Ultimate Book Nerd

Are you a self-proclaimed book nerd? Ready to put your nerdiness to the test? Read 50 books in 2024 to claim the title of Ultimate Book Nerd! This title comes with bragging rights and swag to let the world know you are the best of the book nerds!

From January 1 - December 31, read 50 books from the 50 categories listed below. 


  • Read 50 books
  • 1 book per category
  • Graphic novels, audiobooks, and digital all count
  • UBN is for ages 13 and up
  • For book nerds ages 12 and under, read at least 30 books from this list
  • Must have an active Boise Public Library card in good standing to earn swag

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If virtual participation isn't an option for you, download the paper version, or see staff at any Boise Public Library service desk and they will help. 

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You did it! 

Email ultimatebooknerd@cityofboise.org or call (208) 972-8255 for more information.

UBN 2024 Challenge Categories

Download the UBN 2024 Adults and Teens Categories list (PDF)

  1. Read a book that celebrates your freedom to read
  2. Read a book with a pun in the title
  3. Read a creative non-fiction
  4. Read an epic poem
  5. Read a book about health (mental, physical, etc)
  6. Read a book by or about someone from South America
  7. Read a book by or about a Nobel Prize winner
  8. Read a book about music
  9. Read a book in which the main character is over 65
  10. Read a book that has "air" in the title
  11. Read a children's chapter book
  12. Read a book featuring your dream career
  13. Read a book based on Indigenous Folklore
  14. Read a magazine/newspaper
  15. Read a Manga book
  16. Read a teen non-fiction
  17. Read a book that won or was a finalist for a Stonewall award
  18. Read a non-fiction book that's relevant to your life (parenting, retirement, crafting, etc)
  19. Read an escape story
  20. An audio book narrated by more than one performer or an ensemble
  21. Read a book made into a TV show or movie
  22. Read a book recommended on a podcast/TV/radio
  23. Read a book by an author born in the same birth month as you
  24. Read a book by or about a First Lady
  25. Read a book about someone who doesn't look like you
  26. Read a book with a title that brings you joy
  27. Read a book from your DNF (Did Not Finish) shelf
  28. Read a book about DNA or genetic engineering
  29. Read a book about fashion
  30. Read a book from your LEAST favorite genre
  31. Read a book from your MOST favorite genre
  32. Read a book from Treasure Valley Reads (past or current)
  33. Read a book set in the 1920's 
  34. Read a book translated into at least 10 languages
  35. Read a book of speculative fiction
  36. Read a book by an author that has at least 5 published books
  37. Read a second book by the same author as above
  38. Read a book with a map in it
  39. Read a book from the 930-970's (Dewey)
  40. Read a book that won an Idaho Book Award
  41. Read a book about the moon or NASA in recognition of the Artemis Project
  42. Read a book where the chapters have titles
  43. Read a book set on at least 2 continents
  44. Read a book involving a second chance
  45. Read a book with 1000 or less ratings on Goodreads
  46. Flip a coin (choose 2 books and flip a coin to see which to read)
  47. Read a book about adoption
  48. Read a book about or involving a lie
  49. Read a book based in the region you were born in
  50. Read a book recommended by a library staff member