Privacy and Third-Party Vendors

Boise Public Library works with third-party vendors to deliver online services, digital collections, streaming media content, and more. We strive to ensure the library’s contracts, licenses, and offsite computer service arrangements reflect our policies and legal obligations when it comes to customer privacy and confidentiality. For example, the library expects vendors to:

  • Follow all privacy-related items in the vendor contract and licensing agreements.
  • Conform to library privacy policies.
  • Provide a product that complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • Refrain from collecting or sharing information about customers other than what's needed for delivery of the library services in question. 

Because third-party vendors operate with their own terms, there are limits to the privacy protection we can offer when you use their services. Please refer to the list below if you would like more information on privacy as it relates to any of the resources we partner with.