quarterly educational workshops for adults and children, and multiple live readings with nationally recognized keynote poets alongside established and emerging local artists.

We'll be partnering with our board member, head designer and comics creator @artmuseum.edu_ (instagram). They design all of our in-print comic, poetry, and fiction collections for online and in-print, limited edition broadside prints, as well as showcasing their own sequential poetry comic work.

Sarah Pincock (they/them) is a transgender visual artist and illustrator working in Nampa, Idaho. Their work focuses on writing sequential poetry and visual icons that explore narratives with transgender and fabulist renderings of mythic iconography, archetypes and storytelling; blurring the line drawn between society and the folktale.

They have had their comic work published in ANMLY Issue #29 and FORGE Art Mag, Cobra Milk, Scratch Magazine, Mountain Bluebird Magazine; was a runner up for the Short Run Dash Grant 2019, received an Artist Grant through the Idaho Commission on the Arts to create Risograph print work in 2021, and have exhibited their comic / bookmaking work at Vancouver Art Book Fair 2020 and in 2021 as a featured artist. They are an organizer and head-designer with Idaho literary non-profit Death Rattle Literary and are co-head editor for the attached literary journal, Oroboro.

Website | Facebook | Instagram Twitter | artmuseum.edu_ Instagram

Doughboys Attic

In 2018 Doughboy’s Attic was formed we started off selling cookie cutters and since expanded to potion bottles full of dice.

Website | Facebook


DreamCake is a collaboration between artist SweetDreamz and writer/resin maker ShadowCakeMaker. As a former member of the military and a high school teacher respectively, we are working to bring our lifelong love of art and creation to a wider audience! Currently, we offer a variety of digital drawing prints, stickers, dice, chess sets, and a mixture of acrylic and resin charms! DreamCake is also the name of our YouTube channel where we post a variety of Let’s Plays and is tied to our Twitch channel, SweetShadowyDreamCake.

Website | Instagram

Alieha Dryden

Alieha Dryden is a PNW born comic artist and illustrator with a BFA in illustration and creative writing from Boise State University, currently residing in Boise ID. They enjoy creating stories about odd found families, muscular women, and indescribable arcane horrors. When not drawing they spend their time taking care of John Hunger Jr, their favorite aloe.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Duchy of the Rusty Gauntlet-Amtgard

The Duchy of the Rusty Gauntlet is the Boise chapter of the live action roleplaying game, Amtgard.

Website | Facebook

Entheogen Publications

Entheogen Publications was created due to a failed endeavor to become a screenwriter. I was accepted to the master's program at the New York Film Academy in California, but due to some personal reasons, I decided not to go. I've submitted some screenplays to national competitions, and while I didn't find success there, it did lead me down the path of graphic novels. My projects are funded on Kickstarter, and I've raised nearly 100k for their development over two different series. I have another series in the works and hope to launch that within the next 4-6 months. This will be a dark humor sword and sorcery tale. My projects have a lot of subtext to them and make no bones about the philosophy within them. 


Sam Fortner (the Cutest Little Wigglebug)

We are a legion of ghouls bitten by a swarming pestilence of creative bugs. Distraction problems? Oh ya, we got 'em. Space and time obstacles? You bet. Is this bio the only part of this application process that took us more than a few seconds, rather the rest of the entire day, editing, rewriting, and doubting if we should even be in the comics game at all!?! Sure. But with the right combination of possession, tenacity, and a positive attitude we will someday be able to make the Best. Comic. Ever. Period. Is this our year? Come and see for yourself. Oh yeah, we make toys, too. Some of the best you've ever seen, especially if you just started seeing today.



Funko Pop’s, Trading cards, Collectibles and Art.


D. Bradford Gambles

I'm a comic creator and illustrator and I'm gonna keep making comics and illustrations until my Mommy is finally proud of me.


The Geeked Out Ninjas Cosmakers

MJ and Shawn, known for their bigger builds, are competitive cosplayers hailing from Boise, Idaho. Every year since MJ and Shawn have been together since 2007, they have made their own Halloween costumes for their Taekwondo school’s annual Halloween party for kids to enjoy. But it wasn’t until 2014 at a comic convention in Boise, ID where they first competed in a cosplay competition. MJ and Shawn were walking around the convention floor in their Wolverminion and Agnes Cosplay (Despicable Me) and were asked to partake in the cosplay competition. They placed 2nd in the novice division. Thereafter they had realized that they had the potential to build and compete at cosplay competitions. Since then they have competed and placed in numerous cosplay competitions locally and other states as well.

