Boise Comic Arts Festival 2021 Creator, Vendor, & Exhibitor Bios

Adam Rosenlund | Floodworks - Adam Rosenlund is an artist and illustrator based in Boise, Idaho. His clients include Ubisoft, the Hollywood Reporter, IDW, 2K Studios, Blizzard, and more. When he's not throwing ink at paper, you can find him hiking mountains with his wife and being dragged around the city by his dogs. On the web at -  Instagram @adamjrosenlund – Twitter @arosenlund

Anchor Arts - Custom Dart Weapons, Cosplay Props, and 3D sculpture. On the web at - Instagram @anchor_arts16

Atomic Arts Studio - Based in Boise, Atomic Arts Studio is a new home for creative ideas focused on creating fun stories for kids of all ages. I'm currently figuring out how to bring all the stories in my head to life. I'm still working on it. On the web at and Instagram @goatomicart

Baddog 3D Printing - 3D printed Cosplay props and fandom items. On Facebook at

Boise’s “Comic Book Guy” - Selling Comics in the Boise Area for nearly 10 years. I also sell CGC and other graded company books. Collectibles, Funko, Original Art, Autographs and so much MORE! On Facebook at and Instagram @_the_comic_book_guy_

Bop! Comics/Bordertown Comic Con - Randall Kirby's Bop! Comics include humor, mystery, action, super-heroes, and LGBT issues in an assortment of portable comics formats. Randall Kirby is the publisher of Bop! Comics, Cop Comics, Fortune Favors the Bold and Flying Snowman Comics. /Bordertown Comic Con is the longrunning Treasure Valley Comic Book Convention Located in Ontario, Oregon, celebrating creators from Idaho, and Oregon, as well as introducing new artists to the treasure Valley. On the web at and Twitter @bopcomics

Catterbug - Originally from Oregon, I moved to Boise to study Illustration at BSU and I'm currently in my final year. I love creating magic based stories and art and am looking forward to getting my comic "Blackwater & her Stranger" off the ground here soon! On the web at and Instagram @catter.bug

Chopsy of Moss, Idaho - Chopsy, the self-proclaimed psychic historian of Moss, Idaho, is an artist who creates comics and zines focusing on the fictional dimension of Moss, Idaho. On the web at and social media @itsmechopsy

CoreMartUSA - I specialize in Collectible Toys and Action Figures in the Horror & Action genres. In addition, I provide collectibles from Movie and Television franchises. I have a passion for Comic Con events and will continue to support their efforts. The site pictures are from my family's adventures. On a side note, my family and I attend this event and have a blast. I have four children who love this event! On the web at

Funkoyeti - Collectibles, Toys, Funko pops, Pokémon, and more. On social media @funkoyeti

Gerdyliciousart - Gerdyliciousart is a local Boise artist. She has been creating from a young age and loved how art can connect and inspire people. She works mainly in digital art but enjoys painting and other traditional mediums as well. On any given day she can be found drawing with coffee in hand and Frasier playing aggressively in the background. On social media @gerdyliciousart

James WAR Lloyd - James W.A.R. Lloyd is an illustrator, commercial artist, and the creative force behind the beloved Treefort brand and marketing vibe. Lloyd integrates storytelling throughout his body of work and has developed an iconic style. His disciplined and prolific production is based upon creation for its own sake. On the web at and Instagram @warlloyd

Julius Bridgeforth - I dig the process of making art! I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and hope to continue that. I love drawing funky stuff like aliens, mushrooms, lava lamps and of course anything Kaiju related. I've grown up in Boise and absolutely love it here. From the music scene, to the art, and the city. On the web at and Instagram @juliusbridgeforthart

OGlasain Art - I'm a freelance artist that has worked in the art industry for over eight years. I have been involved in collaborative work with Authors and Comic Book writers for both illustration, comic pages, and fan work. On the web at and Instagram @k.oglasain

Paul Bacio Bricks - We offer STEM-focused and fun LEGO-based curriculum for educators, families and co-ops. Our mission is to make learning engagement and exciting to students. On the web at and social media at @paulbacio 

Phoenix Fire Games - Voted Idaho's Best Game Store 3 years in a row! Our mission is to continually offer the very best in tabletop gaming to our community.  Our store is specifically designed with gamers in mind. As a family of gamers ourselves, we feel we can offer what YOU want. Come on in and give us a try! On the web at and on Facebook

Random Coyote Productions, LLC - Arik Grant, through Random Coyote Productions, LLC, produces the "BOHICA Blues" webcomic, a long-form story told in "gag-a-day" format about Army Reservists from Boise that get deployed to the Iraq War. The story is family-friendly, topping out at about a "PG-13" level of content. Active since 2013, BOHICA Blues has over 700+ comics published online, with books available. On the web at and Twitter @213thBattalion

