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Boise Comic Arts Festival XII Teen Comics Mentorship Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BCAF Teen Comics Mentorship program?

The Teen Comics Mentorship program was created to support and inspire teens interested in pursuing a career in comic arts or related fields. The program provides information, training, and opportunities to aspiring creators and culminates with the mentees tabling at the Boise Comic Arts Festival (BCAF) on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th.

What does the BCAF Teen Comics Mentorship entail?

Throughout the summer there will be 6-8 required trainings that will help prepare mentees to table at the festival and will cover topics such as budgeting, how to get artwork printed, how to setup and manage table space, how to market oneself as an artist, and more.

At the festival mentees will be responsible for running their own table space. They will be representing themselves as artists and there will be nothing designating them as a participant in the mentorship program.

Each mentee will be provided with a stipend to help cover the costs of printing artwork and preparing their table space.

In addition to tabling at BCAF, mentees will be expected to attend additional educational and networking opportunities including panels, workshops, and portfolio reviews during the event.

There may be other networking and professional development opportunities for participants during the summer.

What are the expectations of the mentees?

Mentees will be expected to attend all trainings, table and attend special panels at BCAF on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th.

Participants will also be expected to spend time outside of the formal training sessions working on their art in preparation for the festival.

Who is an ideal Mentorship candidate?

We are looking for candidates who are interested in exploring a career in the comic arts or related fields and are passionate about creating and drawing, as well as interested in gaining experience tabling at a festival. Candidates will be self-motivated and will work independently to prepare themselves and their artwork for BCAF.

The mentorship will not provide formal instruction on art or drawing. The goal is to eliminate entry barriers for mentees’ first event and connect them to other artists and professionals.

Who is eligible for the Mentorship program?

This opportunity is open to Boise residents 15 – 18 years of age.

How many applicants will be selected to participate?

Between 3 – 5 applicants will be invited to participate in the program.

How long is the application period?

Applications may be submitted starting Monday, February 12. The deadline for turning in completed applications is Monday, March 18. Applications will not be accepted after March 18.

How can I apply to participate in the program?

Visit the BCAF XII page to learn more about BCAF and apply for the mentorship program or visit the direct application link.

What type of artwork should I submit with my application?

We’d like to see artwork selections that you feel best represent you - your creativity, your style, and your skills. Submissions don’t have to be completed works, (sketchbook pages or works-in-progress are welcome) so long as they capture where you’re at in your artistic journey.

After applications are submitted, how are participants chosen for the program?

All applications submitted by March 18 will be reviewed by staff. Selected candidates will then be invited to participate in an in-person interview, after which final candidates will be determined.

All applicants will receive an email informing them of their application status by Monday, April 1. Those not selected to proceed to the in-person interview round will receive feedback on their application and suggestions on how to improve their applications for next year.

When will the final mentee selection be determined?

The candidates accepted into the program will be informed by Monday, April 22.

How many finalized art pieces will mentees need for the festival?

Each mentee should plan to have 6-8 finalized art pieces ready in time for the festival but are welcome to prepare more.

What size table will each mentee have at the festival?

Mentees will share an 8-foot table with a BCAF guest creator, so will have a 4-foot space to set up. How much is the provided stipend?

The exact dollar amount has yet to be determined, but it will be enough to cover basic printing and booth set up costs. Will participants need to spend their own money?

The provided stipend should cover everything a participant needs. However, in the past, participants have chosen to spend their own money on extra things such as a specialized banner for their booth or extra high-quality prints of artwork they want to highlight.

What happens with the money from sales at the festival?

Any money mentees earn from sales at the festival is theirs to keep.

Who do I reach out to with questions about the Mentorship program?

For any questions about the application process or program, please contact Josh at Jshapel@cityofboise.org

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