Instagram | Twitter


Gerdy is a born and raised Idahoan with a passion for art, media, and all things nerdy. She absolutely loves connecting with fellow fans at conventions and share her work with old friends and new! When she isn’t creating, she can be found drinking coffee, watching Frasier, or cuddling her cat, George. Come say, “hi!”.


Harth Creations

Independent Artist creating original art, prints, stickers and more!

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Haven Novels

Novels and artwork


Heaton Comics

Heaton Comics sprung to life in the Summer of 2018 when a then 9-year-old Carter and 6 year old Ava made a handful of comics and then set up a table in our front yard to sell them for 50 cents each. The following year Heaton Comics made its full release in the Artist's Alley of the 2019 Boise Comic Arts Festival, getting big attention in the newspaper. The pair of kids under the Heaton Comics banner sold out of all prints, comics, and commissions taken during the event! Continuing to sell their original and fan-fiction comics on their Etsy shop the pair inspired their younger brother Logan in a big way even though he was only 3 years old.

Etsy Shop | Instagram | Instagram

Hex Publishing and Zine Distro

In the summer of 2020 - disappointed by the lack of locally available zines - husband and wife team Megan Brisbin-Harrison and Ryan “Chopsy” Harrison founded HEX Publishing, a zine publishing platform and distro.

With an interest in diverse stories and art styles and a DIY aesthetic, HEX strives to publish zines and comics that are as pleasing to the eye as they are entertaining to read. We strive to amplify the voices of anyone with an interesting story to tell - particularly those people belonging to groups that are usually excluded from traditional publishing.

Instagram | Facebook

Eli Holland

Eli is an art and comics creator from Idaho, fueled by cheeseburgers and cartoons. He works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator by day and a food goblin by night. He has done work for podcasts, TTRPG Shows, special events, and for people who just want some fun art! He also loves his dogs, Cheesesteak and Ramen.



The Idaho Lego Users Group fosters creativity and a love of building for users of all ages through Events, Activities, and monthly get-togethers.


Idaho Middle Earth Cosplayers

Idaho based cosplayers specializing in the works based on JRR Tolkien from film and television.


Julia Green Illustration

I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer in Nampa, Idaho. Over the years I’ve created artwork for a wide variety of projects like album artwork and editorial illustration, patterns for children’s rain boots, toy designs, and children’s books. My medium of choice is working in Adobe Photoshop, Fresco, and Illustrator. I am heavily inspired by all of the Nickelodeon I consumed as a 90s kid and illustration styles from the 1950s and 1960s. My art has been described as a mix of soft feelings and humor. When I’m not drawing or snuggling my cats, you can find me building fancy homes in the Sims or terraforming and talking to cutie animals in Animal Crossing.

Website | Instagram

Kimber Crafts

At Kimber Crafts, I specialize in making innovative art projects from repurposed materials including damaged comic books, bringing new life to them, and recreating them for new generations. Each piece has comic panels from actual comic books, and no two are alike. They are one-of-a kind creations.

Khrysaetos Art

Khrysaetos Art is Lily Blakeman, a Boise native multimedia artist with an interest in nature and sci-fi-fantasy.

Website | Instagram

Knots to Color

Tenley Frederick is an illustrator who offers hand-made coloring books based on knots!

Etsy Shop | Instagram

Lightsaber Society at Boise State

The Lightsaber Society at Boise State is a student organization dedicated to practicing lightsaber choreography and celebrating our passion for Star Wars. We help to teach people how to wield lightsabers and look cool while doing it!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Elliott Linker

The author, Elliott Linker, was 8 years old when he wrote and illustrated his entertaining comic, George the Banana: Book 1. Elliott's young dream was to become a published author. Elliott attended BCAF in 2022 and had his comic reviewed by Jess Smart Smiley. Jess helped to further inspire Elliott's dream. With the help of some adults in Elliott's life, he was able to publish George the Banana in January of 2023. By the time of publishing, Elliott had turned 9. He is very proud of his work and wants to share it with kids everywhere. He loves knowing that he is inspiring other kids to write, draw, and create comics. Elliott was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho. George the Banana, Book 2 will be released later this spring.

magic art werx

Zach Woolsey, is an artist and illustrator from the Nampa/Treasure Valley area. He is known for work in the music industry and for Topps Card Company and Dynamite Ent. as a sketch card artist for Star Wars, MLB, Walking Dead, KISS and many others. His most recent work can be found in the new art book for Hannibal the TV series courtesy of Printed in Blood Publications. He enjoys that passion and rush that art provides while working on portraits, comics, merchandise design, or any number of related projects. As a graduate from Boise State University with degrees in Visual Art and Illustration as well as education from College of Western Idaho, Art Instruction International (Minnesota), and Francisco Marroquian University (Guatemala) it was here he was able to refine and rediscover his talent for art into a professional artist. Using mixed media of inks, paint, watercolor, and pencils are how many of his works are conceived. Influences from life experience, family, friends, music, comics, vintage illustrations, and art history all come together to create much of the work you see today.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


MakeSmithy crafts hand-made and customized tokens, totems, and treasures for your unique adventure!

