About the Boise Public Library

The Boise Public Library was established shortly after the founding of the city when, in 1895, the women of the Columbian Club opened a subscription library and free reading room in City Hall.

Since the first volunteer effort to bring books to a newly established city in a newly established state, the Library has grown with our community. We provide materials, services and programs to inspire, inform and connect our community. 

Vision & Mission

Boise Public Library is where everyone in Boise goes to grow.

Our mission is to provide access and opportunity for everyone by connecting people to ideas, information and community.


We welcome and serve everyone. 

We provide information, services, and programs that are free and open to all. 

We create respectful, safe and inspiring spaces for the entire community. 

We uphold the right to privacy and the freedom to read, seek, and hold different points of view. 

We adapt to emerging needs in our community.

Annual Reports to the Community

The annual reports highlight our commitment to providing free and accessible information, services, and programs to the community. Each year, the report showcases our efforts to expand programs, strengthen partnerships with local organizations, and enhance our library locations. It also offers a glimpse into the lives of our dedicated staff members and illustrates our ongoing mission to provide access and opportunity for everyone by connecting people to ideas, information, and community.


Learn how being a library advocate helps ensure that your library continues to have funding and governance to serve as a vital community resource for everyone in Boise! 

Funding + Operations

Boise Public Library is a part of the City of Boise and is funded primarily through local property taxes. The Board of Trustees sets policy for operations. The Friends of the Boise Public Library and the Boise Public Library Foundation provide additional financial support. Approximately 130 employees and dozens of volunteers work together to provide library services to the community.