Recluse Comics - Recluse Comics is local to Boise, Idaho and has been active in the community for several years. They specialize in fan art and are currently producing an original comic series. Merchandise offered includes prints, poster, pins, stickers, and keychains. On Instagram @reclusecomics and Facebook

Sawtooth Mountain Squad, 501st Legion - The Sawtooth Mountain Squad is the local unit of the 501st Legion — a screen-quality Imperial costuming organization — serving The Treasure Valley. As members of The 501st, we strive to construct screen-accurate costumes of the villains featured in the STAR WARS series of films. At the same time, we utilize these costumes to “give back” to the community by participating in charity and community events, such as the MS Walk, Make-a-Wish events, Toys for Tots fundraisers, and much more! On the web at and Instagram @sawtooth.mountain.squad

The Geeked Out Ninjas - MJ and Shawn, known for their bigger builds, are competitive cosplayers hailing from Boise, Idaho.  Every year since MJ and Shawn have been together since 2007, they have made their own Halloween costumes for their Taekwondo school’s annual Halloween party for kids to enjoy. But it wasn’t until 2014 at a comic convention in Boise, ID where they first competed in a cosplay competition. MJ and Shawn were walking around the convention floor in their Wolverminion and Agnes Cosplay (Despicable Me) and were asked to partake in the cosplay competition. They placed 2nd in the novice division. Thereafter they had realized that they had the potential to build and compete at cosplay competitions. Since then they have competed and placed in numerous cosplay competitions, including Best in Show at Wizard World Boise in 2018. On Instagram @thegeekedoutninjas and Twitter @geekedoutninjas

The Rebel Legion: Takodana Base - Takodana Base is a local unit of the Rebel Legion serving the states of Idaho and Montana. On Facebook at

The Friends of Boise Public Library - In 1970—three years before Boise Public Library moved to its Main location—local citizens formed a nonprofit with the aim of making the library a center of learning, recreation and information. As the Friends of the Boise Public Library, we’ve been busy ever since, organizing annual book sales, running Tree City Books bookstore, selling books online and enticing our neighbors to be members of the Friends.

All proceeds raised have benefited the Library! Since 1970, we’ve raised more than $3 million for the Boise Library facilities, programs, staff education and services. The Friends have provided support for the Summer Reading program, Dinner and a Book, Boise Comic Arts Festival, and more.

In 2020, the Friends celebrated 50 years of service, and we joined the Boise Public Library as it celebrated its 125th anniversary. The Friends look forward to the years ahead with renewed commitment to our mission and to this wonderful community. On the web at /about/support-your-library/friends-of-the-library/ and on Facebook

The Spooky Dinosaur - Spooky Dinosaur is the sobriquet of visual artist Nathan Veibell. As an eternal being going through his second play-through of life on Earth (gaining immortality his first time through) he reached the inevitable heat death of the universe, and time traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs. They were really fun, but now, after a millennia of goings on he is trying his hand at the artist life, doing whatever art comes to mind. Working in mostly in pen and ink, monsters and surreal works seem to be a favorite, things that ancient dark beings ask him to draw. He has a comic in the works and is hoping to continue this path even further, before that heat death thing happens. On the web at and Instagram @thespookydinosaur

Time Zone Toys - Idaho's Premier Vintage Toy and Collectible Shop. On the web at

Trained Eye Graphics - Barry Barnes is an artist with experience and authority in a range of creative disciplines. He works as an illustrator, designer, photographer and print maker through his company, Trained Eye Graphics. His creative services encompass art direction, design and illustration. Barry has worked extensively with publishers, designing cover art and supporting collateral for a range of authors in multiple genres. His portfolio also features work for commercial consumer clients.   His professional qualifications include a BFA from California State University Long Beach. Barry is the recipient of three Packaging Design and 14 American Graphic Design Awards for excellence from Graphic Design USA magazine and five photography awards, including two gold and two silver awards from Graphis. His photography, illustration and artwork has been extensively published in annuals, magazines and professional directories.   Barry is based in Idaho, USA. He has exhibited in the US and Canada, including the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators annual Illustration West exhibit. His work can be found in the collections of the United States Air Force and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. On the web at

Tyler Woodcook - I am a local artist and Boise native. Although I love attending the Boise Comic Arts Festival every year, this is my first time attending as an artist. My favorite medium is illustration and this year I am featuring my first published work with a theme focused on retro video games. I have loved old school video games forever and I am excited to incorporate them into my love of drawing. On Facebook at and Instagram @TWoodcook 

Vannotes - Vannotes is a cartoonist and illustrator based out of Idaho. They have self-published many publications and worked for clients as diverse as Scholastic, Boom! Studios, King Features Syndicate, and ZEAL.     In 2016, they received their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and they are currently working towards their Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Eastern Oregon University. On the web at and social media @vannotescomics

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