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Have a little extra time this year while social distancing?  Are you a self-proclaimed book nerd?  Ready to put your nerdiness to the test? Read 50 books in 2021 to claim the title of Ultimate Book Nerd! This title comes with bragging rights and swag to let the world know you are the best of the book nerds. 

From January 1 – December 31, read 50 books from the 50 categories listed below. 


  • Read 50 books
  • 1 book per category
  • Audiobooks, e-books, and graphic novels all count
  • UBN for Kids is for ages 12 and under
  • Must have an active Boise Public Library card in good standing to earn swag

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UBN for Teens and Adults 2021 Challenge Category List

UBN for Kids 2021 Challenge Category List

Ideas for Tracking 

  • Use Tracker Option A or Tracker Option B provided here (No printer? Trackers are also available for pickup at all locations.)
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet 
  • Make your own journal using tutorials found on CreativeBug
  • Use a GoodReads shelf, Storygraph account, or Pinterest board online 

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Finished the Challenge? 

Congratulations on being an Ultimate Book Nerd! 

We know you worked hard on this challenge, so feel free to share your accomplishment and send a scan of your completed book tracker to askalibrarian@cityofboise.org.

In order to get your finisher t-shirt, please fill out this form before January 7 to let us know you finished the challenge and to select your size.

We will be ordering the t-shirts after the form closes on January 7.  Once they have arrived, we will contact you via the email you provide to let you know it is available for pick up at your preferred location.


E-mail askalibrarian@cityofboise.org or call 208-972-8255 for more information.

UBN for Adults and Teens 2021 Challenge Categories 

  1. The cover has fruit 
  2. Childhood favorite 
  3. A book published before 1950 
  4. Written from an animal point of view 
  5. Based in Africa 
  6. Non-fiction about food 
  7. A book from the 2020 Young Reader’s Choice Awards  
  8. Listen to an audio book 
  9. A book published in 2021 
  10. Main character is LGBTQIA+ 
  11. Dystopia 
  12. Based in a country you’ve never visited 
  13. Cozy mystery 
  14. A book you’re embarrassed is in your to-be-read pile 
  15. A book you’re embarrassed you’ve never read 
  16. Historical fiction about the 1700s 
  17. Written in letter/journal format 
  18. Written in multiple points of view 
  19. Autobiography/memoir 
  20. Book of poetry 
  21. Graphic novel fiction 
  22. Graphic novel non-fiction 
  23. Romance 
  24. Mystery with an unreliable narrator 
  25. Local Author 
  26. Book published the year you turned 5 
  27. A book with “water” in the title 
  28. Classic Science Fiction 
  29. Female Villain  
  30. Juvenile book 
  31. Debut book by an LGBTQIA+ author 
  32. First book of a series 
  33. Time travel 
  34. A book about the environment  
  35. Book over 500 pages 
  36. A book with a cover you hate 
  37. Main character is BIPOC (black, indigenous, person of color) 
  38. Classic fairy tale 
  39. Book written in 3rd person 
  40. A book that was turned into a tv show or movie 
  41. A book that was required reading in school 
  42. A play 
  43. A book written by someone when they were under 25 
  44. A microhistory 
  45. Indie Press 
  46. A book about religion 
  47. Translated book 
  48. A re-read 
  49. Banned or challenged book 
  50. A book recommended by library staff 

UBN for Kids 2021 Challenge Categories*

  1. A book that has fruit on the cover 
  2. A book recommended to you by someone you love 
  3. A book published before 1950  
  4. A book written from an animal point of view  
  5. A book set in Africa  
  6. A non-fiction book about food  
  7. An award-winning book 
  8. Listen to an audio book  
  9. A book published in 2021  
  10. A book with an LGBTQIA+ main character 
  11. A book that makes you laugh 
  12. A book based in a country you’ve never visited  
  13. A book with a mystery 
  14. A book set in winter  
  15. A Coretta Scott King award winner 
  16. A historical fiction book 
  17. A book written in letter/journal/email/text format  
  18. A book written from  multiple points of view  
  19. A biography and/or memoir  
  20. A book of poetry  
  21. A graphic novel 
  22. A non-fiction graphic novel  
  23. A book about friendship 
  24. A book with magic 
  25. A book by a local author  
  26. A book published the year you were born 
  27. A book with “water” in the title  
  28. A science fiction book 
  29. A book with a female villain   
  30. A book with no words 
  31. A book by an LGBTQIA+ author  
  32. The first book of a series  
  33. A book with time travel  
  34. A book about the environment   
  35. A book of intimidating size 
  36. A book with a cover you love 
  37. A book with a main character that doesn’t look like you  
  38. A classic fairy tale  
  39. A book written in 3rd person  
  40. A book that has a tv show or movie  
  41. A book that is required reading in school  
  42. A book full of drama 
  43. A book written by someone when they were under 25  
  44. A book with a dinosaur   
  45. An interactive book 
  46. A book about mythology  
  47. A translated book  
  48. A book that you’ve read before 
  49. A banned or challenged book  
  50. A book recommended by library staff 

*Parents and caregivers are welcome to customize this challenge for their children with new or repeated categories based on age and interests.

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