We focus on:

  • Customized tabletop tokens, miniatures, and other playing pieces.
  • Totems: figures and other 3D objects that are special to you and your loved ones. Custom ordered, specific, and in celebration of your most important moments and relationships.
  • Fidget/articulating models of fantastic animals (especially the mighty axolotyl!)
  • Household and seasonal décor.
  • Made-to-order party favors and occasion souvenirs.

Etsy Shop

Mini Tonics

Mini Tonics is a family business that produces decorative potions and stickers for the enjoyment of anyone that we get the chance to show them to! The potions themselves are like a snow globe and a lava lamp had a child, and the sizes vary from wine bottle sized all the way down to being on a small necklace.

Website | Instagram

Monstrous Reverie

Jack is an indie digital artist residing in Idaho. He has his Etsy shop, Monstrous Reverie, and is excited to expand his reach to in-person events and meet other like-minded people.

His love for monsters and villains is the focal point of his shop, whether they be from video games, anime, or other media. The shop offers keychains, lanyards, stickers and more, from various fandoms to original designs. He is excited to share his art with you all!

In his free time, he is working on commissions, as well as scripting all kinds of comic ideas.

Website | Instagram

Mountain Sky Arts

Fine art and accessories combining elements such as genuine silver gold and copper with natural gemstones and crystals. I have something for everyone in my booth, and it’s all handmade by me. Fairy ears, crystal crowns, wands, etc.

Etsy Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Vicente "Vinny" Navarrete

Vicente "Vinny" Navarrete was born in Nyssa, Oregon and raised on the family farm in Ontario, Oregon. He fell in love with drawing and creating things at an early age (five, according to his mom), and has illustrated and co-created these children's titles: Dear Dracula (Image/Shadowline Comics), Sketch Monsters: Escape of the Scribbles & Sketch Monsters Vol. 2: The New Kid, and Booger Beard! (ONI Press). Booger Beard is his first solo book. When he's not drawing/writing or reading comics, he's out shooting hoops, watching movies, posing action figures, and eating chips. 

Website | Instagram

The Nerdy Wolf

Almost every item in The Nerdy Wolf catalog is handmade by our team in-house. With a focus on US based materials, such as leather, glass, and wood, we design our products to last a lifetime. And because we make them in-house, we don’t have to charge an arm and a leg for them! From LED potion bottles with leather straps, leather bound hardback journals, glass dip quill sets, wax sealing kits, leather armor and more, we have what you need to make your adventure a little more magical.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Christi Nogle and Steph Nelson, Boise Horror Writers

Christi Nogle is the author of the novel Beulah (Cemetery Gates Media, 2022), which won the 2023 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel, and the collections The Best of Our Past, the Worst of Our Future, Promise, and One Eye Opened in That Other Place (Flame Tree Press, 2023 and coming 2024). Her short stories have appeared in over fifty publications including PseudoPod, Escape Pod, and Dark Matter Magazine. 

Stephanie Nelson lives in Idaho with her husband, kids, dog, and cat. Her debut novel, The Vein is coming 7.3.23 through Dark Matter INK. It's a supernatural horror novel with elements of mystery, set in a fictional silver mining town in North Idaho. She has short stories in Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters, and Mother: Tales of Love & Terror. Stephanie is currently working on a survival horror novella set in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. She's a Horror Writers Association member and a Codex Writers Group member.

Christi Nogle's Website | Steph Nelson's Website

Christi's Twitter | Steph's Twitter

Damon Noller, Arc Welder Studios, LLC.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Arc Welder Studios was founded to craft scripts for creator owned and work for hire comic books, graphic novels, animation and more. Currently, collaborating with talented artists to produce self-published books and pitch materials for publishing of one-shots, limited series, and graphic novels, including the 12-page comic, Kaiju Libre™ and “Lumberjack Horror” comic, Pelts.

Website | Instagram


Northerly.co is owned and run by local Idaho artist Jordynn Eld. Work features mostly nature inspired pieces.


