New Year, New Card!

The results of the public vote are in! Traversing into Wonder by Miguel Angel Almeida, Reading Time with Readworthy by Julia Green, and A Paper Fairyland by Beth and Cate Williamson received the highest number of votes and will now be printed as library cards and made available to members of the public starting on January 18, 2022.  

Traversing into Wonder

Miguel Angel Almeida's card design was inspired by the joy and adventure books can bring to children, teenagers and adults. The style and bright colors reflect Mexican architecture, ceramics, and clothing, celebrating his Latinx/e community.

Miguel Angel Almeida

Reading Time with Readworthy

Julia Green credits the Library as her earliest inspiration to draw and paint. Julia hopes her illustration of Readworthy reminds people of what inspired them as children and encourages them to look back at those early memories to help inspire them today.

Julia Green

A Paper Fairyland

Childhood fairy tales inspired sisters Beth and Cate Williamson to design this intricately crafted paper scene. The interplay of light and shadows create an atmosphere of wonder, indicative of the imaginative spark that reading brings to each life. 

Beth and Cate Williamson

How to Get a Library Card

For individuals wishing to switch out their current card with a new artist-designed card, the Boise Public Library is waving the replacement fee of $2 during the month of January. Bring your card to the checkout desk at any Library location during browsing hours to receive a library card in-person. 

For individuals wishing to get their first Library Card, choose one of the following: 

Contactless Options 

Residents can either complete the online library card application here, give the Library a call at 208-972-8255 to complete the application over the phone, or request a paper application at our curbside hold pickup spot at any location. Paper applications are available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Photo ID is required upon your first visit to the Library. 

In-person Option 

Residents are asked to bring a photo ID and proof of current address (if different from the address on the photo ID) to the checkout desk at any Library location during browsing hours to receive a library card in-person. 

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