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The City of Boise, through its Library and Department of Arts & History, has selected five local artists and artist teams to propose new designs for the next Boise Public Library cards. Each artist or artist team was commissioned to develop finished designs, laid out in the Library card template. The city is now inviting members of the public to cast their vote for their favorite designs. The three designs with the highest number of votes will be printed and added to the current collection of Library cards. The period is open through November 30, 2021.

Voting has closed. Stay tuned to find out the next Library card designs!

Miguel Angel Almeida

Title of Artwork: Traversing into Wonder

Artist Statement: The library card design was inspired by the joy and adventure books can bring to children, teenagers, and adults. While creating this piece I tapped into a younger me who used to love going to the library. The cover art andMiguel Angel Almeida books in general brought me glee and imagination. I always loved fantasy books and the journey they could take you on. I wanted to capture the imaginary world I traversed as a child.

Artist Bio: Miguel Almeida is a Boise based illustrator and artist, working both traditionally and digitally. As a first generation Mexican American, his artwork explores the experience of growing up as part of an immigrant family, the majority of whom dedicated their lives to working in agriculture in Idaho. Spending a few summers working in an agricultural factory alongside his mom and cousins allowed Almeida to witness firsthand the hard work and grueling hours his family put in. He believes it’s crucial to show the contributions and tell the stories of his family, as well as those of other first generation Mexican Americans like himself. His art style is a combination of colors inspired by Mexican folk art and heavy line work. Almeida takes mundane and labor associated imagery and celebrates it in his work. The bright colors he uses reflects those he grew up seeing in the architecture of Mexican cities, ceramics, clothing, and even the pastries at local Mexican markets. The goal of his work is to make his Latinx/e community visible and make sure their stories are told in public spaces.

Julia Green

Title of Artwork: Reading Time with Readworthy

Artist Statement: I’ve been going to the Boise Public Library since I was a small child. My earliest memory of the library is of Readworthy, the giant blue and purple dragon in the children’s section. I would aimlessly wander the aisles, looking to see what books would jump out at me from the shelves but I’d often find myself gob smacked, in the middle of a rowJulia Green staring upward, mesmerized by the enormous, plush dragon hanging from the ceiling. I credit the library with my earliest inspiration to draw and paint. I don’t think I would be an illustrator today if I didn’t have the library to help inspire me at such a young age. The very least that I could do is give my thanks by dedicating my library card design to the giant blue and purple dragon that hangs out in the children’s section. I hope that my illustration reminds people of what inspired them as children, and to look back at those early memories to help inspire them today.

Artist Bio: Julia Green is an illustrator and surface pattern designer in Nampa, Idaho. She was born and raised in Boise and graduated from Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration. Over the years she has created artwork for all kinds of projects, from music albums, greeting cards, and children’s books, to children’s rain boots and toy designs. She is heavily inspired by the huge amounts of cartoons she watched as a 90’s kid and illustration styles from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her work is often silly and imaginative and reflects the goofy things she daydreams about. When not working on art, she can be found snuggling her two cats, playing video games, or thrifting for vintage treasures. Clients include - Anthropologie, Trader Joe’s, Simon and Schuster, Lone Cone, Story Story Night, Boise Bicycle Project, Old Idaho Penitentiary, and many more.

Ben Konkol

Title of Artwork: Thread

Artist Statement: Traditionally, the library serves as an archive for the written word, and in many ways the importance of that function is captured by the physical characterizations of the space. The nostalgia present in the aroma of aging books is rivaled only by petrichor rising off the pavement after a summer thunderstorm. But the library’s function transcends itsBen Konkol organizational purpose. It houses discoveries in art, design, and storytelling. Its technological resources serve as portals to future careers for aspirational designers, artists and writers who might not otherwise have universal access to computers or other digital platforms. “Thread” captures a moment of discovery. A young figure opens a book and basks in a revelatory experience. Rocket ships, sailboats, musical instruments, and other representations of a wide variety of interests adorn the glow emanating from the book’s pages. As a youthful, impressionable reader, the value of these stories is intoxicating, and it overwhelms the environment in bright light. A library with bookshelves adorns the background.

Artist Bio: Ben Konkol is an illustrator and animator from Idaho. Since earning his BFA in Illustration from Boise State University, his work has been awarded by Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3 Illustration Annual, and Illustration Daily. His art has also been published by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Scientific American. His immense admiration for traditional editorial illustrators, combined with a rigorous propensity for live drawing and conceptual exploration fueled his early development as a professional illustrator. He creates bold, detailed illustrations with a focus on organic representation and the physical production of materials and marks.

Meredith MessingerMeredith Messinger

Title of Artwork: Books Connect Us

Artist Statement: Throughout the years and across the generations, books have surrounded us in a constant, never-ending embrace. They have transported and connected us, allowing us to travel to worlds we’ve never known - to the stars, through the forests, under the seas, and to see through the hearts and minds of others. The library gives us access to all these wild and wonderful worlds. As a book lover, illustrator, and a mom our library allows me to connect with these endless stories, share my own, and enjoy all the magic once again with my children, so they can one day do the same with theirs.

Artist Bio: As a child Meredith Messinger loved watching animated movies, pausing over and over on a single frame until she could recreate the image in her sketchbook. She never quit drawing, painting, sketching, building, and papercutting, even for a day. After graduating from Boise State University with degrees in illustration and music, she found ways to happily work in both areas, filling her days with graphic design work and Mom-ing, her evenings and baby nap times with illustration, and playing in community bands and orchestras. She lives with her sweet, smart, and silly husband, their vibrantly imaginative three-year-old daughter, and mischievously sparkling baby boy, and two Siamese cats.

Beth and Cate Williamson

Title of Artwork: A Paper FairylandBeth and Cate Williamson

Artists Statement: This scene is intricately crafted in paper and takes inspiration from childhood fairy tales. The interplay of light and shadows create an atmosphere of wonder, indicative of the imaginative spark that reading brings to each life. At the focal point, a young reader is joyfully lost in the worlds contained in a simple book. In the background, in homage to the city of Boise, familiar architecture and imagery weaves with magical elements.

Artists Bio: Beth Williamson studied Visual Art and loves creating with paper and Cate Williamson is studying English and loves reading and writing. The sister duo combined their passion for art and books in this project.

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