The Nubbiest Place

The Nubbiest Place is a combination of squish and silhouettes all coming from my nubby brain lump.

Website | Instagram

OGlasain Art / ZombieHand

Hello I'm K! I'm an illustrator, fan artist, and web comic creator. I also create jewelry and other crafts! My booth buddy is Liz Madsen who does amazing videogame and pop culture art!

Website | OGlasain Instagram | ZombieHand Instagram


OrbitArtz is a local artist and cosplayer who enjoys making fanart and crocheting.

Instagram | Etsy Shop


17-year-old comic artist from Nampa, Idaho. I specialize in dark artwork, comics, and storytelling. Currently working on a webtoon. 



Paeonygalaxy is an avid doodler and designer drawing since she could pick up a crayon. Taking inspirations from shoujo manga, Japanese pop culture, and growin' up in the 90's, with hints of art nouveau here and there. Starting off as a primarily traditional artist, she eventually moved onto digital because, dang, markers are expensive. (But still enjoys a good marker doodle from time to time).

Website | TikTok | Instagram | Tumblr

Phoenix Fire Games

Welcome to Idaho's Best Tabletop Game Store!

Playing board games are a great way to engage and interact with one another at home, on vacation, or in a larger social setting. We have tables and seating for you to play in our store. Bring in your own game or choose from the several dozen titles we have on our demo shelf. Many of these are also available for rent! We are open for in-store shopping, Curbside / Store Pickup, as well as shipping across the US. Orders are priced to ship based on game weight.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Gloria Pineda

I am an 18-year-old artist. My specialty is character design typically based around Medieval/Urban Fantasy, along with some occasional Fanart.



PlasmicArts is a local artist from Boise, ID and works to create stickers, buttons, and posters inspired by anime, video games, movies, and American comics.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Random Coyote Productions, LLC

Random Coyote Productions, LLC wants to bring back action & adventure comics that do not focus on superheroes. Current projects range from the ongoing family-friendly BOHICA Blues military comedy about the Iraq War (now in its 10th year of production) to an upcoming science fiction adventure that is more serious and R-rated. Creator Arik Grant has always preferred stories where regular people have to face big challenges, and there is no Superman or Jedi coming to save them.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | tapas.io series

Re-POP Gifts

Re-POP Gifts is your fandom & pop culture headquarters.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Nick Ricci

Nick Ricci is a Boise native who finds solace in dystopian science fiction novels, a wide variety of potato products, and his incredible wife and two young daughters. For those of you with a keen eye and a sense for adventure, he thoroughly enjoys candor with fans of his writing and will likely buy you a beverage (or two!) if you were to say hello to him while visiting Cook's Two-Hole in Melba, Idaho.

tapas.io series | Twitter | Instagram

Amy Maren Rice

Amy Maren Rice grew up on a dead-end street in the small town of Chubbuck, Idaho. Her childhood was filled with time to daydream, eat freshly shelled peas from the garden, and swing from the apple tree in her grandparent’s backyard. Her love of reading started at a very young age as she devoured books and peas by the handful under that same apple tree. Books became an obsession and soon her daydreams turned into poems, stories, and paintings. She attended Idaho State University where she earned a dual bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations and fine art. She has her mother and grandmother to thank for a life full of painting and creativity and her father for her unique sense of humor. Fuzzwiggs the Switcheroo is her debut novel.

Covenant Books Website | Facebook

Sam Henze Illustration

I am an illustrator with a cartoony style. I am currently finishing a comic and looking to publish my own comics. I have experience with commissions and selling online. I have a BFA with an emphasis in Illustration from Boise State University.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Angie Sandberg

Angie Sandberg is a cartoonist and illustrator that lives in Utah.


Shadow Phoenix Publishing / J.C. Jackson

J.C Jackson is the author of the Terra Chronicles series. Writer of fantasy, gamer, and a bunch of other stuff, but if I told you everything, where would the fun be?

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shefan Arts

Shefan Arts is a small art business specializing in digital art, paintings (traditional and skate decks), and merchandising. The style is a beautiful mix between anime and comic book art. Commissions are available and open. As far as vending, we offer prints, stickers, keychains, buttons, and bookmarks.

Website | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram

The Sketch Rats

We are an illustration group that has been drawing together for years. Honestly, it's exhausting to deal with each other, but we do it for you, the fans. Come by and say hi!

Olivia Skinner

Olivia Skinner (kettsuop) is a local artist currently at BSU for illustration! She spends a majority of her time drawing or painting.

