Library Launches New Website

April 2, 2024 8:00 AM

Shutterstock 389830723 Library

The Boise Public Library is thrilled to announce the unveiling of our upgraded website, which is set to begin the switch over after all library branches close on April 1. This significant upgrade aims to provide the website’s nearly 500,000 annual visitors with an enhanced and stable online library experience. 

The new website will provide a better experience for visitors. This means intuitive menus to get you to streamlined content, generally in 3 or fewer clicks; as well as the ability to see upcoming events and location information at a glance. 

To provide Boiseans with the best possible service, this upgrade is a crucial step to ensure that interactions with our online library are seamless, enjoyable, and hassle-free. This investment in stability guarantees a reliable online platform for our users, fostering a positive interaction with the library's digital resources and beyond. 

We encourage Boiseans to explore the new features and improvements. Navigating the Boise Public Library’s online resources will be more intuitive, making it easier for the community to access information and engage with all our offerings. 

Josh Letsinger (208) 972-8205