Strategic Framework for Impact, 2024 - 2029

For nearly 130 years, the Boise Public Library has been a valued community asset providing open access to knowledge, stories, and ideas for all Boiseans. As the Library continues to evolve with our community, we recognize that a lot has changed in the past few years. Our city is growing rapidly, and we are experiencing transformative changes like technology advances and a global pandemic that have altered the way we provide services in so many ways. These changes present an opportunity to create a Library of the future to serve Boiseans for years to come.

To write the Library’s next chapter, we listened to the community first.

How We Listened

The Boise Public Library held listening sessions, attended various community events, interviewed individuals and organizations, offered visioning activities in our libraries, and conducted an online survey that had over 2300 responses. We focused on listening to the community to address questions like:

  • Do our programs and services reflect our community’s needs and wants?
  • How can we create a welcoming environment for everyone?
  • Where can we make the biggest impact and set bold goals for the years ahead?

 We are grateful for all the input the community shared with us.


Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Framework for Impact, built on the above input, will guide the Boise Public Library’s efforts for the next five years. This framework will help ensure we meet the needs of the community. It will help us prioritize our work and better report to the community on our results. It will both inspire us and hold us accountable. The framework outlines our updated vision, mission, and values and includes the following four strategic priorities:

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Make our collections, programs, and services available when, where, and how people want them.

Ensure that every community member has access to library materials in a format that works for them.

Create library spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all.

Increase the number of people who are aware of and benefit from the variety of services the Library provides.

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Create valuable experiences for every resident and meet their needs at every stage of life.

Elevate literacy and lifelong learning for Boise residents.

Strengthen connections with community organizations.

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Modernize, strengthen, and streamline our operational capabilities.

Modernize operations to serve the community more efficiently.

Invest in a highly trained and well-supported workforce.

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Establish impact and performance metrics and use data for decision-making.

Measure and communicate the impact of the Library on the Boise community.

Collect, evaluate, and utilize community feedback.


Strategic Documents

View the strategic documents in their entirety - 


Next Steps

The Boise Public Library will learn and adjust over the next five years. Our internal implementation plan features the development of annual work plans with specific objectives and actions and ways to measure our success.

We will regularly report to the public, Board of Trustees, City Council, and staff on how we use budget and resources. We will provide annual updates to the community of our progress on the Strategic Priorities. This page will act as a resource for information and will be updated as we continue to grow with the community.

We look forward to the next chapter of the Boise Public Library!


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