Ultimate Book Nerd

Ultimate Book Nerd 2023  

Are you a self-proclaimed book nerd?  Ready to put your nerdiness to the test? Read 50 books in 2023 to claim the title of Ultimate Book Nerd! This title comes with bragging rights and swag to let the world know you are the best of the book nerds.

From January 3 – December 31, read 50 books from the 50 categories listed below.  


  • Read 50 books 
  • 1 book per category 
  • Audiobooks, e-books, and graphic novels all count 
  • UBN is for ages 13 and up
  • For book nerds ages 12 and under, read at least 30 books
  • Must have an active Boise Public Library card in good standing to earn swag 

How to Participate 

UBN is going virtual!   

Download the Beanstack app to your phone or tablet or participate online at BoisePublicLibrary.Beanstack.org 

If virtual participation isn’t an option for you, please see staff at any Boise Public Library service desk and they will help or download the paper version here (PDF). 

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Finished the Challenge? 

Congratulations on being an Ultimate Book Nerd! Please fill out this brief form to claim your swag. If you don't receive a certificate of completion within a week, please reach out to ultimatebooknerd@cityofboise.org and we will verify your submission.


E-mail ultimatebooknerd@cityofboise.org or call 208-972-8255 for more information.

UBN 2023 Challenge Categories

UBN 2023 Adults and Teens Categories (PDF)

  1. Read a book that celebrates your freedom to read 
  2. Read a book about someone that identifies as a different gender than you 
  3. Read a how-to book 
  4. Read an allegory  
  5. Read a book you found in a little free library  
  6. Read a book by a female author under a male pseudonym  
  7. Read a British crime classic  
  8. Read a fantasy  
  9. Read a book by an award-winning Canadian author  
  10. Read a book from the 800’s (Dewey) 
  11. Read the first book in a series  
  12. Read the second book in a series   
  13. Read the third book in a series  
  14. Read a book by an author from The Cabin’s “Readings and Conversations series” (past or present) 
  15. Read a book where the narrator is not the main character  
  16. Read a book found while browsing (the library, a bookstore, OverDrive, GoodReads, etc.)  
  17. Read a book of nature writing  
  18. Read a book written by an author over 50  
  19. Read a book about the experience of a refugee  
  20. Read a book about different socioeconomic class  
  21. Read a book by an author that shares their first name with you (or initials if first name is impossible)  
  22. Read a book found in a book list (NY Times etc.)
  23. Read a gothic novel  
  24. Read a western  
  25. Read a biographical fiction 
  26. Read a book involving art  
  27. Read a graphic novel adaptation of a classic  
  28. Read a NaNoWriMo Book   
  29. Read a romance  
  30. Read a book written from a non-human point of view  
  31. Read a book set in your dream vacation location  
  32. Read a book by a Pacific Northwest author  
  33. Read a book based in the Middle East  
  34. Read a book about a social movement 
  35. Read a book required in school  
  36. Read a book from your to-be-read list  
  37. Read a book about a holiday tradition you don’t celebrate
  38. Read a book with “Rain” in the title 
  39. Read a book with recipes  
  40. Read a book that takes place on a boat/ship 
  41. Read a book from a different viewpoint than your own
  42. Read a book from a child’s point of view
  43. Read a teen/young adult book  
  44. Read a book with a one-word title 
  45. Read a dystopian novel 
  46. Read a book of essays 
  47. Read a book by a person represented at BCAF (author/comic artist etc.) 
  48. Read a book featuring an Indigenous person 
  49. Read a book written by a Basque author (or about Basque culture) 
  50. Read a book recommended by a library staff member 


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