Idaho History Clipping File Index

This index provides references to pamphlets and articles (primarily from the Idaho Statesman) in the Idaho Collection, plus a selective collection of files for annual reports, newspaper clippings and other items of interest to the Idaho nonprofit community. To view these pamphlets, articles and other resources, please Visit the 3rd floor of the Downtown Library.

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To search the index:

  • Place the most important word of your search in the "topic" search box.
  • Keep your search simple. Search for "Andrus", not "Andrus, Cecil".
  • If you search for an entire name use this format:lastname, firstname. For example, Andrus, Cecil.

Searching with two terms:

  • Topic example "Boise Fire Department"
  • Type "Boise" in the topic search box
  • Type "fire" in the second box (Sub).

Placing a word in each box will create a more successful search. If you have questions about searching the Idaho Index, please ask a librarian for assistance.

If you retrieve a record that says "Idaho Pamphlet File" it indicates that we have a folder containing information on the topic searched.

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