Instagram | Twitter

The Society of Fandom Advancement

The Society of Fandom Advancement aims to provide a welcoming community for women over the age of 18 to express themselves and their love for all things geeky without fear of judgment or rejection, and to find like-minded individuals to create a strong support to aid you in all your wondrous endeavors.


The Spooky Dinosaur

Spooky Dinosaur is the sobriquet of visual artist Nathan Veibell. As an eternal being going through his second play-through of life on Earth (gaining immortality his first time through) he reached the inevitable heat death of the universe, and time traveled back to the age of the dinosaurs. They were really fun, but now, after countless millennia of goings on he is trying his hand at the artist life, doing whatever art comes to mind. Working in mostly in watercolours, monsters and surreal works seem to be a favourite, things that ancient dark beings ask him to draw. He currently enjoys digging up ancient folklore and myths for artwork, and he'll enlighten you with a spoken performance about them if you linger too long. He is hoping to continue this path even further, before that heat death thing happens.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sugar May

Sugar May is a comics artist and pinup illustrator. She works in a purely vintage aesthetic and devotes herself to cheeky and femme transmedia storytelling. Sugar designed and illustrated the Boise Pride 2022 Superhumans campaign, and models for comic book creators and professional artists. She has been featured on several TV and film productions and editorial publications. Sugar is part of the Queer Cartoonists Database and Bishopsgate Institute and is currently working on her first graphic novel.

With over ten years’ experience in the film, TV, and media industry, she is dedicated to developing more dynamic and creative narratives around adult creativity.

Website | Instagram

Jessie Swimeley Arts

Jessie Swimeley is a Treasure Valley artist using historic and traditional photographic processes to create unique and one-of-a-kind works.

Website | Instagram

Treasure Valley Ghostbusters

Treasure Valley Ghostbusters is Southwest Idaho's local charity entertainment group teaming up with other organizations to help raise funds, provide entertainment, and raise awareness for special events. In April 2022 TVGB formed with the goal of spreading our love of Ghostbusters in a way that allows us to contribute to the community.

January 2023 TVGB announced the beginning of Warming Hearts Project. WHP is our year-round effort to collect donations of "new and used" coats, gloves, blankets, as well as collecting canned foods and unopened toys for those in need.


US Forest Service

The US Forest Service, Wildland Fire Prevention staff seeks to educate and engage all citizens in preventing wildfires, protecting our communities, and recreating responsibly on our public lands.

Website | Facebook


Vannotes is a writer, cartoonist, and educator from the Treasure Valley. Their previous work includes Spy Ninjas: Virtual Reality Madness and Bendy Crack-Up Comics Collection. Other work includes publications from King Features Syndicate, Boom! Studios, ZEAL, and Oroboro.

They received their BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and their MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Oregon University. When they’re not at their desk, they read too many comic books and play far too many video games. Every once in a while they go outside and think it’s a nice enough place to visit.


Weed Technology & Fabrication / WTF3D

3D printing, CNC machining, Precision Assembly, Custom bike and auto


Mary Willingham, Trash Eater Design

Mary Willingham is Trash Eater Design!

She specializes in fandom related artwork and fursuits. Everything from stickers and prints to tails and masks!

Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

Riley Wood

I’m a fandom-hopping artist who likes drawing varieties of fanart. The genres I like to draw from typically consist of (J)RPGs and visual novels, especially psychological horror. My favorite color palette to include in my artwork is pink, blue, and purple!

Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Wrestle Club

Wrestle Club is the first and only professional wrestling company in the state of Idaho. Wrestle Club was established September of 2015 and has performed in over 133 events. Wrestle Club has many partnerships with local non-profits such as The Special Olympics, Boise Rescue Mission, Make a Wish, Idaho Food Bank, and Idaho Military Branches. All events are nearly free, as Wrestle Club's motto is: pro wrestling entertainment that is geared towards strengthening our community. Everybody on the roster of Wrestle Club volunteers countless hours to brighten the hearts of our Idaho neighbors. Wrestle Club is featured on Cable One channel 64, Roku, TVCTV, and other social media outlets. Wrestle Club is on season two of being broadcasted and has so far reached 70 episodes in total. Wrestle Club has also been featured in local news and newspapers and has several mentions in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Wrestle Club is one of the fastest growing pro wrestling companies on the West Coast, with no means of slowing down. Wrestle Club as a whole is a family that wants to see everybody that is around them prosper. If you are not a believer of magic, attend a local wrestling event and become a believer again.

We are Wrestle Club!


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